Meet Larry The Vomiting Robot

pukebot He might not be the beneficial addition to a home, but Larry the Robot was designed to do one thing really well: vomit. Larry is designed to keep vomiting until we learn how to deal with norovirus, the illness causing diarrhea and vomiting. (I shudder to think of an additional robot to address the the former symptom).

Larry is designed to reproduce the spray of common vomiting which can travel nearly 10 feet.

Clearly, he is not going to be a popular replacement for the cuisinart as a wedding gift. However, with 21 million cases are estimated in the U.S. annually, Larry could prove very popular if he helps develop a cure for norovirus.

Source: PopSci

19 thoughts on “Meet Larry The Vomiting Robot”

  1. raff,

    I told them they should name him Linda in honor of Linda Blair, but they just wouldn’t listen. Something about Icelandic law.

  2. OK, that does it.
    I’m gonna hurl.
    Drive the porcelain bus.
    A technicolor yawn.
    The big spit.
    Laugh at the ground.
    Justin Bieber.

  3. “Norovirus is the Ferrari of the virus world,” -Professor Ian Goodfellow

    Larry, in action, at ~2:40. (BBC vid)

  4. I would think the cruise line industry would help subsidize this. They are a petri dish for this virus. We’ve all read the horrible stories of entire cruise ships becoming spewing/shitting hell boats.

  5. I’m sure I could have made it through my day being ignorant of vomiting robots. ….. I’m quite sure I could have made it through the rest of my life without seeing the picture of a robot actively vomiting.
    …. Shouldn’t it be on its knees with its head in the toilet….. and his buddies laughing hysterically in the background? …. :o)

  6. There are two cases that would make even a robot vomit.

    In one, a guy;s conviction was overturned in 1980, but he has been in prison since then waiting for a retrial (Texas Justice).

    The other is a California rape conviction that was overturned because the appellate court said the law only applies to married women, and the victim was a single woman (Invalid Rape).

  7. I would think this would be a big hit on campuses everywhere!

    What, exactly, do they think this thing will teach us?

  8. I’ll echo Pete above…. Not to repeat…. Throw a little wine with chili or rum and root beer…..

  9. they needed a robot for this? a keg of beer and a dvd of the university of alabama’s greatest gridiron victories would’ve done the same thing.

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