San Francisco Police Release Video In Effort To Identity Man Who Kicked Woman In Face During Robbery

Police in San Francisco have asked for people to watch this video to try to identify the thug who gratuitously kicked a woman in the face after robbing her.  The woman was walking in the area of Market and Castro during Pride celebration when she was set upon by a group of five black males and a black female who beat her and robbed her.  That is bad enough but this guy truly shocks the conscience in his cavalier kicking of the woman in the face.

The woman was kicked so hard that she was knocked unconscious. Police believe that the group was responsible for other robberies and beatings.

Anyone who has information about this crime is being asked to contact the Mission Station Investigation Team at 558-5400. Anonymous calls and tips can be made to 575-4444 or texted to TIP411 with SFPD included at the beginning of the text.

16 thoughts on “San Francisco Police Release Video In Effort To Identity Man Who Kicked Woman In Face During Robbery”

  1. Ralph,

    Now, you are funny… You are a dark sided comedy writer in real life…. Right?

  2. Ralph: I have to commend who ever transcribes your ignorant rantings on their proper use of punctuation.

  3. I am shocked that Turley and the members of this blog would feel any ill will towards this young man who kicked the woman in her face.

    First, the young man was almost certainly an Obama voter, and should be given special preferences based on that alone. I suspect that those who are criticizing this young man are, in fact, racists.

    Second, the young man was not a criminal or thief, as most have depicted here. In reality, he was simply carrying out a Leftist policy of redistribution of wealth.

    Third, who is to say that the woman–while on the ground–did not provoke the young man by calling him the “N” word or made a slur against Mohammed? Such utterances are forbidden under Leftist rules and regulations, and are thus cause for any acts of retribution that the receiver of those utterances deems reasonable under the circumstances.

    Consequently, I strongly recommend that the citizens of San Francisco and all members of this message board forgive the young man. His acts may seem shocking and extreme, but they are fully understandable and acceptable when looked at in the appropriate Leftist context. Thank you.

  4. Larry, We don’t need any more of stings by cops. A sting as interpreted by law enforcement means find some poor schmuck with a big mouth or that is ignorant of the law and set him up, talk him into actually doing something, supply everything he needs to do it and then bust him. Below is the most recent example I’ve seen. “Sting” doesn’t mean what you think it does anymore.

  5. Larry, In most instances these gangs are not Crips, Bloods, etc. but just inner city black kids. They use social media to coordinate these events. Police are getting better @ preventing them by monitoring social media and having a strong presence @ the event when the “wilding” is planned. But, they are still going to happen and it is a serious problem.

  6. We have terrorists here in the US—-they are inner city gangsters who infiltrate malls, festivals, marathons, parades, gatherings, and in groups attack unsuspecting women, families, or anybody who looks like they cannot defend themselves.

    We need law enforcement to start using sting operations to use seemingly hapless victims as bait and then nab these predators.

  7. david, I love good rants, and that was a good one. I don’t answer the Race question either, but not w/ your fervor; more just contrarian.

  8. Nick, due to my lack of computer knowledge, and fumbling attempts to correct some settings, I have knocked my prior name off of this blog.
    Anyways, I have previously stated that I refuse to answer the Race question presented every ten years on our national census. The government continues to promote and demand blind ignorance, and willful false belief when it proposes to make (all of us) or ME specifically check a box indicating race.
    My German Irish lineage, according to the government, requires me to check the box for white. BullLoney, BullShoot!! This is institutional established Racism of the highest order.
    What does checking that “white” box mean?
    Actually I will stop here for now. With the modern day scientific DNA based knowledge of the meaninglessness of melanin content, How can these stupid, insignificant boxes for race continue to exist and be promulgated
    by our government. …..
    What does checking the “white” box mean?

  9. david, I believe Marv was just holding up a mirror to the shoot from the hip folks here that call everything racist, when it’s the other way around. I could be wrong, only Marv knows for sure.

  10. Marv,… You should have written you comment in white letters on the white background. Making racial slurs, and stirring ignorance to any purpose is a waste of space.

  11. there is a simple minded follower who will shortly be faced with many feet in his face and other parts of his body. smfh. they all actually need to go to jail this is what constitutes real criminals and they are the ones who need to be filling up jail cells. and hey im sure he has a picture id somewhere why not use the facial recognition technology to identify him and put his ass under the jail.. excuse me for cursing but tht whole crime pissed me off. punks will never learn

  12. Is there an adjective comparatively beyond “gratuitous”?

    And what raff said.

  13. Clearly she was racist. Watch how she throws her white face into his shoe.

  14. Holy Crap. Now there is an individual who needs a long period of time spent behind bars. Disgusting.

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