Florida Police Raid Home of Sick Woman Hours After She Is Featured In Medical Marijuana Story

marijuana_leafFor Cathy Jordan it began as a banner day. A hearing was just held unveiling the “Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act,” legislation to legalize medical marijuana for people like Cathy Jordan who suffers from Lou Gehrig’s Disease and is wheelchair-bound. Hours after a news account of the hearing was published, officers raided her home with drawn guns and seized their marijuana plants used for her illness. The police from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office insist it was a coincidence.

Cathy and Robert Jordan were home when the police arrived. Robert, 64, was asleep on this easy chair at 2 pm when the police appeared with their guns drawn.

The police say that a real estate agent saw an extension cord that “looked funny” and proceeded to look through the fence and saw the marijuana plants.

Dave Bristow, sheriff’s office spokesman, insisted that the deputies saw the plants, had probable cause, and seized the property.

Twenty-three plants were confiscated. The plants were valued between $1,200 and $1,500.

Putting aside the coincidence, the case reaffirms the lunacy of our marijuana policies that take away resources from more serious criminal matters. Here officers raid a home of a sick person and take away a drug that she says relieves her pain. Here is my view: if someone is dying from Lou Gehrig’s Disease, I am not horrified by her using pot to relieve her pain. Call me crazy but that appears to be the overwhelming view of most citizens. Yet, our politicians continue to feed a mass drug enforcement complex that arrests citizens and seizes property. While this case did not involve a greater seizure of property, many of these units are now the source of revenue streams associated with drug forfeiture.

The only good aspect of this case is that local police have proven the dire need for the “Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act.”

Source: Bradenton

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  1. All it would take to end this insanity is President Obama declaring, by executive order, that marijuana shall be re-scheduled from a Schedule 1 drug to Schedule 7. Let’s petition him to do it.

    –Leslie < Fish

  2. Needed: Identity and photos of cops taking part and directing this raid so that those in the area (and even at a distance) can negatively Social Preference towards them – withdraw voluntary association – if they are NOT persuaded by reasoned logic to cease their non-productive and actually HARM-initiating activities.

    The only person identified here is Dave Bristow, Manatee County Sheriff’s Office spokesman – not one of the harm-doers, but a definite harm-enabler as are the politicians who write these WORDS authorizing harm-initiating. But the real key element in the horrible situation is that harm-initiating – “law enforcement” – is still acceptable to the majority of people. When unacceptability is practiced by way of NO voluntary association with continuing LEOs, there will not be enough of them to initiate harm on nearly the scale they have been doing in the past 12 years.

  3. Dangers to police. Mike Spindell, the weapon cops fear is not concealed in the wheelchair, it IS the wheelchair. The K.E. that that 23 pound object swung at 90 + radians per second at an arc length of 9 1/2 meters (Gorillas and Gibbons have long arms, why take chances) is stupendous. That woman HAD to be neutralized and intimidated into compliance. Special costumes and badges can never be counted on for that by themselves. Our Dear Leaders have decreed and we mundanes must obey.

  4. Far to many people don’t do enough research on cannabis & hemp to know that both are a great benefit to mankind. Most of the comments here however do seem to be based on research & are correct.

    Most Americans don’t know WHY C & H were made illegal in the 1st place.

    Look up

    History Of Cannabis Prohibition

    You will find that the smoked cannabis was not even WR Hurst’s real target. He was after industrial hemp…find out why. Cannabis laws have been used by states to discriminate against Hispanics & blacks as well.

    Find out how Hurst deceived Congress & how an AMA doctor’s testimony was suppressed & lied about back then during Congressional hearings.

    You will learn that cannabis prohibition was & is based on deception, out right lies, greed & fear based propaganda.

    Then look up

    The Benefits Of Industrial Hemp

    While you are looking up stuff, also look up

    Jury Nullification

    JN is a very important tool for We The People against bad, unfair or ridicules laws. Jury duty is a serious right that we do not need to ignore as it affords WTP a chance to nullify, case by case, the persecution of people targeted by laws that should not exist in the 1st place.

    If the War On Some Drugs were about citizen safety, there would be a movement to prohibit many Rx drugs. That’s because Rx drugs kill many more than illegal substances. Also Rx drugs kill some 6200% more people than firearms.

    The info is out there. Please find it.



