Utah Man Claims To Have Shot Neighbor After The Neighbor Raped His Wife “Telepathically”

25045186Michael L. Selleneit, 54, appears to have decided that his defense to shooting a neighbor was not particularly promising. After Selleneit shot Tony Pierce, 41, who lived in a nearby trailer, he claimed to have acted in defense of his wife who was being “telepathically” raped by Pierce.

Selleneit has now pleaded guilty last week to attempted murder, a first-degree felony, and possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, a second-degree felony. Selleneit said that he decided to stop the telepathic rapes by shooting Pierce multiple times while he was working in his yard. Curiously, an insanity defense did not appear an option.

Selleneit claimed for years that Pierce began by “telepathically threatening he and his wife” and then telepathically raped his wife. Nevertheless, 2nd District Judge Thomas Kay found him to be competent. However, his wife was found incompetent to stand trial and sent to a Utah State hospital.

Selleneit’s wife, Meloney Toone Selleneit, is accused of buying the gun for him and encouraging him to “go for it” before he shot Pierce. She is charged with criminal solicitation and possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person.

Source: Deseret News

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  1. The woman who encouraged him is found innocent by reason of insanity, but he is held competent in carrying out the insane plan?

    anti-Male prejudice in the courts exhibits itself again.

  2. Without knowing much about him. it sounds like he was crazy to put up with his wife’s insanity – but that might be about the extent of his craziness.
    He seems sane enough to realise that telepathic activity is not a resaonable defence.

    If the wife had been banging on for years at him about the neighbour, maybe he thought he had two choices
    1) Shoot the neighbour – to stop the nagging
    2) Shoot the wife – ditto

    He could have left his wife – uprooted his life and moved far away.
    This process is apparently going to be forced on him anyway.

  3. He was found competent….. Saying not much ……for the Utah laws…… His wife was found to be incompetent…..and she bought the gun….. Hmmmmm…

  4. The wife not only bought the gun, but egged him on.
    Yet she is declared incompetent to stand trial, while he’s hung out to dry.
    Could there be any better example of anti-male bias?

  5. This may say more about the competence of the psychologists than the competence of the defendants. A phenomenon I have run into before when marginally qualified mental health center employees are on contract to do evaluations for the court and are in over their heads. We have that problem here in our area. The official policy of the local mental health center is to not find anyone incompetent. As bizarre as that sounds, I actually have that policy in writing in the form of an email from management.

  6. Or perhaps the guy isn’t legally insane and understood what he was doing was wrong. If your wife brought a gun home and told you that story you do have the choice to call the cops and not go shoot your neighbor.

  7. Well, I have never telepathically raped any woman but I have had consensual sex w/ Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Jayne Mansfield[before she was headless!] and many other full figured women. This generation of anorexic “Beauty” is an anathema to most heterosexual men. They are clothed and mentored by gay fashion men who are obsessed w/ skinny. I hope these women victims finally wake up to this very basic fact.

  8. If he had five wives who were sisters, then none of this would have happened. If the neighbor had five wives, ditto. So, the state of Utah is trying to outlaw what is a tried and true solution to telephatic rape when they outlaw the sister wives routine. Rather than going to legal precedents here the court should look at Mormon theology (none dare call it dogma) and see if the five wives thing has a sound religious basis. Telephathic rape did not exist prior to invention of the telegraph and was accelerated after the spread of telephones throughout the far West. It generally occurs in rural areas where there is a trailer park. The perp ususally has eyes that are close together and has porked a sister or two and certainly a second cousin twice removed. One test for a telepathic rapist is for an eye examiner to determine whether the crossed eyes can ever see straight. Joebob in the photo here looks like He might be a telepathic rapist. It takes one to know one and folks who live in trailer parks know a lot about their neighbors. In terms of a legal defense, it probably wont wash, except that they are in Utah. When he gets to the Pearly Gates though it might wash and he may not get sent to hell. Creepy photo.

