For Easter: A PEEPS® Video and a Poem

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

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I hear them peeping

in their package,


Eat me!

Eat me!

I break open

their plastic shell,

hold soft hatchlings

in my hands.

One by one

I savor

a chattering of chicks,

chubby marshmallow chicks

coated with colored sugar.

I lick their bright yellow down

from my fingertips.

© 2012 by Elaine Magliaro

16 thoughts on “For Easter: A PEEPS® Video and a Poem”

  1. Elaine and AY, thanks for the Peeps links, I enjoy the creativity people bring to their favorite candy/art material. Some of those diorama’s were really funny AY.

  2. Our family had a PEEPS-less Easter. No candy–just Indian pudding that one of my niece’s made and some delicious cupcakes that I got from my favorite bakery:

    I usually bake the holiday goodies for my family–but not this year. I’ve been too busy cleaning house and getting ready to move to a new residence. I just made deviled eggs (with horseradish and olives) and my special kielbasa.



    I used to love PEEPS when I was young. I haven’t eaten any in many years

  3. Happy Easter and a round of Peeps and chocolate for the house. I forgot today was Easter and when I turned on my computer an hour ago was met with the Google/Easter ‘controversy’ by way of a reminder. LOL,

    Thanks for the Peeps (I used to enjoy them in great numbers with a Peeps addicted co-worker) and poem. She would upon starting to open a new box, (We would end up wit dozens of boxes of Peeps) hold it up to her ear and flex it so that it made a crinkling noise and say something to us like, ‘hear that? Eat me! Eat me!’ You Elaine, have tapped into the soul of Peep’s addicts everywhere.

  4. They had to use Peeps in their think it was appetizers on the shop Chopped. Interesting the way they turned them into sauces, etc. (and for 3 of the contestants worked out okay.)

  5. Being diabetic I find this post w/ pure sugar treats and no nutritional value highly insensitive. And, w/ the obesity epidemic amongst our children we know FLOTUS does not approve of this. Curmudgeonly and negative, isn’t it?

    As I walked by Belmont Park on the beach just now an Easter egg hunt was just ending. Seeing the Mexican boys and girls in their Easter best brought a huge smile to my face. And, someone had written in pink chalk different messages along the boardwalk, “miracles happen every day,” “You are loved”, etc. I hope and pray I’m not accused of a “possibly false anecdote” today.

  6. Elaine,

    I particularly liked that the Millennium Falcon is a Peppermint Patty. 😀

  7. Elaine,
    I gained two pounds just reading and watching the video about Peeps! Nice poem, by the way!

  8. Your assumption AY is that they are eaten.

    My theory is that they are pan-dimensional aliens observing us and when not watched, they sneak off to various other scouting locations. It is a chance alignment of our dimensions that make so many of them visible this time of year. Sure, some of them do get consumed, but that is just the price of attrition they pay for their pre-invasion scouting expedition.

    I know that to be true because I read at World News Daily.

  9. Lol….. See Peeps are useful…. I just read another article Elaine that they (peeps) are 60 years old…. I suppose I should have guessed some have been around that long…. Only kidding….

  10. Ah ha…. Beautifully played… But I’ve yet to see anyone I know eat a peep…. But they are always gone…..

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