Loaded Diaper: Two New York Women Arrested At JFK Airport With Cocaine Diapers

diaper3After a DEA dog alerted agents at an airport, they found a diaper filled with powder. The problem is that it was being worn by an adult woman, Priscilla Pena, and the powder was cocaine. They then found a similar diaper on her friend Michelle Blassingale on the same flight from the Dominican Republic.

diaper-1Agents said that Pena appeared nervous during a luggage inspection but agreed to a patdown. The agent felt something hard around her stomach and buttocks. It proved to be a makeshift loaded diaper. Pena then told agents she was traveling with Blassingale who was found with a matching diaper.

It would be interesting if this technique worked previously given the use of dogs on these flights. The Dominican Republic is a known drug hub and the women had to expect to be inspected. It would be interesting if there is evidence of this actually working on prior flights.


Source: CBS

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  2. I find this situation very sad.

    I am not defending drug smuggling, but because of the US’s insane and evil War On (certain people who use certain kinds of) Drugs, these young women— who admittedly made a foolish decision (but were probably desperate for money or, more likely, controlled by the dangerous men who dominate the drug trade)— will doubtless spend years of their lives in a shithole prison. (Unless they are willing to risk their lives and the lives of their families by ratting out the higher-ups.)

    What a waste.

  3. Gene wrote:
    No “junk in the trunk” joke yet?

    Actually it wasn’t junk (Heroin) that was alleged, it was cocaine. So I guess it would be…

    crack in the crack
    blow in the hole

  4. Barkin Dog, have you seen the studies that were showing that the humans ”lead” the dogs, when they find dope and stuff? Just like leading witnesses. The dogs know they want them to find something, so they find it. Just like a kid will say what you want to hear. Except the dog does it for the reward of pleasing the ”owner” (don’t know if they get snack rewards too or not).

  5. They are going to have an evidentiary problem which will work its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. A dog does not just alert, like a smoke alarm, like some machine, he or she informs by speech. Unless they put the dog on the stand they have the classic hearsay of the dog situation. There is no exception for hearsay of the dog. Some of the so called “dog alert” cases are going up to the Court with the wrong issue put front and center. If the defendant is smart, she will go for hearsay of the dog. Now the second defendant is not goinug to get that objection because she got ratted out by Hildegard or whatever her name was. But both will claim that they found the diapers in the head (restroom) on the plane and put them on to get warm.

    The issue before the courts and in the Supreme Court recently is muddled. The dog is walked up to a car on the street and tells coppo in unequivocal terms that there is pot in the car. The cop searches the car without a warrant. All based on “an alert”. What if the dog farted? That is not speaking the Kings English and might be considered an alert. But when the dog speaks, people listen. So, its a hearsay of the dog problem and they better start putting the dogs on the witness stand to make their case.
    Raise your right paw and repeat after me.

  6. Nal
    1, January 31, 2013 at 7:21 am
    I wonder how they used the bathroom.

    a straw?

  7. Oh, thank GOODNESS the wonderful TSA was there groping everyone’s private parts, so they didn’t get away with this! It really makes you feel good and tingle inside to know what a great job they’re doing, finding all these horrible criminals! I’ll sleep better tonight knowing they’re doing such a good job when they feel people up! Just imagine! This could have been the new brand of underwear bomber! Does anyone know if cocaine can double as an explosive? But it really makes everyone RECOGNIZE what an important job they’re doing, doesn’t it!

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