What So Proudly We Hailed at Beyoncé’s Lip Syncing . . .

220px-The_Star-Spangled_Banner_-_Project_Gutenberg_eText_21566220px-Beyonce_Knowles_with_necklacesRemember the moving rendition of the National Anthem by Beyoncé at the Inaugural? Not only does it now appear that she lip synced but it took a British newspaper to uncover the truth. The Times is reporting that the spokesperson for the Marine Corp Band Kristen DuBois confirmed that Beyoncé did a Milli Vanilli with the National Anthem.

The Marine Corp Band said that it was standard procedure to record a backing track but Beyoncé decided shortly before her performance to rely on the studio version. Even the band then faked the performance to complete the false image.

Frankly, I have a serious problem with that decision particularly when all of the other artists gave live performances. This is an historic event that demands authenticity. We were not showing up to see Beyoncé. We were sharing a common experience celebrating the transition of power in a democracy. It was a shared and live experience. Instead, we got Beyoncé lip synching. Rather than producing a symbolic moment of shared patriotism, it now supplies a symbolic moment of celebrity self-indulgence or, worse yet, how much of our government presents a false image to the public. It suggests that it is not the substance but the appearance that is offered the public. I suppose we should be grateful that she did not decide to upgrade to a tape of Kate Smith.

I am not sure why she was given the choice since I assume the back up is needed for emergencies. The Marine Corp should have refused and the person responsible for going along with the lip synching should face some serious questions of judgment. This is a rare honor for any artist and I consider Beyoncé’s decision to be quite insulting. What do you think?

Source: The Times

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  1. Marine Band Backs Off Beyonce Lip-Syncing Statement

    “WASHINGTON — There’s no question Beyonce’s rendition of the national anthem was a roaring success. The mystery: was it live or lip synced?

    On Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Marine Band told news outlets that Beyonce had lip synced at President Barack Obama’s inauguration. Master Sgt. Kristin duBois said the band was notified at the last minute that Beyonce would use a pre-recorded voice track.

    But by late afternoon, the Marine Corps backed off that statement.

    Marine Corps spokesman Capt. Gregory Wolf said that because there was no opportunity for Beyonce to rehearse with the Marine Band, it was determined that a live performance by the band was ill advised. Instead they used a pre-recorded track for the band’s portion of the song.

    “Regarding Ms. Knowles-Carter’s vocal performance,” Wolf’s statement continued, “no one in the Marine Band is in a position to assess whether it was live or pre-recorded.”

    A representative for Beyonce did not respond to requests for comment.”


  2. I’m OT as it is the larger issue, that I have not the energy to follow.
    Here will do as the freshest place.

    Here is my letter to the Prez. Refused by the illegible (now) spam test.
    Probably best. My head, as all of ours, rests lightly on my shoulders.

    Hoping to return. JT’s blawg was mentioned. Just so you know.

    “Mr President,

    I have written many times, approvingly and most often critically.

    I have done so in the conviction that an old man would not be stricken by investigation or injustice for criticizing, which is a basic right in the Constitution.

    Now after the death of Aaron Swartz, I do not dare any longer. My faith was shaken by his persecution, the pure vengance wrought on a man who would lead us not only with words, but actions enabling our exercise of use of the internet and other avenues and methods of communication and informing ourselves.

    I have listened to your inaugural address with close attention to what you say in it, compared with what was done in your previous term of office, especially in view of your measures directly opposed to the Constitution that you swear to uphold. The promises you strew now, and the little you have delivered of benefit to the 98% versus your legal obligation to prosecute for war crimes or for the obvious fraud by the banksters.

    I did not learn this as sound bites to recite by rote. No, they are after hard study on the internet, primarily at the JonathanTurley.org blawg. The free internet, which the USA has tried to recapture with SOPA, was defended by Aaron Swartz. SOPA was defeated. And now your AG suppresses the use of internet, now a world treasure, under the cover of law, using phrases not applicable in the internet world (authorization),and by prosecutorial practices of overcharging. That is your Justice Department which does that. Your AG Holder.

    What about the rest?, you may ask. Well, that list of the contradictions of your deeds compared with those promised in your speech on inauguration day are too numerous to find space here.

    You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.
    Nor even most of the people, most of the time.

    With no expectations of betterment I bid you good luck. All of your citizens will need it.
    Especially the 98 percent.

  3. Anon851:

    “Beyonce was probably paid ten times the average American’s annual wages for this gig, not to mention being right up there on the podium with the Prez. ”


    Like my old O-Line coach told us one blisteringly hot summer day in Virginia’s Piedmont as we were grousing about all the hard grunt work while the quarterbacks were sipping water and chattin’ up the cheerleaders over on the bleachers, “If you guys think you can throw the ball fifty yards head on over to the coolers.” That shut us up.

    Talent is talent and is always in high demand.

  4. Beyonce was probably paid ten times the average American’s annual wages for this gig, not to mention being right up there on the podium with the Prez. Then, she blows it by lip-synching. The BEST thing that could happen would be to cut her off from performing at the SB. It would serve her (and JAY-Z) right for those shenanigans. BTW, since when does a couple (even if they have paid a great deal of money — 1.3 mill — so what) prevent other moms and dads from seeing their respective babies in a Neo-Natal ICU (NICU) because Beyonce’s baby was in there –talk about chutzpah … guess they figure they are in that proverbial 1% now, eh ???

    PS — I thought Kelly Clarkson was outstanding — no lip-synch there that I have heard about …

  5. Just to clarify, JT’s incorrect Milli Vanilli statement. Milli Vanilli were lipsyching someone else’s singing and passing it off as their own. Not quite the same as lipsynching your own voice.

    “…their Grammy was revoked after it was revealed by Chuck Philips of the LA Times that the lead vocals on the record were not the actual voices of Morvan and Pilatus.” ~ Wikipedia

  6. “Now that was a woman who never needed auto tune”

    It’s interesting. There are singers who can produce good sound even acapella. And there are those who need to be supported and even to have their ‘sound’ manipulated electronically to be acceptable. The first are artists of the most natural sort. The second may or may not have much talent, or not as great as the milieu they aspire to, but are created. I imagine that there are attributes to Ms Beyonce talent and popularity that go beyond the sound that is produced. I once had a client who would go apoplectic simply imagining those tangential attributes.

  7. AY:

    “Well at least we didn’t have Roseanne Barr doing it this time…..”


    Ah, the perfect example of the fake and absurd. Congratulations!

  8. Well at least we didn’t have Roseanne Barr doing it this time…..

    When a politicians lips move you know they are lying…. So now…. We know she’s no different…

  9. Richard Faust:

    Welcome to reality where everything is fake or absurd. Who can hate the French after Camus and Sarte’?

  10. We live in Emerald City. Find Dorothy and let us pull back the curtain. Every thing is programmed. Everything is fake. “Pretty Vacant”, if you ask me. Over and out.

  11. rafflaw:

    Don’t worry. I am even now conducting a scrupulous, enlarged optical examination of the video to determine the synchronization of morphemes to oral movements. No need to thank me.

  12. rafflaw:

    Roberts should have lip synced the oath of office last time. Freudian much?

  13. Mespo,
    in that last video you linked too, I never noticed if she was lip syncing or not!

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