In Memoriam: Idealist707

id707It has recently come to our attention that long time poster Idealist707 passed away in Stockholm, Sweden on June 10, 2013. Our heartfelt condolences go out to all his family and friends. To those of you who knew him from and from outside this blog, you know he was an outspoken and colorful character who added much flavor to the conversations here. As a tribute to him and his contributions, this thread has been established for you to share in not just in his loss, but share in your memories of him, for no one is truly gone so long as they live in our memories.

Rest in peace, Idealist707.

This blog is richer for having known you and poorer in your absence.

(Of note, thank you to poster Malisha who informed us of this sad news and to poster Darren Smith for suggesting a memorial thread.)

~ respectfully submitted by Gene Howington, Guest Blogger, on behalf of the Res Ispa Loquitur family

30 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Idealist707”

  1. Professor, I’d like to say I’m working on a post about ID707 but to be honest, I’m still at the stage of thinking about working on it. I’m also thinking about working on six other things and today is Sunday. Pretty soon I’ll start thinking about the order in which I have to think about what to think about next. Of course, this is all making me hungry.

  2. As I wrote earlier upon hearing the news of the death of Idealist707, it was a terrible loss for our community. I was hoping to learn more about him but we have a long and rich record of his thoughts and contributions. This blog’s success is due entirely to our regular commentators and bloggers who take on the issues and controversies of the day with civility and often a dose of welcomed humor. Idealist707 enriched this blog and us all with his insightful commentary.

    Jonathan Turley

  3. What is the end….. It is but the defining of the beginning and middle.
    It encapsulates the tween, which is life.

    Tween on, Tween on, for tweening is all. :o)

  4. Idealist707 was wonderful addition to our soirée and will be missed. I enjoyed his evolution from theatre critic to valued member of the cast.

    Ave atque vale!

  5. Nick S, since the dietary habit associated most with longevity is caloric deprivation, that is another reason bland food leads to long life. But I must quote from Porgie & Bess:

    “Methuseleh lived 900 years
    Methuseleh lived 900 years!
    But who call that livin, when no gal is givin,
    to no man what’s 900 years!”

    Just substitute FOOD for the food of love play on …

  6. BTW I dreamed that ID707 was really mad at me for “instigating” an “In memoriam” thread here. We argued about it and it seemed that we were on an ocean liner and because of my infraction, I was only allowed to eat cottage cheese, three times a DAY, in the ship’s dining room. (I love cottage cheese so who cares?) But I was pissed about the injustice of it all. After all, I didn’t ASK for this thread. He and I would have argued about it and then I’d have sent him this:

  7. RTC, I think the GOOD PART is that ID707 doesn’t CARE that Dick Cheney lives on. :mrgreen:

  8. My condolences on the passing of a colleague. I don’t think I got a chance to become acquainted with him, but it sounds like a good person has departed this world. And yet, Dick Cheney lives on.

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