Federal Marshals Raid Woman’s Home After She Screams And Hides From Officer Pointing Gun At Her Through Window

woman2-230x300200px-U.S._Marshals_knock_and_announceWe have been discussing the increased powers claimed by police in searching homes without warrants under claims of exigent circumstances or hot pursuit, including the right to search an entire area of a city. Sarasota Florida resident Louise Goldsberry came face to face with these powers recently after eating dinner. The nurse was at her kitchen sink when she looked out the window facing a man in a hunting vest pointing a gun in her face. She dropped to the floor and started screaming and then thing got really bad. (The picture on the right is of a different “knock and announce” raid by the Marshals and local police).

Goldsberry crawled into her bedroom and retrieved her gun. She has a permit for the .38 caliber revolver. She and her boyfriend then heard a man screaming at the front door. The man was, according to the couple, screaming profanities and saying that he was police. They did not believe him given his dress and his vulgar language. When her boyfriend asked for identification, they say the men simply screamed “We’re the f—- police; open the f—- door!” The couple staying huddled on the floor in fear as an unidentified man pushed through the door. A man screamed at her to “Drop the f—- gun or I’ll f—- shoot you.” The couple was pulled outside, handcuffed, and left for about 30 minutes. Men poured into the apartment. They then took off the handcuffs and left.

Police later explained that the man at the door was Matt Wiggins of the U.S. Marshal’s fugitive division and the police were searching for a suspect, Kyle Riley. They received a tip that he was somewhere inside the apartment complex. Based on that tip, they proceeded to raid the apartment complex. They had no reason to believe that he was in Goldsberry’s apartment. When asked why the raid on the apartment given the lack of information on his whereabouts, Wiggins is quoted as saying “Nobody in the other units reacted that way.”

So, police can show up in what looks like a hunting vest at a kitchen window and point a gun into the face of a woman. If she screams and crawls away, that is sufficient to bust into the apartment, drag the occupants outside, and handcuff them in public. Wiggins also said that she admits that she knew that they were the police when Goldsberry has denied she knew who the man was at the window or at their door. Wiggins is also quoted as saying that, since she was not simply shot for pointing a gun at an officer, “She sure shouldn’t be going to the press.”

By the way, suspect, Kyle Riley, was arrested hours later in another part of Sarasota.

In his insistence that there really is nothing to report or see in his story, Marshal Wiggins by the way should not be confused with Chief Wiggum:

Source: Herald Tribune

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  2. The politicians don’t really care how many of the police are shot. The more the better as it gives the elites the excuse they need to increase the oppression.

    “That is why law abiding citizens own rifles and handguns to protect themselves from government tyranny.”
    Yeah, that’s why the government has hordes of gunmen, machineguns, gas, helicopters, etc.
    When guns are outlawed here as in Australia and other places, those who do not turn them over will not be “law-abiding.”

    “I know about a dozen Federal Marshals, active and retired, and not a one of them is the least concerned about getting sued.”
    Course not. If they get sued and have to go to court they are drawing their pay. If judgment is rendered against them, Unkie Sugar will pay it. Remember FBI HRT Lon Horiuchi? Did he ever have to pay Kevin Harris anything for shooting him? Naah. He had a federal badge. License to kill.
    Have to give the other HRT agents credit for rejecting the special rules of engagement that Horiuchi supposedly acted on.

  3. Actually, Blouise, although The Marshalls Service and Customs both claim to be the oldest(1789) ….the US POSTAL INSPECTION SERVICE was created some 17 years prior.(1772)

  4. Jake,
    When a half dozen guys in body armor and BDUs carrying shotguns and automatic weapons bust in your back door, going for a gun of any type will be your last conscious act.

    Bluster and bravado is one thing. The real world is another. The real world is not a paintball or video game.

  5. That is why law abiding citizens own rifles and handguns to protect themselves from government tyranny.

  6. Despite how it sometimes appears, AY, I use my superpowers only for good.

    Except for that x-ray vision thingy.


    I sometimes use that one for less than noble purposes.

  7. Gene: Thanks for the link to your post on 100miles… I had no idea.
    The enormity of what 9/11 has done to our country in all these particulars is sometimes breathtaking.
    The very word HOMELAND, so called Homeland security, NSA, Patriot Act, increase in police state, immense amounts of money/resources being directed into these black ops, and sometimes open ops (thinking of the 8billion in cash that was sent to Iraq early on), the introduction of torture into our accepted language, rendition, Total Information Awareness, dismantling of the privacy of citizens while increasing the privacy of the government – a complete reversal of how we are supposed to be constitutionally organized, and now the incremental introduction of drones into our cities, and on and on.. It gives a certain sober pause to the day…

    9/11 and our response was not just simple terrorism and a simple response to it. It is the fulcrum of the “paradigm” shift from one state to another. And we are certainly living in another state now.

    Its almost as if it were planned….

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