Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. Insists On Disability Pay As Condition For Leaving Office

We have previously discussed how Jesse Jackson Jr. disappeared for months without explanation while federal investigators sought information on allegations that he tried to buy a Senate seat and that he used campaign funds on his home. He then was admitted to the Mayo Clinic for pyschological problems but insisted on running for reelection (without campaigning). He won handily and pledged to serve his constituents . . . while he reportedly negotiated a criminal plea bargain. He left Mayo and there is now a report that Jackson is demanding a disability package in return for leaving office.

Investigators are reportedly also looking into $42,000 that they believe Jackson paid to buy an alleged mistress a Rolex watch.

As a threshold matter, it is unclear to me why there are serious plea bargain and disability discussions if Jackson used campaign funds to improve his home. The late Sen. Stevens was prosecuted for such misconduct. This would be a case of theft from his campaign of $20,000. Average people go to jail for a fraction of that amount in cases of theft or fraud. However, this is the son of Jesse Jackson.

There is now a report that Jesse Jackson Jr.’s wife, Alderman Sandi Jackson, is being also investigated for her payments as a “consultant” for Jackson’s campaign with a monthly payment. For those of us familiar with the Jackson family business in politics, none of this is particularly surprising. Yet, voters in some of the poorest areas of Chicago continue to reelect Jackson and his wife.

In the meantime, Jackson continues to reportedly self-deal and, if this story is true, hold his office hostage to continuing federal support. This is all the more shocking if it is true that Jackson is negotiating a plea bargain. It is hard to imagine prosecutors seriously considering a reduction in charges against a powerful politician, let alone such a reduction while he holds up Congress for money. It also makes his non-campaign for reelection all the more problematic. As soon as he was reelected, the news account suggest he used his new term to leverage a disability payment (while telling his constituents that he was working for their interests).

Source: Politico

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  1. I worked untilI retired to draw Social Security, I was taught you were to work unit retirement to draw Social Security. I guess it is who you know, but that is why Social Security will go broke for those who deserve it. Think about it JJJ.

  2. David, I thought a special election had to be held. but I think there’s close to a four month maximum period of time to do it in. An interim appointee may have a significant advantage as an ‘incumbent’.

    In my state Missouri the Governor appoints to fill the vacancy until the next regular election. I voted for a dead candidate knowing that the Governor would appoint someone from the same party as the winning (but deceased) candidate.

  3. I believe there will be “Politics” involved in appointing his successor.
    The process will be amazing. I wonder if this was the plan the whole time?

  4. Ariel,

    “They do make a distinction if something is truly a racial slur.”

    And how is the distinction made that elevates the slur to “truly”?

  5. N. Spinelli, this is dead on:“That’s racist” is now a joke phrase w/ young people of all races when someone makes any comments adverse to any black person”. They do make a distinction if something is truly a racial slur.

    I have three teenagers and a parade of other teenagers going through my house, of all colors, and I hear it all the time. Drives me nuts, especially when they long left me out of the joke just so they could condescend to my lectures.

  6. Suppose you don’t have an answer ID707…. Just stirring….. Hmmmm figures…..

  7. Id707,

    I’ve been pondering all day ROs post and yours….besides the misspelled word…. It seemed pretty clear….. But then yours befuddled me….. Being mulled does not even attract smack lovers….. What does that mean….. Thanks….

  8. Seamus,

    “That’s racist”! Remember what NickS wrote above about the phrase.

    I mean, he did his time, is a Rhodes scholar, lawyer (debarred?), and worker for the good of youth. A little fraud never hurts, just shows you got what it takes to be a politician. Agreed?

    Good newspaper. Read it often? LOL. IMHO.

  9. Medication works wonders. I hope they don’t take more than tg e therapeutic dose.

  10. Raff,

    I have to agree with Seamus on this….. Knowing how the inside of the AGs office works….. It’s very plausible…..especially if a politically connected family…..

  11. What is the purpose of “disability insurance” for members of Congress or any other working stiff in the lower 48? If one is disabled does one not qualify for this benefit? I wonder if they have disability insurance at George Washington University or at Bain Capital. Maybe someone needs to introduce a bill in Congress to do away with any disability program for members of Congress and for federal employees. But until they do why is this guy getting all the arrows week after week for being in the Mayonaise Clinic? Do you want to imply that he is a drunk or a druggie? Is that what bi polar is? Half drunk and half coked up? Innuendo. Perhaps its guilt by association. We know that the Mayo Clinic is just full of drunks and druggies. Right JT” Smear and I dont mean pap smear. It is time that we throw some rocks at schools that lie about their rankings and qualifications. Just the other day I heard that Harvard slipped a notch.

  12. r.spinelli –

    If what you wrote is meant to be taken as high-brow humor, maybe others here understood, but I don’t have a clue what your point is. Do you, by chance? If you are an offended minority, I’m sorry if you feel hurt.

    To make someone mad, tell them a lie.
    To make them furious, tell them the truth.

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