9 thoughts on “How To Get Downtown In Two Minutes Flat

  1. I’m in sync with this guy…. But he will find out after 40….the aches and pains you thought you had we’re just ripples on the water….then again, some never learn….hmmmm…

  2. Holy crap! I almost lost my breakfast watching that bike rider go down that course! Wow. I love to ride, but I think I will skip that course!
    what was that guy riding on in the alps? Was he strapped in? That was scary.

  3. Raff,
    They sit in a little bucket type seats with wheels on the bottom that grip the monorail. Rather exposed. We have a lot of deer and bear around here so I am sensitized the danger…they cause a lot of motor vehicle accidents. I imagine it would ruin your day if a large animal wandered into your path.

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