Lindsay Lohan Plays Henry VI: First Thing I’ll Do Is Kill My Lawyer

Lindsey Lohan appears to be practicing method acting for the role of the Butcher in Henry VI who proclaimed “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Lohan was captured by TMZ muttering to her lawyer to shut up and badgering him while he tried to defend the serial celebrity defendant. She punctuated her court commentary with “Oh my god, I’m going to kill you.”

Lohan took a plea deal and will spend 90 days in lockdown rehab to avoid jail. She pleaded no contest to the crimes of reckless driving and lying to cops.

In addition to basic self control, Lohan appears to need a few lesson on courtroom demeanor.

18 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Plays Henry VI: First Thing I’ll Do Is Kill My Lawyer”

  1. Yesterday’s “Celebrity Cypher” – “I want to give back… I want to set up orphanages for underpriviledged and abused children.” – Lindsay Lohan

    “I want to throw up, just a little.” – junctionshamus

  2. Like that hatchet faced thug would take anything Lindsey says seriously.

  3. No offense Mr Turley has I have you in the highest regards possible. But I have to agree with Lohan here. We have far too many lawyers in this country. ;p

  4. Michael Val said it well. None of our business legally, but the baggage of being a celebrity makes it media business. I’d love to have her money but the drug-taking Rolling Stone may have had a point putting fame as tougher to live with than a drug habit, although I think its the mixture of both that is TNT to her & others. We all liked her better in parent trap but she’s still looking good when preened & sober. Lets give her a break. Miley Cirus too.

  5. Does her name have some rhyme or reason to it? She has poisoned the first name. No parent would name a newborn that name now. It is close to Adam, Jared, Josh, Jason, and Whatnot.

  6. We shouldn’t even know about this conversation – client -> attorney.

    Attorney on court tv. Maybe she had a valid point about having him shut up. Not enough info and it’s none of our business anyway.

  7. Such ingratitude and arrogance from her.

    See how much she likes prison life next time.

  8. I am a bit OCD about a couple of misused quotes – ‘kill the lawyers’ is one. I feel compelled to point out:
    It is said by “Dick the Butcher”
    He wants to undermine the rule of law for his own ends and those are not to make the world a better place – HE’S DICK THE BUTCHER!

    The other one is “there are no second acts in America”. The second act is not a friggin encore! The second act is where the set up of act one is expanded on, the problem displayed and the detail given. The third act is the conclusion. So, even though some bozo gets a second chance after screwing up that does not mean there is a second act in America. We rush from the set up & demand the ending RIGHT NOW!

  9. I feel sorry for the girl. Don’t know if she has talent or not but it shouldn’t matter. If they had stopped just giving her slaps on the wrist and less and intervened more seriously earlier maybe she would have turned herself around. The older you get the harder it is to do.

  10. Aprapos Henry VI, I think a worse fate would be to have all lawyers be forced to have clients like Lohan. Sort of like the Mikado’s project to make the punishment fit the crime in the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta.

  11. Nothing she doe’s surprises me. Perhaps if everything she, doe’s like a spoiled child’ didn’t get so much attention, she might grow up. As with the Kardashians, I don’t understand why she gets so much attention. It seems neither has much to offer in the area of social value.

  12. Hard to tell, but most of the whispered comments seem to be Lohan trying to correct her lawyer for making an incorrect assertion to the judge, which would be perfectly appropriate for a client to do. Need context to be able to judge her actions, but of course a rag like TMZ does not provide.

    Of more interest to me is that these are clearly intended to be confidential attorney-client communications that were picked up by the court TV recording system. The sound system needs to be less sensitive,

  13. First they came for the Lawyers..
    …… and nobody spoke out ….
    …………they cheered

    Ok. Kidding! I’m kidding. Really ….

  14. People helping people needing help…. Now which one needs help?

  15. “I’m going to kill you” in a courtroom. Meaningless, I know, but priceless just the same. Way to prove you’re still 13, Lohan.

  16. EBLB – I’d rather push my face into a fire ant mound and I am allergic to them. It is easy to point to a screwed up family life, too much fame and too much money all leading to serious drug problems as the source of Ms. Lohan’s issues. But how do you stop an adult from destroying themselves? Hopefully lock down treatment will get her clean enough that she will escape but the odds don’t seem to be in her favor, particularly since there are so many people who appear to want her to be strung out and stoned.

    I have no opinion of her talent, never saw a single thing she has done. I have no interest in her future other than she is a human who is wasting her life and harming the world we share. Hopefully she still has time to straighten that out.

  17. This girl needs some deep psycological conselling. She can sit on my face while they’re treating her.

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