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umbrella boForget about the IRS, AP, and Benghazi. They all pale in significance to umbrella spUmbrella-Gate. President Obama asked White House Marine guards to hold umbrellas for the President and the Turkish Prime Minister during an outdoor press conference. Male Marines are not allowed to use umbrellas while in uniform, except when they are “perform[ing] such other duties as the President may direct“. Female Marines are allowed to use umbrellas. Sarah Palin tweeted: “Mr. President, when it rains it pours, but most Americans hold their own umbrellas.”

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  1. “That money gets invested so that people can have jobs”


    You’re wrong and the facts show it. That money gets put into overseas bank accounts and for the most part gets taken out of the market place. Numerous studies show that. What you’re positing is a version of the “trickle down economics” theory, whose creator David Stockman even acknowledges is wrong.

  2. Bron,

    “what is a “progressive flat tax”?”

    It’s one with brackets where the rate progressively goes up, sometimes called a graduated flat tax.

  3. Gene H:

    what is a “progressive flat tax”?

    I think what bothers people is that they have to pay taxes at all. Oh, I imagine there are some people who want to keep the other crabs from crawling out of the basket but I think most are just upset they have to pay so much in taxes for very little in return.

    People need to start looking at government as they would a high end purchase like a car or a house. It should work and provide value, if it doesnt give me a new one or make it right.

    The Amendment process is the way to make it right, end the IRS, we only need 38 states to vote yes. Washington, California, Oregon, Wisconsin, New York, Mass., New Jersey, Maryland, Vermont, Rhode Island, Ill. These would be a definite no but that is only 11.

    It just might be possible. Especially if you add a provision for either a national sales tax or a flat tax to be determined by the people.

    Another good amendment would be going to war can only be done by a 3/4’s majority in congress and the president does not have the power to send troops anywhere for any reason without that same 75% majority.

    End the IRS, dont mend it.

  4. Mike S:

    the guy making 50 million isnt spending 45 million dollars to live. That money gets invested so that people can have jobs [not a rich person’s focus but jobs are created through investments].

    With property tax, local sales tax, federal income tax, various use fees, state tax, etc., how much do you think the guy making $30k is spending on taxes? Probably more than $3,000. And the guy making $50 million? He probably has a good many exemptions/deductions/tax havens so he is probably now only paying 10-15%.

    So basically it is a wash for the millionaire and a gain for the guy making $30k.

    But with all that money freed up from getting rid of the IRS and compliance fees for tax preparation, it is a net shot in the arm to the economy.

    The more money you keep in the people’s pockets and the less you give to government, the better it is for everyone.

  5. However, a progressive flat tax with limited (such as mortgage, health care, education expenses) or no deductions is fair. The current tax code is a scam for the wealthy and corporations and you’d have to be blind not to see it. I think it is the basic inequity that bothers most Americans about taxes.

  6. Bron,

    Across the board is never fair when you take 10% from someone making $30,000 and someone making $50 million. To that someone making $30,000 that $3,000 is a very big deal, but to the other guy that $5 million still leaves $45 million in disposable income.

  7. Darren:

    across the board, just make it low enough to be fair. You start putting exemptions in there and you end up with what you have now; lobbyists trying to get favored tax status. So you would solve nothing.

    You get rid of the IRS and free up the money spent on compliance and regulations generated by lobbyists for their industries benefit and you put all that money into the economy. An injection of capital into the people’s pocket.

    I think Madison was in favor of a national sales tax.

    Patriot Act, DHS, IRS, get rid of them all. Free the people now! 🙂

  8. Flat tax or national sales tax sounds good to me. Cut the IRS by 80%..even better.

  9. Bron:

    I would be fine with a replacement of income tax with a national sales tax if it was equally applied upon all segments and exempted wholesale transactions, food, rent or mortgage payments, medical supplies and services, utilities to residences, securities, and residential real estate for primary residences only. Some here have expressed concern this would disproportionately affect the lower income brackets as a large proportion against their total income. I believe this could be mitigated by the food and basic living exemptions.

  10. Mike S:

    I am thinking it is time for the IRS to go and to either have a flat tax or a national sales tax. That would make things a lot easier and it would capture money we dont now get because everyone buys something. I would even be for taxing all internet transactions if we could do away with the IRS. It has ceased being a servant of the people and is used by politicians [of all parties] as a tool of terror for citizens and corporations.

  11. Frankly bleated: “I smell desperation. Those poor dumb busterds have tried to jin up a scandal for 4 years now & every one of them has fallen apart.”

    Oh there’s been plenty of “scandals”. The media has just been really good at keeping things silent. Mr. obama may be desperate by appreciating the coverage about his inability to hold an umbrella because it pulls attention away from Benghazi.

