The Spoon Scoop And The Scourge of Drawer Contamination

oUV1miFI saw this picture on Reddit and marveled at the obsessive-compulsive thinking that goes into the spoon scoop. My question is whether the drawer of spoon scoops has a scoop scoop itself. I made me wonder what is the most obsessive rule or sign in your work place. I was once at an office where someone put zip lock bags to secure and seal used coffee filters before discarding them.

I particularly like the double sign in case one is lost or damaged.

I am curious about the ability of most people to scoop just one knife, one fork or one spoon from this tangle. Presumably, you avoid touching extra items in the scoop by surgically removing them.

This picture just made me miss the genius of Phil Hartman and his anal-retentive chef even more.

22 thoughts on “The Spoon Scoop And The Scourge of Drawer Contamination”

  1. Guy sees a sign in a restaurant window, “Nothing touched by hands in this establishment,”

    Curious, the guy goes in and takes a seat.

    Shortly, the waiter comes along and sets the table using a pair of tongs. Still using the tongs, he produces a menu on a sheet of paper.

    While perusing the menu, the man notices a string dangling from the waiter’s zipper. He asks, “Why is there a string dangling from your zipper?”

    The waiter replies that it allows him to pull forth his penis to urinate and he reinforces the motto of nothing touched.

    The man thinks for a minute then queries, “How do you put it back once you are done?”

    The waiter says, “I use these tongs.”

    This drawer needs tongs!

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