New York Times Editors Blast Obama For Attack On Free Press

220px-Nytimes_hqPresident_Barack_ObamaI previously discussed the slew of recent conservatives who has “had a change of heart” on equal rights of gays and lesbians after a family member who out as homosexual.  Like some conservative women who reject most privacy principles except abortion rights, it is hard to celebrate belated endorsements of civil liberties which happen to benefit these politicians or their families.  I had the same reaction to some journalists who gave only passing attention to President Obama’s various attacks on civil liberties over the last four years. However, now that his Administration has turned on journalists, we are seeing editorials like today’s New York Times column stating “the Obama administration has moved beyond protecting government secrets to threatening fundamental freedoms of the press to gather news.”

This sense of outrage is justified. The investigation of AP and Fox reporters is one of the greatest attacks on a free press in modern history. However, for civil libertarians, it would have been more fulfilling to see this type of outrage over torture, warrantless surveillance, kill lists and the rest. It should not take a fire on your roof, to become concerned about arson.

The same can be said of Democratic members of Congress who have been mumbling expressions of concern after years to staring at their feet amid criticism of Obama by civil libertarians. One can only imagine their response if George Bush had taken these abusive steps.

Of course, civil libertarians are used to having transient friends. If only everyone’s interests could threatened at the same time . . . then we might actually have the votes to protect all of our constitutional rights.

Source: NY Times

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  1. radyjet,
    Would you consider spying on OCCUPY by FBI and local police undercover and infiltrating a form of COINTELPRO? And then arresting Naomi Wolf among other reporter arrests for just being there, wrong place, wrong time?

    1. The spying is not legal nor were the arrests of Wolf and her man. This is nothing new by the way. The cops as we have seen on this blog in many instances simply make up the laws. Remember the woman who was arrested on the sidewalk for having a sign alerting drivers to the speed trap in Houston? This goes on in every police dept. and we can only fight it when we are arrested and fight it in court. We can also fight it by demanding that our elected officials obey the law.

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  4. IRS Official Lerner Placed on Administrative Leave
    Lois Lerner, the Internal Revenue Service official at the center of a controversy over targeting of conservative groups, was placed on administrative leave as of Thursday. The IRS was expected to name an acting director for the agency’s tax-exempt organizations division Thursday.
    See More Coverage »
    Another one bites the dust. I tried to post this on a different thread but it didn’t take so I’m trying it here.

  5. Gary T 1, May 23, 2013 at 8:48 am
    They’re attacking your character. They accused J. Edgar Hoover of being a closet queen. I think maybe he was, but he had more on them than they had on him.

  6. We Americans are war mongers. Last night there was a flurry of WWII movies on late night tv here at the dogpac lounge. Gene Kelly and all these smiling, dancing, smoking chumps gleeful about being home from the front in WWII. This apCray gets put in front of our youth and they are fed the lie that we are the Exceptional Nation and are out there doing good in such places as Afghanistan and Iraq. Jeso.

  7. I need to correct what Mr. O calls the people he kills with bombs. He does not call them “terrorists”, he calls them “suspected terrorists”.

    Isn’t it great to know our vaunted leader kills people suspected of a being a terrorists? I think we should follow this wonderful leader and institute this policy in every city of our country. The police would be authorized to kill suspected drug dealers, suspected thieves, suspected assailants.

  8. As JT notes, it is only when an influential person or entity is now confronted with the injustices and oppression themselves, and who had ignored it as a problem when suffered by others, do they suddenly chirp up and cry “where are our civil liberties, what has this country come to, we need reform!”

    I am reminded of a recent similar whining cry expressed by Judith Grossman, when her son was administratively accused of rape, and had to defend against an unevidenced unsubstantiated allegation of an event happening years earlier.

    Judith Grossman was in large part responsible for the ease by which men can be subject to false allegations of rape and domestic abuse, but when it was her son who was being accused with no due process, suddenly it is a big deal that due process is out the window.

