Florida Man Arrested After Trying To Force Fiancée to Swallow Engagement Ring

article-2267368-171FF7F3000005DC-464_634x602We have a new example for our criminal defense lawyers (and budding criminals) on the blog of how not to respond to an arrest. Faron Thompson, 29, was arrested after he tried to force his fiancée (now presumably his former fiancée) to swallow their engagement ring after she said she wanted to call off their wedding. Given his statements after the arrest, one can understand how she decided to let this gem go.

Thompson reportedly told the officers not to worry when he was arrested for allegedly trying to strangle his fiancée in front of their one-year-old baby. Thompson is quoted as telling the police: “Women always claim assault, but never accept responsibility for provoking someone.” He also reportedly told the police that he would not stop calling her and pursuing her.

I am not sure what a criminal defense lawyer would do with such statements (if made after Miranda warnings were given). However, the word “plea” comes to mind.

Source: Daily Mail

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  2. Dredd,

    Scientific challenge. Is there an adequate explanation of ice ages?
    The astronomical anomology theories don’t do me. Leaning more to non-linear systems going through castatrophic sectors of their orbits.

  3. EBLB,

    I’ll remember that when an appropriate perp is given to me for justice.

    BTW, you were looking to get off this planet. NASA has stopped their flights, not many wanted to tan in a spacesuit.

    But join Maggincat in Florida. You can join her looking for a high hill when the waters rise.

  4. Yes, a clear example of the defendant making his prosecution all the more easy.

  5. @Nick Spinelli – Actually I thought Eastbraod’s comment was quite amusing, maybe even appropriate. 🙂
    @Dredd – – regarding your comments about Florida, remember that most of the people living here came from points northward, including myself. That rising sea level might take out your grandma or other elderly relative.

  6. Eastbroad, You have some real anger in you. Why don’t you take up boxing or just get a heavy bag and pound on it. My son had anger issues and pounding on a heavy bag helped him.

  7. Wasn’t it Zsa Zsa Gabor who said:

    “I never hated a man enough to swallow his diamonds.”

    – or something like that.

  8. Put the ring on his schriveled little dick, then force him to swallow three Viagras.

  9. How Florida got its name:

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    There are a lot of “flowery” characters down that way.

    One of the first places to go when global warming raises sea level a few feet.

  10. Do we need to add euthenasia, not execution, in the interests of the volksblot? The Nazis maybe had something handling at least their crazies in this fashion. Gays, jews and roma people get a pass from me.

    Having a kid with this guy was a BAD decision.

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