Best Wedding Picture Ever

8736544James Lowder and Katie Young hay have the best wedding picture ever. The credit for the idea goes to photographer Quinn Miller volunteered to shoot wedding photos for his friends. He suggested that the entire wedding party pretend that they were running from something and then added a T-Rex with the help of Photoshop.

The picture became an instant hit. Miller and Lowder are friends from Louisiana State University where they were both selected to wear the costume of the school’s mascot, Mike the Tiger. Miller was also there when Lowder and Young met. He has now given them a great wedding memento. Well done Mr. Miller.

By the way, the worst thing about having a T-Rex at your party? The bouquet toss can get pretty lethal.

Below is the couple in happier times:


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  1. trip the maid of honor, then when the t-rex stops for a snack the rest can get away.

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