“Top Ten Reasons” Column Makes The Top Ten Articles of 2012

eurocuptrophy80mm2008I am delighted to report that one of my civil liberties columns was selected as one of the top ten articles in the Washington Post’s Outlook Section for 2012. The article entitled the “Ten Reasons the U.S. Is No Longer The Land of the Free,” continues to generate commentary, which is gratifying. Indeed, the success of the column gives hope that there are enough of us out there who care about the decline of civil liberties in this country.

While we have had a reduction of civil liberties and free speech in recent years, there remains a core of civil libertarians in this country and abroad who remain vigilant and vocal. The key is to continue to reach out to other citizens to educate and hopefully motivate them to action.

Much thanks to the Washington Post for the recognition of the piece.

22 thoughts on ““Top Ten Reasons” Column Makes The Top Ten Articles of 2012”

  1. Bob Trent,

    Good comments to sloppy thinking—my adjective. A theory that should be named. Planned and orchestrated.

    Been ranting it for months since commenced reading Russ Baker’s book on the Bushes. Every two pages you get the creeps, the heebie-jeebies, etc.

    My position on guns was against them, seeing how we have so many more deaths than those who don’t have them—England and Australia.
    But convincing arguments are advanced. Í saiid that resistance would be futile. How do you fight drones without shoulder-mounted SAMs. And if they are ground huggers dispensing Sarin, WTF do you do.

    As I concluded then, the gov won’t touch guns. We need our blankets and teddy bears which go boom boom to keep us in our state of delusion. Which is part of the plan and now orchestrated. The massacres are counted as part of the fear factor, and if the casualties are counted they are but collateral damage in the eyes of our rulers.

    The nazi action plan was an eyeopener.

    Long tweet as usual.

  2. Dredd :
    “They see something coming bad enough that they have to turn loose the military on people who are protesting economic calamities?

    “See?” More like “plan” and “orchestrate.”

    “And the people see something coming that causes a great surge in gun purchases?”

    Keep on buying from licensed gun dealers and filling out those 4473s, folks.

    Germans had guns 1928-38 until the Nazis decreed that they had to turn handguns over to the police. Henceforth only NSDAP members could possess personal handguns. Jews were entirely forbidden to possess firearms and other weapons.

    From 1945-56 the Allies forbade any Germans from possessing firearms.

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