Msgr. Meth: Priest Arrested After Dealing Crystal Meth From Catholic Cathedral

article-2263972-16FF2F76000005DC-89_308x425250px-MethpipeIt reads like Breaking Bad meets The Bells of St. Mary’s meets La Cage aux Folles. Monsignor Kevin Wallin was arrested for allegedly dealing crystal meth at Bridgeport’s St. Augustine Cathedral. Also coming out were allegations that Wallin was was a cross-dresser who was having sex in the rectory at Bridgeport’s St. Augustine Cathedral.

Wallin, 61, was arrested just before he was about to take a flight to London for vacation. He is being labelled “Msgr. Meth” due to accounts that he was selling upwards of $9,000 of meth a week. That is just short of half a million dollars a year. Not bad for someone who took a vow of poverty.

He was ordained in 1984 and resigned in 2011. Wallin later bought an adult specialty and video store in North Haven called Land of Oz that sells sex toys and X-rated DVDs. Investigators are suggesting that the store was actually a means to launder thousands of dollars in weekly profits. He also rented two apartments — one for himself and the other for his alleged drug partner, Kenneth “Lyme” Devries.

He is being represented by a federal public defender.

Source: CTPost

34 thoughts on “Msgr. Meth: Priest Arrested After Dealing Crystal Meth From Catholic Cathedral

  1. Former priest owns adult toy store….. Who’d ever thought…..cross dressing…. Whatever blows the hassock……

  2. Now, here is a priest who should be crucified…. in public, on the steps of his church…………….. or at least burned at the stake.

  3. The Catholickass church should be labled as a ”Hate” organization…. and dangerous to the minds and bodies of human beings, then taxed out of existance….

  4. This is what happens when you keep most men from having sex (especially if he is a scorpio). Keeping a man from having sex is like keeping a woman out of the mall during the christmas holiday season.

  5. Semi on (or off) topic. Last nite Thurs 17, Larry Kudlow interviewed a Catholic priest, & a Jewish rabbi. (no…this is not the start of a joke) Though I did find it hilarious. At about 7:30 pm EST the interview began. The Rabbis first response contained the words, People are worshipping money. LOL !!!! The Priest first response was people that value themselves are narcissists LOL. I am paraphrasing but definitely close.
    Mr Kudlow did fox news proud (A for effort). Sadly, Larry should stick to making money, his foray into Religious guilt and manipulation don’t wear on him well.
    It happened so quick that I can only vaguely state that the on screen reaction by Larry to the Rabbis first comment .. was a taken aback reaction plainly visible on screen. ( I believe) when it occurred I was taken aback.
    My internet skills are lacking. I will try to get this 5 minute segment on video, and eagerly post it. However my skills most likely will not achieve this.
    Anyone interested in what I believe is an accurate portrayal of what I viewed, with the skills to retrieve it, please please find it, and if it strikes you as delightful as I found, please please post it !!!! :o)

  6. David Blauw…. the first job of most religions is to seek to make their followers believe that they are less than they are and have low self-esteem. Otherwise, the imaginary ghods they try to foist on believers just don’t hold sway……… Religious belief is quickly approaching being named a ‘mental condition’……

  7. Folks, if you ever visit Bridgeport, Ct. it will all make sense to you. We know the Catholic Church is depraved. However, they’ll go toe to toe w/ the crooked pols in Bridgeport, many now residing in nearby Danbury, Ct…the Federal Prison there that is. That’s where G. Gordon Liddy served his time.

  8. Now the meth I can tolerate. But the cross dressing? Cant they have one thing in the church sancro sanct? Was it one of the crosses with Jesus hanging on it or a solitary cross? Next they will be putting hats on top of the spires. Where the hell are they? Florida?

  9. Let me, at this time, apologize to Professor Turley. I don’t mean to lower the standards of this, my favorite blog, by using language not often seen here, and not deemed acceptable by many who might choose to stop by the blog. However, when talking about the disgusting Katholick church, my passions are often aroused, and, as my mother taught me many, many years ago, I’ve got to tell it the way I see it. Using the word ”F–king” to describe the Catholick church always seems appropriate to me, especially when the presumed arbiter of ‘Morals’ for the rest of us…. possesses no morals of its own.

  10. Some dog in the dogpac clued me into what cross dressing means. You folks might want to see Cardinal Burke in his Red Dress. Google: Cardinal Burke. My dog these catolics are wierd. You oughta see what the nuns do over at the frog pond when no one is looking. Those frogs get an eyeful.

  11. For a religion to be successful they must be able to fleece the flock. Part of that is luring in the sheep to be fleeced and part of that is hiring a fleecer. Some of the fleecers feel like they have to have some dominion over others. Cross dressing is just one way to lure a young sheep into the fold so as to exercise dominion and do some fleecing.
    This is why they might pass the plate just befoe they go out to McDonalds. I notice that our McDonalds has a few of these priests, not in priest garb, chomping away on Big Macs on late Sunday afternoon. Right after the Notre Dame game. They do quietly pray before they imbibe and I always faintly hear something about dominos. It ends with : “…. I can beat you at dominos.” What the hell is that all about?

