Virginia Woman Falsely Accuses Man Of Rape And Sends Him Away For Four Years Before Recanting . . . Given Just 60 Days In Jail To Be Served On Weekends

52118bc04b6a1-1.preview-300I have previously discussed the pattern of prosecutors in either not charging false rape victims or seeking relatively light sentences despite the incarceration of innocent men. (here, here, here, here, here, and here). While I would never recommend a prison sentence for a rape victim who simply identified the wrong man by mistake, the most disturbing cases are those involving false rape claims. For an example of this problem, you need to go no further than the case of Elizabeth Paige Coast.

Coast, 26, accused Johnathan C. Montgomery, a former neighbor of raping her in 2000 when she was 10 years old and he was 14. She later admitted that she made up the story and lied on the witness stand at his June 23, 2008, trial.

Montgomery’s life was ruined and he spent four years in jail. Coast however was sentenced by Hampton Circuit Court Judge Bonnie L. Jones to just two months in jail and ordered to make $90,000 in restitution for perjury. Jones suspended the rest of the five-year sentence and even allowed Coast to serve the remainder on weekends so not to disrupt her life.

Coast blamed her crimes on her reading adult material on the Internet by her mother. When her strict religious mother caught her, the mother (Coast claims) suggested that she was viewing the material because she had been sexually assaulted. She said that the jumped at the excuse to get out of trouble. She said she gave her mother the name of Montgomery when pressed to identify the assailant. Her lawyer insisted that, because she came forward, any jailing would send the wrong message to others who lie about crimes.

Hopewell Commonwealth’s Attorney Richard K. Newman asked for a 10-year sentence with six years suspended so she would serve the same length of time as Montgomery.

I certainly agree that Coast should be credited with coming forward. However, she is now 26. That means that this man went to jail when she was 22. She was 17 when he made the allegations.

Sixty days on weekends sends a message of a different kind: that false rape victims are not subject to the same punishment afforded others who file false police reports, ruin lives, or commit perjury.

Perhaps the most infamous refusal to charge such a case involved Crystal Gale Mangum, 33, the stripper who falsely accused members of the Duke lacrosse team. She became a national celebrity as activists warned that anything but long criminal sentences would be proof of racism by the prosecutors. Durham D.A. Mike Nifong joined this lynch mob atmosphere despite the absence of forensic evidence to support the claim of rape. When he was removed and the lie was exposed however North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper refused to prosecute Mangum, who ruined the lives of these students and triggered racial tensions in the region. Cooper simply let her walk in a disgraceful but politically expedient decision.

Notably, there is no published review of the original case and the evidence against Montgomery. There appears only the evidence of the accuser in the case and it makes me wonder about the prosecutor’s role in the case.

Source: Times Dispatch

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  2. I was falsely accused of rape, but the cops were sharp: They asked the liar to describe my privates, and she got it wrong.
    She was brought up on several charges and convicted, but used the diminished capacity defense, went on meds and beat prison.

  3. Just to clear up the timeline and ages of the people involved:

    2007 The parents of Coast catch her looking at pornography. She makes up a story of prior sexual abuse to explain her behavior. The story: she was molested by Johnathan Montgomery in 2000, when he was 14 and she was 10.

    2008 Montgomery goes on trial in Virginia for forcible rape, is convicted and sentenced to seven and a half years in prison.

    2012 Coast admits to authorities she lied on the witness stand in 2008.

    2013 Coast pleads guilty to perjury in May.

    2013 Judge Bonnie L. Jones imposes a five year sentence, plus restitution in the amount of $90,000. All but two months of the five-year sentence is suspended. Coast will be allowed to serve that time on weekends.