  12. Wow. I’ve said it before. Your nastiness and unfounded and vague accusations diminish you. I’ve read your opinion. I vehemently disagree. To accuse someone of dishonesty requires more than a “perception.” At least in my world. But, absent any specifics or substance I see no reason to continue. You obviously see me as “an attacker.” Maybe 2-3 others also do. The vast majority have gotten to know me think otherwise. Who is the attacker in this thread? Maybe we should only exchange comments on “sports and religion.” Let this grudge go, it’s not healthy.

    1. The truth can sometimes be painful, but playing victim to the crowd is a
      good way to avoid the pain of self awareness. I have better things to do with my time than researching your history here, especially since I’ve called you out on your MO on many occasions. Usually I’ve done so in response to gratuitous insults you’ve launched on me and others. However, on this occasion it was on your hijacking the thread into an IRS discussion following your conservative “line”. Now go into your usual act of pretending victimhood, but be aware that your response is typical of the bully who cries when his own tactics are used against him.

  13. P Smith, The link you followed was written with extreme sarcasm and hyperbole and the long passage in capitals quoted therein and the followup was actually a defense of the President’s request. It was an endorsement of a defense. The writing style was such that it was difficult to discern just what it was initially. At the end of the first sentence I thought- oh no, is this going to be one of those articles? Do I want to continue?

    Well, OS is a pretty straight guy (IMO), and occasionally stands on protocol to the point of being downright courtly (IMO) so I figured that it would be worth a read. LOL, it WAS! And I must say, the language was creatively blue enough to make me chuckle in more than one place. I knew guys, WW2 vets and career military, that would do off into stylized rants using that same stilted, formalized cadence and syntax.

    So I think you may have misunderstood the linked comment as I did initially. Try it again. I love The Rude Pundit but he can only come close to the brazen and entertaining flights of blue rhetoric achieved by Eric Steinberg. As disdain and a death threat goes it is a burlesque of great skill. I’m not into the ‘us’ veterans v ‘them’ civilians but the the entertainment value- since all this folderall is worth is momentary entertainment- is major.

    Thanks for the link OS.

  14. OS –

    “Kenyan impostor”? You link to a wingnut who says that, and both you and he expect to be taken seriously?

    If that’s what a “real marine” thinks, then the opinion of marines are irrelevant. They should shut up and do as they’re instructed to do by the President, which is what the marine in question was doing (re: Drumm’s quoting of their duties). Yes, my use of capitals and lower case is deliberate.

    Before, I was ambivalent about this non-issue. Now I’m laughing at those who are getting tetchy about it. Getting knickers in a twist over this is inane as getting upset over Obama’s “bowing” non-scandal, it’s the desperate looking for any excuse to display crocodile tears. No doubt those holding their breath and stomping their feet didn’t mind when Bush held hands and walked with a Saudi prince before kissing him on the cheek.

  15. The weather should always be checked before doing an outdoor activity. It would have avoided the no-so-good image.

  16. Why the nastiness? And, you seem to getting bolder. You’ve graduated from “possible falsehoods” to “dishonesty. ” What have I said that’s dishonest? Name it. This has been a civil discussion and you come out w/ both guns blazin’.

    1. “Why the nastiness? And, you seem to getting bolder. You’ve graduated from “possible falsehoods” to “dishonesty. ” What have I said that’s dishonest? Name it. This has been a civil discussion and you come out w/ both guns blazin’.”

      Nothing bold about my statement regarding your honesty since I’ve been writing that for a long time and that is my perception of you. As for examples I’ve given them in the past with no response from you except for
      playing “poor me…..I’m a victim of vitriol”. You lack the self awareness to understand that you have primarily been the attacker since you came here.

      Now in this instance you basically used it as an opportunity to change the subject from “umbrella gate” to “IRS gate”. Your dishonesty is in your pretense to be anything more than a partisan of the Right, which you so clumsily hide.

      “My hometown school in Madison, UW, is a pioneer in pc speech codes. And they’re damn proud of it. Liberalism has done a 180, in many respects, since I was in college.”

      Poor Nick, he’s just a man whose intentions are good, but those bad meanies have misunderstood all his winning qualities.

  17. Pete:

    Gunnery Sergeant Hartman:

    “Tonight, you pukes will sleep with your umbrellas. You will give your umbrella a girl’s name because this is the only bumbershoot you people are going to get. Your days of finger-wagging ol’ Mary-Jane Poppins and her pretty pink parasol are over! You’re married to this piece. This weapon of iron and canvas. And you will be faithful.”

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