  12. Chirches should be required by law to post the floowing sign on their ‘portals’…. ”Sheep”, deposit your money and then ”F” off, we don’t need you anymore”….

  13. “The Rabbis first response contained the words, People are worshipping money. LOL !!!! The Priest first response was people that value themselves are narcissists LOL. I am paraphrasing but definitely close.”


    Yes it was amusing. I have personally met and talked with Rabbi Shmuely on two occasions. I don’t think he’s a bad man per se and at least from a Jewish
    perspective he has some good perceptions. He was on there pushing a book, however, and its theme is the decline of the self-esteem of the American Male. A constant theme in his many writings through the years is that too many people (read that as men) have no spiritual values because making money has become the central point of life, to the neglecting of ones spiritual side. As an interesting counterpoint though the Rabbi just lost a Congressional election in New Jersey where he ran as a “family values” Republican. He seems not to be able to understand the hypocrisy of the “Family Values” meme that is a Republican ideological centerpiece used to hide a voracious corporatism.

    From the Priest’s perspective, especially in the context of this blog’s story, he sees religious faith as the antidote to the miseries of this country and people who have been more concerned with themselves than with God. The irony is this story above and the history of Church pedophilia and its’ coverup, hardly gives it the moral high-ground.

    What both made me chuckle and pissed me off was how they blamed the problem on family’s lacking the strong, guiding hand of a father. There was first the element of racism towards it as they mentioned the fact of so many children of the unmarried among Blacks and Latino’s. They did allude to this state existing among whites, but left the impression that it impacted the country most greatly from people of color. This is such a simplistic view as to be laughable, were it not something that in context plays into the NRA’s train of argument, which in the end is: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”.

    That “financial expert” Kudlow was making this a topic is another joke in itself.
    Which brings to mind a prayer that I must utter:

    God save us from the simplistic pundits of this world because their musings cloud the ability to seriously discuss any important issue.

  14. Let’s see. Is there a defense here? Wait, I’ve got it. If he was a diocesan priest, he didn’t take a vow of poverty.

  15. I am sure the Pope is relieved that he didn’t try to ordain a women or take care of a poor person. That would be too shocking.

  16. Nice catch Mike A! However, this case is a prime example of the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church and many other large religions. They have no problem hiding child predators from the police and from their flocks, while at the same time claiming that gays are evil and women cannot be part of the hierarchy of the Church. The RCC needs some of the good Sisters to clean house.

  17. Yet another priest in another catholic disease…I mean, diocese, did something immoral. Does anyone still believe the lie “you need god to be good”?

    Apparently, plenty still do, and they’ll happily lie about it. They’ll either claim that Wallin “isn’t a TRUE christian!” (because he dealt drugs and cross dressed) or that he “isn’t a christian!” at all (because he’s catholic).

  18. Mike Spindell thank you for your thought.

    I find myself very cynical at times and often in my quest to find the hypocrisy in others I neglect the oversights (hypocrisies) within myself. If Religious leaders would just practice their preachings, Lead by example and promote goodness with goodness, I would be much less cynical.
    Too often my critical eye sees a coercive threatening message in many preachings. “Do this or be damned. BTW don’t pay any attention to the abuses and failings of the church …..we mean well and we speak for god.”

    Another point, when the Rabbi presented “the love of money” is bringing people down, and misleading them and their values, (my interpretation of his statement) I cracked up.
    Mr Kudlow is well respected among his peers, many people watch his show for insight on money issues.
    I personally believe the love and pursuit of money at the cost of neglecting and or rejecting other peoples human rights is an Unholy pursuit.
    My chagrin and delight was to hear this Rabbi issue a “worship of money over human value is bad” statement right between the eyes of Kudlow on his show. … Larry then immediately turned to the priest to ask a question. …….LOL

  19. I don’t understand…. What do they mean, he was a cross-dresser? Did he abandon his dress for pants??? 😉

  20. Another Fox hypocrite, Huckabee, having a “national day of prayer”

    A Day To Pray

    Public · By Mike Huckabee.

    Join me for “A Day to Pray”, where we will ask God to grant our leaders, from the local school houses to the White House, the wisdom they need for the road ahead. We will gather to ask God for forgiveness and healing of our land and to bless our Country and her people. This will not be a political rally but a spiritual event and hopefully one that can help bring us together as we move forward as a nation.

    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” – 2 Chronicles 7:14

    More details to follow.

  21. Rafflaw: What do you Mean when you say that you “had” Benedictine sisters in Grade school?
    Is this a sister wives tale?

    I thought that Benedictine was Latin for frontward not backwards or not arsewise. Pig Latin would be “enedictineBay”. I heard that Pope Benedict had some wild sisters but they would have been before your tine.

    My God the things that go on in schools.

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