Indian Police Official Responds To Latest Brutal Gang Rape: Women Should Carry Chili Powder And Not Go Out At Night

220px-BolivianChilePowder2We previously discussed the horrific gang rape and beating of a young woman on a city bus in Delhi, India. A senior law enforcement official in India sparked outrage Thursday after his comments on preventing rape amid widespread protests following the brutal gang rape of a student on a public bus. The rape and beating was so severe that the woman is on a ventilator and her intestines were so severely ruptured that doctors had to remove them to prevent gangrene. Now, Commissioner KP Raghuvanshi, head of police in Thane, has come forward with a solution: women should not go out at night and, when they do go out, they should carry chili powder to throw at rapists. Women in India have responded angrily to the idea of fighting off gangs of rapists with chili powder.

In the latest case, six men raped the woman and savagely beat her and her male companion with iron rods. It is hard to see how handfuls of chili powder would have deterred that attack even if she had a handful at the ready in anticipation of an attack. Then of course there is the solution of staying indoors at night if you are a woman.

Source: Guardian

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  1. From what I can find carrying and justifiably using OC (hot pepper) spray is legal in India. Some American states limit the size of canisters to the little key fob sizes. OC spray is a dangerous weapon of low lethality, not a toy. Any unjustified use on a human being may be prosecuted. A few people have died from falls after being sprayed, or suffocation when in an enclosed space.

  2. At least Alaskan Super Magnum Bear Spray grizzly bear repellent 20% super hot, 35 foot range. Gives you time to get your .44 CA Bulldog revolver out.
    Having been a male for 61 years I sympathize with Snobo. Never have raped or beaten a woman, or raped a man. Seen a lot of unnecessary aggression, mostly men. So far the only people who’ve ever shot or shot at me, beaten me, threatened to beat me, threatened me with knives, have been males. The dogs that have bitten or attempted to bite me have been males. No woman has ever significantly beaten me since my mother switched my legs as a child. Men have abused my mother (who “fought him like a wildcat”), one of my sisters, threatened my daughters, raped my wife. Rather tired of the varmints.

  3. Well it is not world shaking but Swedish Cable media still carries this at the top ot the new last night, including demos afterwards.

    How about every woman arming herself with 5 looonnggg straight hair needles. And learning where to stick them.

  4. Gee, why don’t we send India some more money. Such a progressive country!? These kinds of anti women policies are growing and growing in countries where we send billions in an effort to buy support but all we do is prop up governments that treat women like animals. Unfortunately, our own country filled with many fanatically anti women religious fanatics is moving further and further down this same road. This needs to stop.

    I have a suggestion. Foreign aid should only be given to countries with proven records of governments who protect human rights including women’s rights and workers rights. Any US company that outsources to a foreign country where women’s rights are virtually non existent should be taxed heavily to make that move unprofitable. It is time to take a stand for women’s rights in the same way we did for black rights in South Africa, boycott and disinvest in countries where women are oppressed for cultural, religious or other reasons.. Yep, I am talking about Saudi Arabia and many other countries in the MidEast. the truth is that countries that treat women like this generally don’t care much for the US anyway, all they want is our money. As a result we should use that money to reward real solid measurable improvement in human rights and worker rights.

  5. Malisha, Good approach. Hands on demo is bound to be more effective than just words from women who won’t be heard anyway.

  6. Yes, it is absolutely essential to piss off your rapists’ ….especially if they are being supported by the silent collusion of public employees.

    …and staying home and hiding amongst the cooking ingredients is also a viable solution…
    (and if that fails, I have found personally that my cooking is an incredible deterrent as well!)

  7. I would like this particular genius to be given a bag of chili powder, and to go outside in the daytime with his chili powder, where I and four other women will be given permission to do a demonstration for him showing that his idea is unworkable.

  8. How about using some chili powder on this police chief and the rascals that attacked this brazen women who had the audacity to actually ride a city bus!

  9. I’m sure throwing chili powder will work but pepper spray uses much stronger peppers.

  10. Stupid is as stupid does….. Curry powder…… Ghost peppers….. How about a good ole 2×4 or a colt45….

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