Genetic Time Capsule: South Carolina Man’s DNA Shows Male Ancestor 338,000 Years Ago

130305-coslog-ychrom-440p.photoblog600220px-NeanderthalensisA South Carolina man, Albert Perry, recently died and one of his relatives decided to submit a DNA sample to a company called Family Tree DNA to help detail their genealogical tree. The company however was confused because his Y-chromosome did not appear in his family tree. Later analysis by Michael Hammer, a geneticist at the University of Arizona in Tucson, found that Perry’s Y chromosome showed that his male lineage probably separated from all others about 338,000 years ago. Before Perry, all men could be traced to a genetic “Adam” who lived between 60,000 and 140,000 years ago. Now we have a man with a link that goes back almost 200,000 years earlier. Of course, that does not quite fit with creationists who believe the Earth is only 5000 to 6000 years old, but for the rest of humanity it is a pretty interesting discovery.

The results of this research were published recently in a study by the The American Society of Human Genetics.

Perry’s chromosome shows that the last common male ancestor down the paternal line of our species is over twice as old as we thought. The chromosome is a type of genetic time capsule that may reflect the interbreeding between Neanderthals and Denisovans. Hammer’s team looked at an African database of nearly 6000 Y chromosomes and found similarities between Perry’s and those in samples taken from 11 men, all living in one village in Cameroon. That may be the very village that Perry’s ancestors came from.

That is very cool.

Source: New Scientist

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  1. Ralph Adamo 1, March 7, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    This article’s suggestion that Creationists believe that the Earth was created less than 10,000 years ago is incorrect and reflects an obvious bias unfettered by facts.
    Fair enough for discussion.

    Anyone who looks into abiotic evolution knows that there are problems, only recently vivid enough to merit “do you have your scientific papers.”

    One such rap goes like this:

    The oldest known star appears to be older than the universe itself, but a new study is helping to clear up this seeming paradox.

    Previous research had estimated that the Milky Way galaxy’s so-called “Methuselah star” is up to 16 billion years old. That’s a problem, since most researchers agree that the Big Bang that created the universe occurred about 13.8 billion years ago.

    (Methuselah Star). There are a lot of defects in the notions of evolution, otherwise we would not need to keep putting band-aids and such on the wounds.

    And scientists fight each other as much as they fight Creationists:

    Notably, before Stanley Prusiner, a neurologist, stood his ground in the 1980s insisting that dementias could be caused by nucleic acid-deficient infecting agents, virologists  were adamant in their belief that these strange diseases were caused by “slow viruses.” Emphasis was on the “slow.” Furthermore, dogma at the time held that “conveyers of transmissible diseases required genetic material composed of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) in order to establish infection in a host,” Prusiner writes.

    Prusiner lost both his promotion to tenure at the University of California San Francisco and his Howard Hughes Medical Institute  (HHMI) grant by stubbornly defending his then  heretical belief that “proteinaceous infectious particles“—or “prions”—could underlie inherited, as well as communicable, diseases. Such dual behavior was unknown and thus unthinkable at the time. “Virologists were generally incredulous, and some investigators working on scrapie and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease were irate.” Prusiner got even at the Nobel Prize ceremony in 1997 and cautions in his; autobiography: “While it is quite reasonable for scientists to be skeptical of new ideas that do not fit within the accepted realm of scientific knowledge, the best science often emerges from situations where results carefully obtained do not fit within the accepted paradigms.”

    (Weekend Rebel Science Excursion – 16). Furthermore, the Creationists fight each other tooth and nail as well (Islam, Judaism, and Christianity each have various creationist flavors).

  2. Ralph Adamo. For purposes of the article the relevant distinction is not between young earth creationists and old earth creationists. It is between science and religious fundamentalism.

  3. I am a creationist. My dad called us cretins but he was spulling it wrong. I believe everything in the Bible. The Sears Roebuck Bible. So, if on the Eighth Day God created Dog then who am I to quibble over how many years ago the First Day was.

  4. This article’s suggestion that Creationists believe that the Earth was created less than 10,000 years ago is incorrect and reflects an obvious bias unfettered by facts.

    Only SOME creationists believe that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old. Anad, in fact, the creationists who hold to that particular time frame are called “Young Earth Creationists.”

    The fact is that some scientists (such as Hugh Ross and Gerald Schroeder) who believe in Creationism hold to other forms such as “Old Earth Creationism”–which posits an act of creation that took place millions or billions of years ago, with variations on the timing of the creation of mankind.

    So just as there is a diversity of positions among non-Creationists, there is considerable diversity among Creationists as well.

    Instead of pretending to write an informative and balanced article, before you begin to write propapanda pieces like this one, start out with your real position, such as the following: “Note: Creationists are fools and I have superior intelligence, and, consequently, everything in this article is skewed and misrepresented as necessary to present that position.” That way you immediately tell the reader what you’re all about, and you tell how you really feel.

  5. Very Interesting mapping of our origins. One more puzzle piece to add to the big one. Great article which once again warns the religiosos to understand that saying,” I do not know”, is the only way to open the inner windows of knowledge. It also proves that there is no Absolute Truth but the objective truth is absolute for the moment.

  6. Its a good thing, a good discovery if the science is solid. I don’t think one should get too sold on the genetic track, like it’s ‘you’, as,of course, it isn’t. But the genetic track goes back a long ways, much further back that this new breed of born again Christians agree to. I was amazed the other day at how old some of these guys think our planet is! It was so recent in their eyes that scientifically it would be hotter than hell! The truth about creationism vs Darwinism is neither, but somewhere in the middle. Darwin made a bunch of stuff up to expand his theory like Hagel. The big-being-in-the-sky religions make the huge unprovable assumption that creation could only be their way. However, there are ways to prove the spirituality of man, or at least that there is more than matter, energy, space and time. Insisting on one & denying the other is incorrect and extreme. Of course, we are barely exploring other planets & not a single other sun’s planets, so I’m sure there is plenty of room for more discoveries. If it all (the current batch of humanity) started in Camaroon or Carolina, who or what got it there from where?

  7. Well with the Adam in Newtown case you have to ask yourself what a mother was doing with automatic weapons in the house when she knew she had a kid named Adam. And that Adams have this trait.

  8. What are you saying BarkinDog? That all Adams eminate from South Carolina, even before it was a colony? What, they then moved to New York and might show up at the schoolyard with a gun?
    This has nothing to do with the Adams of the world and their warpedness.

  9. Another reason why a couple should not name a new born child Adam. Newtown was enough reason but this is irrefutable.

  10. You think he’s part of the original race traced back to Ethiopia…. Or further back…

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