Taco Bell Employee Handcuffs Himself To Co-Worker To Try To Get Date . . Gets A Ten-Year Sentence Instead

131002F_t618_1_t240Jason Earl Dean was a man who believed that he had found his soulmate at work at Taco Bell in Ringgold, Georgia. However, instead to turning to eHarmony or ChristianMingle.com, Dean, 25, turned to a pair of handcuffs and a unpromising plea for companionship. He was convinced to let the 18-year-old woman go and then “made a run for the border.” He was arrested two days later by Dalton State College campus police. He was sentenced this week to ten years with four years of actual prison time for false imprisonment.

Dean had been trying to get the woman to date him when he decided to try this less-than-conventional approach. It was clearly false imprisonment and could be charged with criminally or civilly in tort. However, I was surprised by the sentence. I am not belittling the crime. However, he released the woman shortly afterward and there is no report of any injury. His motivation was clear. I have no problem with bringing a criminal charge but is a ten year sentence warranted?

What do you think?

Source: TimesFree Press

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  1. Shelley Powers:

    “This was a serious act. This was no different than him trying to grab her and stuff her in a car.”


    Really? You see no difference at all in the two acts or the motivations for each? The world must be a truly curious place for some folks.

  2. Ridiculously large sentence. There could be some reason for that disproportionate sentence that is not apparent in this report. I think prosecution and then a brief jail sentence and a couple of years of probation would be appropriate.

  3. Guy did a stupid thing and deserves to be punished. But four years jail time for a couple of minutes of false imprisonment with no evidence of any intent to sexually assault or physically injure is way over the top.

  4. 1. Sentence seems fine to me. If she had not screamed and they had not been discovered he would not have let her go. It was false imprisonment and hostage taking.
    2. How pray tell is his “intent clear”. We know what he claims but we don’t know what he intended.
    3. He ran from the police. He didn’t stop and say: what an idiot I am please forgive me. He ran.

    This is a crazy, not legally, but really crazy sociopath who really needs to be in prison not for what he might have done but for what he did. There seems to be a belief that there was no harm here. I beg to differ. This was a trauma plain and simple. The harm occurred as soon as he restricted her movements.

  5. Yo quiero Taco Bell la cárcel

    It seemed to me by reading the news article the imprisonment was brief. this is clearly being a case of unlawful imprisonment but it is rought.

    I would be generally a tough judge when it comes to felony crimes but even I don’t agree with the length of the imprisonment. I would say the determinate sentence minimum would be the best. In Washington the sentencing grid would indicate 1 to 3 months assuming he had no priors. That is more reasonable to me.

  6. the guys problem is he should have waited on the handcuffs until he had been dating her for some time.

    10 years for stupidity is reasonable. Maybe his lawyer can prove he has low intelligence and make that a mitigating factor or maybe a friend put him up to it and he was gullible enough to do it.

    But I dont think he should be going to jail at all, he will not do well in jail and I am guessing he would end up being killed or killing himself.

  7. He should have gone to work at Burger King ….. Where they have a saying…. Hold the pickle….hold the…..have it your way….

  8. This calls for jury nullification. Oh wait, the government hates when people mention that, indeed, those who talk about it too close to courthouses, find themselves in jail.

  9. Ten years is overkill. Just because he “might” have done all sorts of nasty things that he did not do (perhaps because he didn’t get a chance or perhaps because he had no intention to do them) is hardly a reason to give him such a stiff sentence. I was under the impression our justice system is supposed to deal with existing crime, not assumptive “pre-crime.”

  10. Maybe it’s high time that illegal and frightening activities like this were taken seriously. We’re talking a lot about rape now and how we have to reframe the way we look at rape–every society around the world. What’s to keep a man who handcuffs a woman to him from raping her, if he can get them both away to someplace where there are no witnesses? Nothing.

    He will probably serve only four years of that 10-year sentence. The only irony I see here is that he might have gotten off more lightly, or not been convicted and sentenced at all, had he actually raped her.

  11. 4 years in jail and 6 years probation……….puleeze! There are people who are convicted of aggravated assault and manslaughter who get lesser terms. My take, 6 months in jail and two years probation.

  12. Doesn’t seem unreasonable given the element of imprisonment and the danger of a repetition or a copy cat. This kind of activity needs to be punished and deterred.

    A Daily Mail article on the subject says: “He fled after fellow staff at the fast-food restaurant in Ringgold, Georgia, heard her screaming and came to her rescue.”

    I hope he is forbidden to approach this unfortunate woman again.

  13. Another case of sock it to the criminal. Blind justice. He chained her and by golly “could” have done lots of mean and nasty stuff. He didn’t do mean and nasty stuff, and from what is written, had no intent of doing mean and nasty stuff. Yes as you describe it was a crime and he should be punished. But 10 years?
    Another case of justice for the lower caste while the upper caste gets away with no punishment. As I’ve mentioned many, many times, Timothy Geithner did not pay taxes, when caught he said “Oops, didn’t know I was supposed to do that, here have a check”. He is then confirmed to be Treasury Secretary, responsible for you paying your taxes, and if you don’t, off to the slammer for you.
    No 10 years was way too much, 1 year, possible parole after 6 months, another 3 years of probation.

  14. and yet courts can hold you hostage to laws, levied unequally, for years….and then, for them, it is a simple ‘oops’ while your life is ruined. And if you complain or G*d forbid, point out, ahem, ‘mistake’…you forfeit even more…..
    everyone sees this, why does it happen over and over again?

  15. There are many Hmong where I live. This is a ritual quite similar to the marriage ritual of Hmong. There have been prosecutions of men for following their homeland ritual in a culture where it’s illegal. As the Hmong have assimilated that problem has gone away. But, back in the 80’s it was a real culture clash.

  16. This was a serious act. This was no different than him trying to grab her and stuff her in a car.

    What would have happened if her screams had not alerted other staff, and their appearance didn’t scare this guy away?

    This is an attack on a woman when she’s most vulnerable. Don’t be fooled by the “oh, he only wanted a date with her”.

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