22 thoughts on “One Afternoon In A London Supermarket”

  1. Great video David! I only wish that they would sing at ALDI’s when I go in there!
    On a pessimistic note, I wonder how much merchandise was shoplifted during the performance?? 🙂

  2. Loved it! We will have to try and get some of the music schools to try and do this.

  3. Flash mobs are fun no matter the subject. This was better than most. Thanks for adding a smile to the day.

  4. After watching that, I think all mezzo sopranos should sing while carrying a fish.

    (Quietly waiting in the corner for Blouise to hit him with a trout.)

  5. Beautiful i love the looks on the peoples faces. when the guy started singing.

  6. Brought tears to my eyes, actually. Much better than the phoney “have a nice day” we get around here.

  7. Thank you, Nal!

    The mezzo was superb and, as usual, the tenor was a bit pushy. 😉

    I really loved seeing all the smiles and the little one applauding.

    You, sir, are a gem!

  8. Gee, and to think that in L.A. they schedule rush mobs to destroy and rob, quite a difference huh?

  9. Nal, Bravo, Bravo! You provide some of the most unique posts to start off our weekend. This one is one of my favorites. If you grow up in an Italian family of immigrant grandparents you are introduced to opera @ a young age. My grandparents were dirt poor when they came here but they brought a culture that is rich in the arts and food. When I go to Vegas, the Bellagio has the fountain shows choreographed to music. They often play opera. Of all the music that is played, when I watch kids, they are most enthralled when opera is played. The music touches the souls of these kids from the widest range of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. This video shows that is also the case w/ adults. The kid clapping @ the end said it all to me. Thanks.

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