KNULF, KNULF: Professor Bans Students From Mentioning “The Shining” In Class

imagesdanny-lloyd-adultAll professors have a pet peeve that can produce stern warning or even requests to leave a classroom. However, Professor Danny Lloyd may have the most unique. In his anatomy and physiology class at a community college, he will flunk anyone who asks about Stanley Kubricks “The Shining.” It turns out that Lloyd played the creepy kid, Danny Torrence, in the movie.

I just ran across this story. I suppose it does get old to be asked over and over again. However, he was a great little actor in the cult classic.

Lloyd taught in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and is now teaching in Missouri at Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley.

I am delighted that Lloyd has pursued a science teaching career. He obviously has brains to match his talents.

It also appears that he has become a bit more expansive in his speech since his troubled youth . . .

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32 thoughts on “KNULF, KNULF: Professor Bans Students From Mentioning “The Shining” In Class”

  1. Blouise,

    Yes, it was about Hill House. It was much better than the remake with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Liam Neeson

  2. Prof Lloyd: Wendy(curious student/fan), let me explain something to you. Whenever you come in here and interrupt me, you’re breaking my concentration. You’re distracting me. And it will then take me time to get back to where I was. You understand?

    Wendy : Yeah.

    Prof Lloyd: Now, we’re going to make a new rule. When you come in here and you hear me teaching…

    Prof Lloyd: or whether you DON’T hear me teaching, or whatever the FOCK you hear me doing; when I’m in here, it means that I am working, THAT means don’t come in. Now, do you think you can handle that?

    Wendy : Yeah.

    Prof Lloyd: Good. Now why don’t you start right now and get the fock out of here? Hm?


    Delbert Grady: I’m sorry to differ with you sir, but YOU are the anatomy professor. You’ve always been the anatomy professor. I should know sir.: I’ve always been here.

  3. Elaine,

    Was that the one about Hill House? If it was then all my friends talked about it but I didn’t see it. I was a freshman in college at that point and remember turning down a date who wanted to take me to that movie. I am really a wuss when it comes to scary movies in any genre.

  4. Thanks, Blouise — I just read it. As you said, “a bit of good news.”

  5. ap,

    bettykath posted a good link on today’s Judge Sentences Teen thread

  6. “I just sit quietly in the corner and shiver.”

    lol, again. Thanks. Not laughing much these days…

    (“Stand by Me” is one of my favorites (both the novella (“The Body”) and movie)… and, though I hate to admit it, “Cujo” helped me through a respiratory infection many decades ago. Maybe it was all of Cujo’s “frothing” that made my problems pale… Okay, enough about King.)

  7. ap,

    typo … another example of how stressed I get

    My whole family are King fans … they treat his books like gold and loan them to each other for re-reading. When the grandkids get started talking about the plot of this book or that, all the generations get involved … except me. Almost everyone of them has expressed a similar opinion of The Shining book/movie as yours.

    I just sit quietly in the corner and shiver.

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