24 thoughts on “Best Sobriety Check Ever”

  1. I’m excellent at singing the alphabet backwards because when my daughter was little, we had a children’s video which had that as one of the musical numbers. Everything is easier to do when it’s a song. Our brains are wired that way. Gotta be something ancestral, perhaps from hundreds of thousands of years when our proto-human ancestors were warbling around campfires, or maybe as far back as before we evolved from being birds or something.

    If I ever get pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, I’m going to say the alphabet in French. (Which is not such a trick in this bilingual country, although it’s more novel here on the West Coast.) And if I’m actually sober, maybe I’ll do it backwards in French, although “igrec” and “doublevay” don’t have the same meter as the English pronunciations when set to song.

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