Colorado Police Officer Shoots Dog After Going To Wrong House

jeff-fisher-and-ziggyWe already have a distressingly long list of cases of police officers allegedly shooting dog pets either in mistaken raids or without provocation. We can now add the case of Jeff Fisher and his dog Ziggy in Colorado. Fisher says that deputies shot and killed Ziggy after they went to his house by mistake. Now it appears, according to local accounts, that the Adams County deputy sheriff, Wilfred A. Europe III, who shot the dog was involved in a previous fatal shooting.

Fisher says that officers opened his door and Ziggy ran out and was promptly shot three times.

The officers were responding to an alarm and went to the wrong location. Europe was reportedly the shooter. He was previously investigated in the shooting of a 40-year-old man last February. Europe says that the man was reaching for a gun on the floor of the car. However, the gun turned out to be a pellet gun. No charges were brought.

His facebook does not help featuring a picture of a sign that reads, “No Trespassing – Violators Will Be Shot, Survivors Will Be Shot Again.”


Source: CBS

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