Super Bowl Musings

By Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

godaddy-super-bowl-adSome thoughts about our biggest secular holy day:

Beyonce’ Knows: For anyone who decried the lip syncing Beyonce’ at the Inaugural,  you gotta admit at least you could hear the song. I’m amazed with all the technical clout in Hollywood, we still couldn’t make out one word Beyonce’ sang live  at halftime. As for that outfit, that was real!

Lights Out:  New Orleans had a chance for a “lights out” performance at the Super Bowl and boy did they deliver. Who needs a rain delay when you’ve got a light delay. Officials even now are checking with former Mayor Ray Nagin to see if he either forgot to pay the light bill or one of his cronies was in charge of the Super Dome electrical grid tonight.

Making the Most of A Bad Situation: There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that all the field referees checked their wallets following the lights out as Ray Lewis walked back to the sideline. No need to thank this Steeler fan, you lovables in Raven Nation.

Colin Who? After all the hype, we’ll get to see if San Fran QB Colin Kaepernick is made of the right stuff. Down 28-6, he’ll have his work cut out for him after an abysmal first half performance. I’ll take Richmond’s own Russell Wilson as the best QB in the NFC. Make a note of this opinion.

Brothers in Arms: Looks like sibling rivalry is alive and well. With all the fighting going on in the game, the Harbaugh parents must be fondly remembering those car trips to school. Don’t make me stop this game!!

Hope For Us All: Best Super Bowl ad? See above. Go Daddy, indeed.


~Mark Esposito, GuestBlogger

15 thoughts on “Super Bowl Musings”

  1. CBS pulled the plug because they were losing viewers by the 2nd quarter. Had they not, the game would have been over at half time and everyone would have been watching Downton Abbey, as I was want to do before the lights went out.

    It could have been a hacker who was also a 49er’s fan but I cannot ever remember this happening before and it happens twice to the 49er’s in less than 2 months? If this coincidence then H. L. is lighten a camel and doing a line with Edgar.

  2. As one of my buds commented when the lights went out … at least this time it was a bunch of rich dudes trapped inside the Super Dome. There were many “younger” adults at the party we attended and corporate America got really active during the the outage … the best tweet was from Oreo, the Cookies or Cream folk, “You can still dunk in the dark” … didn’t cost them a cent!

    Otherwise, it was a game I thought was going nowhere until it became a game that was fun to watch

  3. Gotta admit that SF has made up some ground ( pun intended). kaepernick now holds the record for the longest run by a QB but that is only 15 yards… Say what …?? Only 15 …???

  4. Mark,

    The game isn’t over and while I like Russell, I think Colin is the best young QB I ‘ve ever seen.

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