Is That A Chainsaw Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?

220px-Stihl_MS_170In Chickasha, Oklahoma, Anthony Black, 21, was arrested for a particularly risky act of shoplifting. Employees at Ross Seed Company were concerned because they thought a man was handicapped and was having trouble walking. They then thought he might be drunk. They then realized it was probably the chainsaw stuck down his pants.

One employee spotted the “bar between his legs” and ran after him with other employees in hot pursuit. They cornered Black in a field and he ditched the chainsaw, climbed a tree, and jumped into a person’s house. The homeowner forced him to leave and the employees resumed the chase. He then dove head first into a creek and was later pulled out by police.

The good news is that it could have been a lot worse . . .

Source: KSHB

11 thoughts on “Is That A Chainsaw Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?”

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  2. He coulda cut himself up real good. He would have been walking with a permanent limp.”

    He could have become a eunuch.

    He somehow ran from the store chased by employees, then climbed a tree and went into a house.

    They threw him out of the house whereupon the chase was renewed.

    He then jumped headfirst into a shallow creek.

    Was captured and arrested.

    It would have been interesting to hear his explanation.

  3. Maybe he forgot he put it there. I mean, if you can forget that you ate a handful of nuts, you can forget that you had a chainsaw shoved down your pants.

  4. There were too stupid actions here. First the mental giant trying to steal a chainsaw in his pants and the second one was the employees chasing him! He could have an Uzi up the other pants leg!

  5. The guy must have taken the name of the chainsaw literally since it was a STIHL after all. It could not have been a Texan either since a Texan would have made sure the chainsaw had gas in it, and fired it up outside to discourage pursuit, and/or pulled his concealed weapon. OK is where Texas sends all their academically challenged football players, and they feel more at home among their academic peers. So it had to be in Oklahoma.

  6. “Hey, Rocky! You wanna watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat?” – Bullwinkle

  7. You sure this wasn’t Texas…. A man needs his CHL and chainsaw….. If you’re gonna do the job right…. Duffus..

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