Judge Accused Of Impregnating Litigant

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

McCree and MottWe have previously discussed Wayne County Circuit Judge Wade H. McCree after he sent a nearly naked picture of himself to his bailiff, here and here. Geniene La’Shay Mott (left with McCree) brought her ex-boyfriend, Robert King, into court on felony charges for non-payment of child support. The presiding judge in her case was none other than McCree.

Mott claims that she and McCree, who is married, had an affair, she got pregnant, and that he promised to get a divorce and marry her.

Text messages between Mott and McCree also show they discussed King’s punishment:

OK, The math will be based on his failures since being placed on probation, but if U’r right. The threat of jail will loosen his purse strings!

Other text messages from McCree shows his concern about his judicial future:

My judicial tenure commission has me nervous, as you might expect, I have to be real careful until this matter is put to rest.

You are the complaining witness on a case that is before me. Naturally if it got out that we were seeing each other before your BD’s [baby daddy]’s case closed everybody could be in deep s***

Somehow, McCree’s wife, Laverne, found out about the pregnancy and McCree had a change of heart and  wanted Mott to terminate the pregnancy:


McCreeThis whole story came out when Mott learned that McCree had gone to the Wayne County prosecutor claiming Mott was stalking and extorting him. Investigators looked into the matter and found his claims to be baseless. McCree failed to tell the prosecutor’s office about the pregnancy. Mott plans to keep the baby.

The Wayne County prosecutor’s office said that no criminal action will be taken and the matter is being referred to the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission.

H/T: MyFoxDetroit, GA Daily News.

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27 thoughts on “Judge Accused Of Impregnating Litigant

  1. Ah, so moron judge acts like a moron on one occasion. It would be a shame if there were not jail time for this particular offense. Texting tasteless pictures is one thing, and removal from the bench should certainly be considered. But to actively abuse the judicial process like that deserves a little time away to contemplate the law in all its majesty.

  2. “But to actively abuse the judicial process like that deserves a little time away to contemplate the law in all its majesty.” -Frankly


    “Bench” the not-so-honorable judge.

  3. Frankly,

    Certainly Wayne county has more than its fair share of idiot judges….. But this one takes the cake….

  4. AY,

    Why confine it to Wayne County? Diseases like this usually seem widespread. But like facial syphilis sores in the 17th century, they are often hidden by wigs, or by other measures for legal malfeasance. (Hope you are not eating now.)

    PS Anybody give anything for his promise that she would get just anything that she wanted?

  5. “But to actively abuse the judicial process like that deserves a little time away to contemplate the law in all its majesty.” -Frankly

    Stupid Arrogance.

  6. bettykath, Stupid, arrogance is the downfall for many a man. We don’t have the market cornered on it, but we are virtuosos.

  7. This guy needs to be disbarred. The only thing he should be judging is wet T-shirt contests. That’s more his speed.

  8. What is extremely sad here Mr. Turley, is that people like Elena Katz, Beth Petit and myself have been complaining about human rights abuses to parents and Disabled children by the attorney Jeanne M. Kincaid under cover to Judges and Justices, and you and your audience choose to remain tongue-tied…sending pornography to a child; keeping him out of school for 2 years; denying his mother the right to work…taking away her nursing license because she refused to withdraw her FIRST AMENDEMENT RIGHT TO LEGAL REDRESS; conspiring and soliciting 4 doctors to murder me…this IS NOT SEXY… I AM GRATEFUL THAT DUTCH OFFICIALS COMMENTED ON THESE HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES. I AM SORRY I RETURNED TO THIS SOIL: I RETURNED BECAUSE MY SON WAS BEING USED AS A PAWN, HOSTAGE FOR ME TO RETURN WHERE THEY IMPRISONED ME!

  9. My name is Elizabeth Juanita Campbell. I wrote the above: The attorney Jeanne M. Kincaid (Lesbian whore from NH: a sick & perverted whore), continues to harass me online. She is responsible for inserting “lizbethcamp87izabeth” and preventing my name from coming up above.

  10. Elizabeth, I’m sorry you are having such terrible problems, but there is really nothing that I can do to help you. I think you’ll find lots of thread on this blog that decry the state of our country, including the judiciary.

  11. “I think you’ll find lots of thread on this blog that decry the state of our country, including the judiciary.”

    Yes, and many folks will remind all that the legal system in China is worse.

  12. Ok, WAIT a minute!!! The JUDGE went to the PROSECUTOR and said chick was stalking and extorting him??? And they found it was baseless? Isn’t that in itself a CRIME? Maybe I’m not understanding something here! I mean just totally ignoring what he did in the first place, shouldn’t that land him in jail? Isn’t it a waste of time and resources of the prosecutor’s office, and probably other people? I seem to remember that people who ”pretend” to disappear get the book thrown at them! Isn’t this the same thing?

    And as for the original pecadillo! So far, it doesn’t look like it’s bothering people around there too much! Maybe we should let Robert King decide how much child support Mcree should pay to MOTT!

  13. How about charging the judge with false reporting and abuse of process?

    No doubt this judge should be benched. He should also lose his law license. Make him work for a change. That applies to many judges.

    As for lesbians abusing their power in the legal system, look no further than former Deputy DA, now District Court Judge, Karen Romeo, in Colorado. She’s up for re-election in 2016. She needs to be in another line of work. Yesterday.

  14. You will not find many criticisms of judges that I let pass by without a comment, but I just want to say two things:

    ONE: I don’t care about a judge’s sexual preference or gender if the judge is corrupt, stupid, or downright criminal. It should not be part of the equation in determining what should happen about and to the judge.

    TWO: We actually have a case in this country (about 20 years old) of a federal prosecutor going AFTER a judge who was doing worse things than this particular judge (who, I think, should be disbarred). He charged the judge with a federal civil rights violation for requiring that a female litigant give him sex if she wanted to prevail in her case. The stupid federal appeals bench (I have forgotten which circuit) overturned the conviction of that judge NOT because he had not done the act complained of, but because the act complained of did not deprive the litigant of her liberty interest. The court said she was free to leave his chambers WITHOUT giving him sex, so he had not violated federal law. What they omit in this brilliant analysis is that by leaving the chambers without providing the requested sex, this litigant was forced to give up her rights in court.

    HELLO HELLO HELLO! If judges are above the law we have no law. GOODBYE GOODBYE GOODBYE.

  15. How funny and sad at the same time. Lets put this just in the same corrupt category as Judge Furgeson and Judge Jernigan. untruthful, above the law, bad, evil judges.

  16. Judge Furgeson is retiring (why) and will be the dean of UNT Law school. If the board of regents only know how corrupt he is, they would not put themselves in such peril. Heaven help all US citizens. He violated Jeff Baron’s civil rights by seizing his personal property among other right violations which is now in front of the 5th circuit court of appeal. New lawyers if this new law is approved will be able to come into your home, my home any home take your personal property even if you have not committed, been accused of any crime. Read all about it at http://Lawinjustice.com and the Federal Ethics Center article: http://www.estateofdenial.com/2012/02/21/eod-stories-collide-with-jeff-baron-unt-dallas-college-of-law/
    And then ask yourself, “What can be done”?

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