Pretty In Pink: Meet Planet GJ 504b

gj504b_exoplanet_final_0-300x168GJ 504b, a planet about 57 light years from Earth, is notable as only the second planet whose color has been directly observed by astronomers. It is also notable because that color is pink or a deep magenta.

Besides being quite the eye-catcher, GJ 504b also challenges basic theories of planetary formation because it is located about 4.05 billion miles from its star. That is about 43.5 times the distance between the Earth and the Sun or where our Neptune is located. Yet, this pink lady is the size of Jupiter (though with a much lower mass).

As a Jupiter-sized planet, GJ 504b challenges the current accretion theory of how such large planets develop greater size and mass from a huge field of debris. The gravity produced by the large formation pulls debris to the planet and thereby increases both its size and mass further. The further you are out in a solar system, the theory is that such debris is more sparse and the ability to assume a great size is less for a planet like Neptune.

However GJ 504b is way out there and she is big and pink and proud.

This latest discovery should prompt a few citizens to question why we are slashing of our budget for such exploration and science while continuing to pour billions into failed military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq like building facilities to be torn down or buying aircraft that cannot be maintained or operated. I will take the Pink Lady any day as a greater priority for our attention.

Source: Forbes

13 thoughts on “Pretty In Pink: Meet Planet GJ 504b”

  1. Cade DeBois: …”a pink-colored planet- a scientific discovery -and we have to use cutesy, nauseating gendered language to talk about it? ”

    I think that boat left the pier about the time Mars was named.

  2. Fantasy has no place in astronomy or other science that I can imagine. LOL

  3. Using Brat Pack movie titles as humorous word play for blog topics is not sexist in any way.

    So would it have been sexist using male color stereotypes for other movies titles in announcing other planets?

    Oxford Blues: Meet planet Neptune

    Or should we just exclude all other Brat Pack movies?

    St. Elmo’s Fire: Meet Alpha Centari
    The Outsiders: Meet Pluto

  4. Cade DeBois, I agree w/ you but damn, do you have a quixotic battle on your hands.

  5. We discover a pink-colored planet- a scientific discovery -and we have to use cutesy, nauseating gendered language to talk about it? Wow. Not only as a woman I’m disgusted but as an educated, science-minded adult I beg you to stop. Neither planets nor colors have gender. Those are human biases we project onto things. Ask yourself why you need to genderize things that have no gender.

  6. A very good question, my friend. Unfortunately our leaders seem to be happier when they are destroying rather than building. Additionally space exploration requires a commitment to science and education two things the those who control our government seem to fear and hate.

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