Girlfriend Teaches Beau Real Meaning Of One For The Road

By Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

s-VANESSA-ROBINSON-largeDon’t leave Vanessa Robinson’s home without offering her a beer. The Hempfield Township, PA, resident is not to be trifled with when it comes to her Colt .45 malt liquor.  And it seems her boyfriend, James Gallone, learned the etiquette of alcohol the hard way. Gallone had reportedly bought the beer and taken it over to his girlfriend for a good old fashioned  “hanging out” session. Things turned ugly when Gallone decided to leave. Pennsylvania State Trooper, Steve Limani, picks up the story there: “The person who purchased the alcohol says, ‘I’m leaving,’ goes to grab the beer that he had purchased. The female was arguing with him that, ‘you’re not taking the beer. It ended up becoming a physical altercation.”

Physical all right — even “animal” as Olivia Newton John might say. Robinson grabbed a handy kitchen knife and slashed Gallone in the arm, neck, back and stomach area prior to him being able to disarm her. Disarming her is “no fair.” After all the young lady looks a tad tipsy and it couldn’t have been an even match. Gallone got a few stitches for his trouble and presumably a new girlfriend.  Robinson got arrested and taken to the local hooskow.  Bad break for her, it’s an alcohol free zone.

Source: WTSP via KDKA

19 thoughts on “Girlfriend Teaches Beau Real Meaning Of One For The Road”

  1. Some of the older eastcoasters might remember the beer, Maximus Super. It was introduced by the Utica Club brewery back in the early 70’s. It had TWICE the alcohol content of regular beer. It was not sold in our college town so everytime I returned to school from Ct. after a break I would have 5 cases or so in my trunk. I sold it by the can and made a nice profit. Girls were my best customers because they could drink 2 and be buzzed w/o the additional calories. I’m glad I didn’t have to deal w/ the likes of Vanessa Robinson!

  2. What was it Mammy said about Belle Watlin’s red hair? Something about it not being a color ever seen in nature. I’m just paraphrasing.

  3. You’ve heard of the Pennsylvania Dutch….. This is the Pennsylvania Nut…..

  4. That Colt 45 must pack quite a kick, but truly the young man wasn’t being galant. You bring the malt liquor to someone’s house, means you leave it when you leave. She was merely trying to show him the fine points of etiquette, honing his socializing ability and helping him to achieve the cutting edge of manners.

  5. A six pack of malt liquor is like ten cans of budwieser. It may not be top shelf but it packs a punch when you drink it. And it seems it packs an assault when you try to take it away.

    I hope her Lawyer brings up this mitigating circumstance at trial.

    “Judge it was really like he was taking 10 beers away”

  6. Beer, huh? Maybe over a $225,000 Chateau Margaux 1787 from Thomas Jefferson’s cellar: the most expensive wine never to be sold. Maybe the Lalique crystal decanter which contained a 64-year-old single-malt whiskey at $460,000, the oldest scotch in Macallan history. But a crummy beer? Sounds like she needed the beer more than he did. Actually he was lucky she didn’t decide to carve her initials, or the name of the beer, on his gut.

  7. Seems he needs a less uninhibited woman as a friend….. Bet she’s the life of the party….. Know he knows the meaning of “watch your back”….. Especially when the trifecta is present…..

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