Peerless: Oklahoma Man Repeatedly Shows Up Late For Jury Duty . . . And Then Misses Hearing On Contempt Of Court

w300-30b82aa492bc3fd1f4d83001853185e2Rickey Christopher, 23, obviously does not like jury duty. Many people feel the same but he is fast making jury duty into the worst chapter of his life. Christopher was previously dismissed from jury duty for repeatedly showing up late. Then when he was ordered to appear for possible contempt of court, stemming from his jury duty, he failed to appear. There is now a warrant out for his arrest from Oklahoma County District Judge Ray C. Elliott. It is a good thing that such charges are generally handled without a jury. It would be hard to find 12 peers of Christopher to appear on time to try the case.

We have previously seen some shocking cases of juror misconduct, including some cases where judges have given a mere slap on the hand for egregious misconduct. In this case, however, Christopher magnified his misconduct by not showing up for his own contempt hearing. That is some real contempt.

Christopher was a potential juror in a child abuse trial but showed up late for jury selection not once but twice. On an earlier occasion, he spent four hours in jail and Elliott dropped one contempt charge after Christopher apologized for repeatedly interrupting him. However a contempt proceeding was ordered on the repeated failures to appear on time.

Christopher has said that one of the earlier late appearances was due to a car breakdown coupled with a broken cellphone. The second time was allegedly due to a miscalculation that he thought he had time for lunch.

The contrast between judges Elliott and judges like Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge JD Watts is remarkable. Watts gave a juror a slap on the hand for leaving a jury deliberation to go to Cancun for vacation.

Source: NEWS OK

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  1. People do not realize all are bad because they die. The KJV says if we say we have no sin the truth will not be in us. Arresting people think they are perfect when they arrest. Therefore they have no truth in them. Jesus in a person arrests no one.

  2. When I see a jury I see religious people rationalizing why the arresting of Jesus was good having him endure all kinds of bad actions and cruel words spoken to him with painful actions inflicted on him calling it good. A jury sounds good but they are anti God anti Christ in nature. Anyone refusing to participate are treated as bad as the one they have on trial. It is like being chewed up by devils.

  3. As our culture continues to devolve, particularly in regards to basic civic duty, the courts may have to issue jury warrants instead of summons.

  4. Gee he missed the dog and pony show, Jurors should be paid as much as anyone.

  5. He was summoned to “serve” on a jury. He was not summoned to appear on a charge of indecent exposure or whatnot. Jury service is not the same as service in the armed forces when we had a draft. Now the blog does not say it but this guy is an 8th Day Adventist and the jury summons always fell on the 8th Day. His defense is absolute.

  6. Judge turns to the defendant and asks:

    “How do you find the jury?”

  7. Ya think….just think if he was part of the jury (gene) pool selected….

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