12.12.12: Experts Predict Numerological JuJu Will Produce Windfall Of Votes For Turley Blog

2012_Blawg100_HorizBadgeFavUnnamed experts are stating today that the powerful numerological forces of 12-12-12 could be decisive for the Turley blog in its competition for top blog in the ABA survey. The alignment of numbers is expected to support our civil liberties blog over the non-aligned opposition. Despite being put up against some of the largest legal blogs in the world this year as part of the “news/analysis” category of the ABA Journal competition, we remain in a remarkably strong position (third) with only a couple weeks left. We remain one of the most popular civil liberties blogs in the world and need some of our foreign regulars to organize whole continents to rally to the cause. (I am talking to you, my English and Canadian friends). We remain almost even with the leading conservative, Volokh Conspiracy. It is time to call former boyfriends, girlfriends, ex-spouses, dependent children, non-dependent children, pet sitters, and any marginally stable individuals in your neighborhood with a computer. The blog needs your vote! It only takes a very quick registration. Just click here and vote today!

The top vote getter this year is the student blog at NY Law School, Legal As She Spoke, a newcomer. They are followed by the big dog on the street, Above the Law.

For even greater juju, cast your vote at noon today. For even great juju, get twelve other people to vote at noon today. Just a suggestion.

17 thoughts on “12.12.12: Experts Predict Numerological JuJu Will Produce Windfall Of Votes For Turley Blog”

  1. Paul J. Willemse,

    Not to my knowledge. However, when you go to the page, you must have javascript enabled for it. A script opens a window with a link taking you to the ABA website registration page. All you need to register is to pick your screen name, your name, an e-mail address and to pick and verify a password.

  2. As a regular reader I have tried to vote. Are non-US citizens prohibited from voting?

  3. I’ve made two attempts to vote but have failed. I see no specific instructions on how to vote and the clicks that seem most reasonable just bring back to the blog. Sad, a regular visitor is too ignorant to vote. : (

  4. I beg to differ … the truly auspicious date is 12 – 21 – 2012 … mark the beginning of a 10,000 year period of peace, prosperity and a general sense of well-being to be enjoyed by all human beings by voting for the Turley blog now as popular voting ends on Dec. 21 which is the official date upon which the Age of Aquarius is no longer dawning but actually begins.

  5. Get some Chicago precinct captains working on it. Our precinct captain had 114% of his voters turn out annually.

  6. We had a dog in our dog pack named Blog. Dumbest dog in town. He had been named Log but an English guy renamed him.

  7. It’s 3 Dozen Day, give a loved one Three Dozen summthin.

    I would suggest kisses or flowers or hugs.

    If their is a little one in your life, I would suggest 3 dozen dimes.
    Bless the little ones they know the value of money. .

    I’m assuming penny candy costs 10 cents these days. :o)

  8. Today the unrested people of Graceland and Rosehill rise up, answering the clarion call of, “Res ipsa loquitur.” Creating a surge of voting muscle, social media engineers can only dream about.

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