  5. Just once I would love to see the Cops with guns drawn bust down the doors of these BANKER’S homes that ripped off Billions from the public. And seize all of their property. Just one please. There is no justice in America anymore.

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  7. Meanwhile, 20 blocks away, someone is turning Sudafed and brake fluid into crystal meth for profit . . .

  8. Marco, I hope that’s true. My father and his father died of ALS (and my parents were first cousins). I truly believe I don’t carry the gene, but you never know. I am always glad when I hear about more work being done on this horrendous devastating disease.
    That your brother in law has had it for 10 years isa testament to his strength. I know what kind of a struggle it must be for him, and his family.

  9. An Israeli company has developed what appears to be a significantly effective treatment for ALS. Google “ALS” and “Brainstorm.” The treatment uses the patient’s own stem cells. There is a Phase I/II trial slated for later this year at Mass General. Btw, my brother in law has had ALS for more than 10 years.

  10. “I am not horrified by her using pot to relieve her pain.”, Neither am I. I am however horrified by those that would deny a sick person the use of marijuana to relieve their pain. What sort of sick person takes it upon themselves to tell a person that is sick and dying what they can and cannot do to their body to alleviate their pain? Please, someone tell me.

    The argument I keep hearing from people is they don’t want their kids to think it’s ok to smoke pot. here is a little secret, your kids can get pot right now, probably within the hour. If you are over 30, you might be able to get some one of these days but it would not be so easy as your kid.

    So tell me, who are we protecting?

  11. I don’t think I can add anything to this without yelling at my screen. I just wish to remind people of organizations fighting this stupidity, Medical Marijuana Project, DRCnet, NORML, along with others.

  12. Why is it okay, according to many self-described liberals, to grow or purchase :”small amounts for personal use, but NOT okay to grow, possess, purchase, or even SELL larger amounts? Should alcohol be legal, ONLY in small enough amounts for personal consumption?

    Finally, can any of you folks who only believe in conspiracies that the government tells you about, make a RATIONAL case for why ANY drug should be illegal to buy, snort, swallow, inject, or sell…other than alcohol and tobacco products – for which it’s nobodies business if you should want to be able to buy and use them, without having to pay the outrageously high cost of them that they presently are?

    P.S. Can you respond to the above, without showing off your Tea Party
    insult-style communication skills (sic)? Thank you.

  13. The Police State needs something to keep it occupied in order to justify its increasing power and jackbooted ways. What do you think they are going to do, something worthwhile?

  14. alright, now i can pick up a wheel chair cheep at the next police auction.

  15. Darren, In a San Diego dispensary cannabis is sold by the 1/8 for the most part. You can buy up to 2 oz. but the “budtenders” get a bit suspicious, thinking you might compete w/ them. An eighth of top shelf goes for ~$65. You don’t get much off for buying an ounce. So, for a top shelf[the names are great, Old Hippy, Blue Dreamer, Presidential Bubba, etc.] ounce you would pay ~$475.

    There are two strains of cannabis, sativa and indica. And, there are now numerous hybrids. Sativa plants grown high and that helps remember it gets you high. Sativas can grow up to 7 feet. They are used medicinally for psycholgical problems and by cancer patients to increase appetite. Indica gets you stoned. It is used for pain and sleep. Those plants grow more like a bush..~3 feet high. Growers tell me you do get more yield from the sativa but not that much more..10-20% w/ there being many variables. A well tended sativa can get you a solid 4 ounces, sativa a little over 3 ounces.

    ALL that is sold in dispensaries are the buds, which is where the THC resides. Back in the day you got stems, leaves, seeds, and maybe some bud. Those days are over. The edible cannabis biz is the growth industry.

  16. I would imagine that the police are evaluated by how many criminals they bust, and this raid just was for some low-hanging fruit, so to speak.

  17. I am very glad that police drew their guns when entering the home of Cathy and Robert Jordan. The police did the right thing because the Jordans sound like very dangerous characters and you really can’t take any chances with people engaged in this dangerous epidemic of medical marijuana. We really need to devote at least $7 billion a year at the Federal level to seeking out and destroying all medical marijuana, and looking up all these evil medical marjuana inhalers. Besides, these police raids provide some welcome relief from the usual parking ticket and speed trap citations.

  18. Y’know, none of us will be truly safe until we’re all behind bars.

    Safe from the cops, that is.

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