Walmart Worker Fired and Then Charged Criminally For Eating Oreos

pennywintersThis is Penny Winters, a 63-year-old worker who has been criminally charged with stealing from Walmart. The object of her felonious fancy? A bag of Oreos. That’s right, she was caught by Walmart security on camera eating some cookies and then fired and arrested.

250px-Oreo-Two-CookiesWalmart launched the investigation after an empty cookie wrapper was discovered in the store. They then watched hours of security film and saw Winters eat the cookies while working on the maintenance crew. The entire crime is recounted with chilling details in the report: “Ms. Winters select the package of cookies, open it, and proceed to consume multiple cookies during her work shift.” The store also told officers that it was not one oreo but “multiple cookies.” The store says that when confronted by one of its “asset protection managers” (which I think used to be called store security), she confused to her heinous offense. She told the investigator that she “simply did not have the monies to legitimately purchase the food items.” She makes roughly $11 an hour.

She has now been arrested for felony theft. Her charging sheet also show receipt and possession of stolen goods, which may be other edible objects.

I am not sure what the cut off is for a felony in Indiana but most states require something a bit more than $5. I would truly love to know the officers and prosecutor who charge this as a felony. Indeed, I am surprised it was charged at all as a crime. She was fired. That seems a strict enough response. I suppose in Indiana they feel that they cut her some stack by not charging every cookie as a separate count of theft (or multiply each count by two if she one of those odd people who separate the Oreo and eat the icing separately).

Source: Smoking Gun

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  1. Bron:

    I know what you are saying about Key Person insurance that many companies have with their senior management. walmart in the mid 1990’s actually insured about 300,000 employees including those who were working in low level positions. These walmart employes on the lower strata of the company as individuals would not affect with any significance the operation of the company at a high level, hence they had no insurable interest in the life of a cashier or stocker. The IRS later cracked down on them for this practice but I don’t remember to what degree that was.

  2. Wasn’t Walmart recently exposed for paying bribes down in Ol’Mexico? They pay their employees so poorly that many qualify for food stamps. Then there is the lack of health care benfits for employyes which is of course then provided by state medicade programs. Now Walmart will be consuming court, prosecution and public defense services all on the tax payer’s dime just to turn this woman into a felon. Do you think that Walmart recognizes that convicted felons are disenfranchised from voting?

    All in all, seems like a bad deal for the tax payers and a frfee ride for Walmart.

  3. I don’t condone what this woman was accused of doing but Wal Mart’s reputation is so badly tainted, it is certainly not going to win any support in this case.

    I look at stories of how Wal Mart treats it’s employees. One was so reprehensible, it made me angry just thinking about it. At one time Wal Mart was taking out life insurance policies on its employees, with Wal Mart as the beneficiary. So if the employee died, wal mart made money tax free. Talk about having no insurable interest. It was purely profit driven and not in the benefit of its employees. It was so infamous that several state legislatures banned the practice.

    But the greed and need for profit despite the needs of others did not stop there. A few years ago, Wal Mart heavily lobbied the feds to change the maximum time allowable to drive commercial vehicles (semi’s) to 14 hours a day. 14 hours! How can anyone be expected to drive 14 hours between a sleep break day in and out and not expect to have accidents. Especially driving a 80,000 GVWR truck. What does this say for their regard for the public or the truck drivers? Luckily the feds did not buy in to their pleadings.

    So when it comes to wal mart continuing to get bad press, I don’t have sympathy; only schadenfreude.

  4. Well, Wal Mart has to make a profit. After all, the crap they sell in their store doesn’t make itself, it takes small children making 50 cents an hour in a dangerous factory to do so. These idiots spent hours going over film to find someone eating a cookie package. How pathetic. How pathetic of the DA to charge the woman with a felony. Wasn’t she punished enough by working for Wal Mart?

  5. Walmart’s middle management must be heavily populated by former grammar school administrators.

  6. I looked up the statute for Indiana. It seems that all thefts are Class D felonies or greater. seems harsh to me.

    IC 35-43-4-2
    Theft; receiving stolen property
    Sec. 2. (a) A person who knowingly or intentionally exerts unauthorized control over property of another person, with intent to deprive the other person of any part of its value or use, commits theft, a Class D felony. However, the offense is a Class C felony if:
    (1) the fair market value of the property is at least one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000); or
    (2) the property that is the subject of the theft is a valuable metal (as defined in IC 25-37.5-1-1) and:
    (A) relates to transportation safety;
    (B) relates to public safety; or
    (C) is taken from a:
    (i) hospital or other health care facility;
    (ii) telecommunications provider;
    (iii) public utility (as defined in IC 32-24-1-5.9(a)); or
    (iv) key facility;
    and the absence of the property creates a substantial risk of bodily injury to a person

  7. “Walmart launched the investigation after an empty cookie wrapper was discovered in the store.”

    So maintenance crew member Winters was caught when she failed to clean-up the crime scene.

  8. llejcaroll:

    that was my point, I know Wal Mart seems to be a beast but they help people by offering lower prices.

  9. Bron,

    Say anything you want about Walmart… But leave my Oreos alone…. I go through 2 to 3 packages a week…

  10. Nick, Target is closer to where I live but I have found their prices to be consistently higher then Walmart. ):

  11. Shop @ Target. My daughter worked for Target in high school and college. They treated her very well.

  12. I am on a fixed income. I do not like using Walmart but when I find the prices on certain items will save me money, and some significant money, like a computer, I find I have no choice but to spend my money there.

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