  4. One more reason for re-lowering the age on consent. Sixteen, and if not forceable rape, or by use of intoxicants, fourteen, a misdemeanor. Parents need to be responsible for their children. When my daughter was in high school, she thought I was too strict. It’s ok. I was not verbally abusive, and never ever struck any of my children. I said no, and meant it. She grew up fine. She is a beautiful young woman, and my son, a fine young man who respects women. There was a reason for the old age of consent laws. If you had one who was having sex that young, you didn’t put them in prison, you put them in marriage. Now I understand that that is not always the solution, but, look at what we do now. In Wisconsin, two teens were engaged. They consummated the act, the boy was 18 and she was seventeen. He went to jail and has to register as a sex offender. They married when he got out. So where was justice. … And as for false prosecution, for no cause, I was arrested, beaten nearly to death, and then prosecuted. They were going to charge me with assaulting a police officer, but, while in the emergency room, chained to the bed, a nurse opened my shirt and had to cover her mouth at what see saw. She made a call for me, without them knowing as I was being held incommunicado. A lawyer showed up at the DA’s office as they were about to lay a major felony on me. Witnessed of course by about all of the 18 police, the woman who I was walking home, like I was taught to do counted, while she was trying to tell they I was handicapped. In court, a good attorney, charges disappeared. I sued for false arrest, malicious prosecution, and my broken body,(34 years later I still have waves of pain…they did things in the precinct station) In Eastern District Fed, Court Wisc., I won on all counts except, then beating the bejesus out of me. One of my arms was 360’d and then cuffed. Moral, don’t falsely arrest, or prosecute out of spit, but, beat the hell out of them. Police violence, and prosecutors helping out, is always okay in America.

  5. That she came out on her own and withdrew her false accusation is a strongly mitigating factor.

    The principle of punishing false witnesses goes back into antiquity:

    “If a false witness rise up against any man to testify against him that which is wrong; Then both the men, between whom the controversy is, shall stand before the LORD, before the priests and the judges, which shall be in those days; And the judges shall make diligent inquisition: and, behold, if the witness be a false witness, and has testified falsely against his brother; Then shall you do to him, as he had thought to have done to his brother: so shall you put the evil away from among you. And those which remain shall hear, and fear, and shall from now on commit no more any such evil among you.” — Deuteronomy 19:16-20 American KJV

  6. He might have a civil case against her. If so, go for it. She’s gotten off far too light.

  7. nick spinelli said:
    “David, A stiff sentence and clear message that falsely accusing someone of rape is going to put you in prison for years, not days, will help PREVENT anyone from having to recant. Didn’t you ever think of that?”

    Nick can you provide any evidence that stiffer sentences will help prevent people from recanting? We do know that the death penalty does not deter anything.
    And Im not in support of punishing the crimes of a 14 yr old girl 12 yrs later. I do think society can most certainly do everything possible to make the victims life as whole as possible.

  8. This happens everyday somewhere. A child feeling neglected, a woman scorned, too much TV, music, games & ect., prosecutors bringing in revenue for the local justice system. Want a real eye opener? Search the innocence project, and falsely accused sites. You may need them some day, remember the 9th Commandment.

  9. no mitigating circumstances when it comes to falsely accusing of rape, because that’s the thing that makes you guys batshit crazy.

    There’s batshit crazy to go around on both sides, and I think that’s because of the nature of the crime of rape. Sex happens untold millions of times every day. The only thing that separates each of those acts from a rape is the consent of the parties involved, and in most cases, the only evidence of consent, or lack of it, is their word. So nearly all rape cases come down to who the judge and/or jury believes, and popular opinion is going to influence that. If people in general believe that women lie about being raped, then a lot of real rapes will go unpunished. If they believe that women almost never lie, then a lot of men will be wrongly convicted. Anyone who’s moved by either of these injustices will be passionate about getting popular opinion on the side which prevents it.

    I think that before any rape case is brought to court, the accuser and the accused should each take a polygraph test, in which they are asked two questions:
    1. Did the two of you have sex?
    2. Did you consent? (accuser) or
    2. Did you believe at the time that the other party consented? (accused).

    The results of this test should be admissible in court. It’s not perfect–polygraphs aren’t 100% accurate–but it’s better than the crapshoot we have now.

    Note: the reason for my link won’t be apparent if you just read the post. You need to read the comments, especially starting from #118.

  10. terafied just showed the first comment in this thread poignant. She just didn’t know you’re not supposed to say it out loud.

  11. Again, no mitigating circumstances when it comes to falsely accusing of rape, because that’s the thing that makes you guys batshit crazy. Never mind the fact that people falsely accuse other people EVERY DAY and it never hits a hot button like this one.

    Also, it’s fun to read all of the misogynistic crap about her looks. Way to show how genuine you all are.

  12. Yeah, she is what we in the dogpac call buttugly. Or in Pig Latin for WordPress purposes: uttBay ugly.

  13. Yeah, well dumb prosecutor because any woman that ugly would have to pay a prostitute in order to get porked. No dog in his right mind would hump her leg.

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