  9. Why didn’t he just telepathically shoot the guy instead of using a real gun? This guy lost the only paddle for his canoe a long time ago.

  10. Isn’t this covered by Utah’s “Stand Your Ground” law?

    I believe it’s legal to kill anyone who you think is thinking about doing something naughty, no?

  11. Whether the guy is fruit loops is debatable but was no doubt convinced to chance his plea to guilty as so many defendants are, I don’t think the change of plea is much indicator of sanity rather to the steady process of whittling down the defendant until they change their plea.

  12. OS,

    What some people will put down in writing is truly impressive at times. They might as well send out an email saying “We practice bad science and aren’t suitable to testify.”



    Because telekinesis and telepathy aren’t the same thing. That’s why I think they are lying about the rape. You have to use telekinesis to rape because using only telepathy is essentially just talking dirty to someone.

  13. “Why didn’t he just telepathically shoot the guy instead of using a real gun? “

    Maybe he was a telepathehic shot?

  14. I am out here in Missoura on a road trip with my blind guy. We ran into some guy who ran for the Senate out here named Akin. He was at a church meeting and explained that telepathic rapes dont cause pregnancy. The victim can will it away. After the sermon he told us to keep it quiet tho because he was critcized before on his stand on rapes. He too says that telepathic rapes did not occur prior to the telegraph in Missoura.

  15. One would think that living in a trailer it would act like a large Faraday Cage and act like a telepathic chastity belt. I guess they were out of tinfoil hats.

    Maybe the defendant should have tried his Jedi Mind Tricks &tm;

  16. OHNO! If wifey is in the nuthouse, who will visit the guy in prison? Will he have to have telepathic visitors only? If any of them gets pregnant will he have to pay child support? This could turn into a real social problem.

  17. Wife wants to harm or kill neighbour.

    Wife buys gun and encourages husband to attack the innocent neighbour. It is really as simple as that if you want to seriously harm someone.

    Neighbour is taken by surprise (who would not be) and is gunned down and killed by the husband.

    But we do not have a gun control problem here in the US.

    Go figure.

    I wonder what her options would have been in that twisted mind if she could not have bought a fire arm. I wonder if in that case the neighbour would have been in a better position to avoid death or injury.

    It’s ok though because we are going to identify every single nutter in the US and prohibit them from buying arms. Good luck with that.

  18. We do have a gun control problem here in America. If the dead neighbor had a gun on him he might not have gotten killed. If this was Chjicago I would say that we have a right to arm da Bears. But this is one of those bi polar problems with telepathic privileges that went too far. The neighbor was banging wifeypoo over the airwaves and she was liking it. The shooter woke up thinking she was having a wet dream and then got wind of the truth.

    There is a way to prevent telepathic sex or telepathic rape. Simply erect a penal mirror on the roof of the trailer. They can be bought at any RV shop. They have an electronic device which senses the telepathic penal onslaught and turns the mirror so as to reflect the Thing back from whence it came. My half blind guy has one and he doesnt even live in a trailer. This would not have been a problem had they not invented the telegraph.

  19. Perhaps Mrs. Selleneit really didn’t care for her husband, but was morally opposed to divorce and felt that this scheme would accomplish her purposes without compromising her religious values.

  20. Your stories are so funny…!!! At this time Pentagon already have a budget for telepathy reseaches, that is equal 2 milliards U.S.D. and you are offering an old mist of the dreamings. For the public forgiveness..???
    About the effective telepathy’s methods with exact proofs (and it is known to many)… http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/TELEPATHY-1/
    Such articles like yours seems like a “brain washing ordered of secret customers”

  21. The guy has severe brain damage and his wife is mentally retarded. They were in my ward when I was younger and all my sisters and I always felt like he was raping us with his mind. Lol so I think he knows a thing or two about telepathic rape. What a nasty ass this couple always freaked me out.

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