It Is An Apple, Isn’t It? Kentucky Woman Arrested After Trying To Buy iPads With Food Stamps

ce22Screen-shot-2012-12-16-at-9.24.52-PM It appears that not all apples are alike when it comes to food stamps. Tracy Browning, 38, of Louisville has been arrested for trying to buy several iPads with food stamps. After she was turned away by the Apple store and fled, she then tried to make the same purchase at a second Apple store.

Browning went first to the Valley Station Walmart and tried to purchase two iPads with an Electronic Benefit Transfer card. When she was barred from using the food stamps, she is accused of assaulting one store clerk and pushing another to the floor. She then fled with the iPads. Not satisfied, she allegedly then went to another Walmart and tried to buy several iPads with the EBT card. She was arrested while trying to flee from the store. She is now charged with robbery, shoplifting and trespassing.

Source: Philly

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  2. Bron, Very true. for me the humiliation was in needing it (I grew up in upper middle class, never expected to have to resort to state aid) but the humiliation was also in how treated starting with the awful places where you had to go to apply, dark, dank, crowded, sometimes dirtty, as though they wanted you to feel ‘little”. Hopefully it is better now.

  3. leejcaroll:

    people need help from time to time, they shouldnt be humiliated over needing assistance. Especially if they have worked and paid taxes.

  4. Bron, I agree with you for those who can. Welfare to work programs are put there. I do not know if that is how they work.
    I can say I had to be disabled for 18 months before i could apply for SSdisability. I had no choice but to be on assistance. Only those who have not been on it can think it is a good deal. It is humiliatiion from the minute you step into the offices and lay bare your life. Itr is an embarrassment, then when it was more obvious it was food stamps, but just recently I was on them for a short while. It may look like a credit card but more often then not the cashier would say, not quietly, “food stamps”.
    Truly, I think the only reason this was newsworthy was 1, because definitely dumb criminal story and two because it is the uncommon, not the common.

  5. OK, mea culpa: the story is looking more real. (For those who say it can’t possibly be real because of the “food stamps” detail, the actual accounts specify that the woman tried to use an EBT card. And for those who don’t understand why she’d be arrested merely for trying to buy iPads that way, she wasn’t arrested for that; she was arrested for allegedly assaulting someone and running off with the iPads she was attempting to buy.)

    All right then. One really loopy woman tries to buy iPads with an EBT card–twice–and the story is all over various news outlets. How many people out there do you honestly think are trying, or would even begin to try, to do this, other than her? I think we all know how many have succeeded at it: exactly zero. At best, this is a “one dumb criminal” story, like the ones about people who stupidly try to rob banks by writing their note to the teller on the back of one of their own deposit slips, or by actually producing ID when a teller tells them “I’m sorry, but I can’t give you the money unless you provide me with ID.” It is not, as Fox News and many other news outlets who picked it up would have us believe, proof that lazy black welfare cheats are routinely buying iPads (or even expecting to) using SNAP benefits, and assaulting clerks who refuse to let them do so.

  6. leejcaroll:

    “And why would anyone want to get off welfare when working pays $9 an hour less?”

    I have been wondering, for 30 years, why welfare doesnt supplement a persons income to get it to some minimum level. Let them work 40-60 hours per week and if they only make $5/hour then give them the equivalent of $5, $6, $7, etc. additional pay to make ends meet instead of it being an all or nothing deal.

    In my mind the welfare program is more about work for the welfare administrators than trying to help people who need assistance.

  7. She would not have been waiving “food stamps” at them because they dont exist. If it was some food voucher or credit card then it would look like your Visa Card. Hardly paper “stamps”. So her card wouldnt work and she got made and slugged some schmuck in Walmart and the article gets written like it did. Lee Atwater around last night JT? Mug shot was a nice touch. Pick on the poor people and denigrate them. And if this was an armed robbery with the weapon being a little credit card then THAT needs to be the topic. Why is some prosecutor trying to put some lady in jail on the notion that a credit card is a gun or a knife. Food stamps my arse.

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