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  1. I did not realize Mr. Turley was part of the taboo 50/50 Italian, Irish split. When my parents were married in 1950 it was controversial..not to their families as much as it was to the community. It’s important to remember how far we’ve come from the horseshit of our history. The longer one lives the more perspective they have. I had a former student over for dinner last week. He is half Chippewa, half German. His girlfriend is half Chinese, half German. They’re both Cheeseheads so it’s tough not to have German in there. The kid wanted my opinion of this young woman w/ whom he is smitten. She got 2 thumbs up. And I thought, if they marry and have kids what a great cultural mix.

    Merry Christmas, Hppy Holidays, Happy Festivus. I’m better for knowing you fine folks.Actually, this forum is a partial Festivus holiday every day vis a vis the “Airing of the Grievances.” When do the “Feats of Strength” begin?

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvNQLJ1_HQ0

    The majority of the prep is done. Tomorrow is assembly and what pre-meal dishes can be made. Tuesday morning is the cooking proper. I know what I want for Xmas . . . to be done cooking. 😀

    Every year I say “I’m not doing so much cooking next year” and yet I do it time and again. Why? Probably because nothing says love quite like cooking for your loved ones. So whether you’re cooking or eating, I hope our host, my fellow guest bloggers, the regulars and assorted blog peoples have a wonderful feast with their loved ones this year and may the next year bring you and yours good fortune.

  3. Jingle Hell, Jingle Hell, … Jingle all the way…
    Oh what fun it is to ride in the one way open slieigh,, hey

    –The Buppets

    When you jingle hell, you are cheering up those less fortuneate than us.
    Some are only in there for a short stretch now. They will get out and live amongst us as new creatures. They will know not and remember not their stretch in hell. They will come back as humans for another chance to be good animals.

    Now those that come back after a stretch in heaven, come back as dogs. Mostly. Its your choice after the heaven stretch when you are up there in the Ellis Island place in the sky. Me, I chose Labrador. Got a good blind guy to be a guide dog for and a nice dogpac to hang with. Life on this earth beats heaven.

  4. In the mood for Christmas music reminds me of one of my favorite Christmas carols. Rather than the commercialization of smarmy Christmas music, this piece by someone who truly has reason to give thanks is Lai Youtittham, a Laotian refugee. Lai was in a refugee camp run by an American Army Captain who happened to be a fan of electric guitars, and had several with him at the camp. The young man expressed an interest in learning to play, and the Captain let him use one of his, and began to teach Lai to play. It was not long before the young guitar prodigy had outstripped his mentor. Lai eventually made it to North America where he settled in Vancouver. He keeps his face mostly hidden in his videos, because his mother and the rest of his family is still in Laos. Here is Lai doing what he does best, with feeling.

    Season’s greetings everyone.

  5. rafflaw,

    I’ll be making my traditional chocolate specialty for Christmas–sour cream chocolate cake frosted with homemade whoopie pie filling and covered with bittersweet chocolate glaze. It’s low calorie…of course!

  6. rafflaw,

    I used to enjoy watching The Muppet Show. I’m thinking of buying DVDs of the series for my granddaughter when she’s a little older.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

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