    See her op ed:

    And then see a biting criticism of Judith Grossman’s hypocrisy from A Voice for Men:

  9. Yeah itchinBayDog: How would you like to be President of Con Ed and have the media blame you for a power surge in Hoboken? Just because you are president of some power company does not mean that you can control power surges in Hoboken. Being President of the US is more difficult that being President of ConEd. Neither can tell the electricians about votls and watts. Watts was many years ago under another President’s watch and he had nothing to to with it. Next you will blame Theodore Roosevelt for Pearl Harbor.

  10. itchinBayDog: Some people are gonna read your blog comments and start saying dogs are dumb. It is not a bad thing that the Dow has gone way up since Obama came into office. It is a good thing. You can not blame Obama for something good that has happened on his watch. Give credit to Midland Bush for pulling out now like his father should have. Same with blaming Obama for dumb lawyers not knowing how to file civil rights cases. Obama is President, not a law professor. Same thing with having to pay too much to have your tooth pulled. Obama tried to change health care for the better. Dont blame Obama for a stubborn Congress which is in the pocket of big Pharma, Big Business and Big Doctors. Go pull your own tooth. It is not Obam’s fault that the spy industry went after journalists who were privy to state secrets. Jeso, itchinBay, sometimes you need someone to itchBay back at ya.

  11. Obama is personally responsible for climate change. He is President. The Climate Is A Changin. Therefore, its his fault.

    Same thing with the fact that law professors are responsible when new lawyers out of law school can not get work. Or when there are hundreds of civil rights cases waiting for some schmuck to come along with a law license and file them and try them correctly. How come there are hundreds of thousands of them out there on TV telling us to get divorced or go bankrupt and they will handle it and none can handle a civil rights cases? Law schools’ fault. Who runs the law schools? Law professors.

    ObamaCare. I gotta pay too much to get a tooth pulled. It is Obama’s fault. Its on his watch. ObamaCare failed. One tooth too many. That should be the RepubliCon Campaign slogan the next go round. One tooth too many. Kind of like one child left behind.

    Which brings us to education. Kids can not read and write. Obama’s fault. Teachers’ fault.

    Immigration. Too many people coming in from Russia, Chechniya, Armenia. Too many Kardasians. TsarBoys. Obama’s fault. Its on his watch.

    Stock market went up too high and some people made money. Obama’s fault. Its on his watch. When Midland Bush left office the Dow was at about 9600. Now it is at 15400 or thereabouts. Obama’s fault.

  12. Paul,
    Correct. At least Bush was smart enough to get Congressional approval to commit acts of war, even if his Administration had to go to great lengths to make the story fit the policy so as to get that AUMF… Obama? notsomuch

  13. I can trust my Government to:
    – Spy on me w/out a warrant
    – Detain me w/out charges
    – Murder me w/out Due Process

    Up Next: Wall Street whistleblower arrested for divulging States Secrets
    Followed By: Journalist involved under investigation

    … It’s beginning to write itself, almost.

  14. Ivan, thank you for the list of Obama violations. In my mind the one doing this country the most damage is the drone attack that kills people all over the world. Say what you will about GWB attack on foreign countries, he had Congress approve, though not with a declaration of War. Mr. O drops bombs on all sorts of countries, killing men, women, children, and says they are all terrorists. For every “terrorist” killed by a drone, we are creating a thousand real terrorists that will hate this country til the day they die because we killed their mother, brother, sister, son, daughter. Shame on us for letting our president (small P) get away with this.

  15. Gary T,

    You have a comment in moderation. It’s there because of a problem with your second link which contains one of the four words filtered out. If you’d like to remove the link and try again.

  16. It seems targeting reporters outrages both sides of the aisle and gives pause to all about further bolstering an imperial executive.
    Bullets don’t discriminate. do you have a lot of money? You might be dead anyway.

    Perhaps you would like to live in Maine. Three of the guys I knew in the Navy were from New Jersey. I’m from Oregon.

  17. The New York Times has not been very vocal about the prosecution and bad press given to Julian Assange and wiki leaks. The New York Times has not stood up for Bradley Manning. Forty something years ago they were outraged about the Pentagon Papers but then their own arse was in a sling but they had their cuty pie Kathryn Graham or whatever Graham she was out there crying for justice. NYTimes: all the news that is fit to print. Ya, “fit” as in what fits wheres it. Like the shoe.

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