Eight-Year-Old Raped By 40-Year-Old Man; Told By Indian “Caste Council” To Marry Man’s Son; Then Raped Again By Same Man

India flagWe have yet another case of the rape of a child in an Indian province. In Jaipur, a six-year-old girl was raped by a 40-year-old man, identified as Kailash. Rather than go to police, the family went before a “caste council” or panchayat that ordered the family to marry the girl to the eight-year-old son of the alleged rapist. As negotiations continued with the caste council and the victim’s family, the girl was allegedly raped again by the man.

Kailash allegedly lived in the girl’s neighborhood and locked her in a room and raped her. That is when the wise “elders” of the village stepped in. In the bizarre mind of the caste system in India, the council told the family to marry off the girl to the rapist’s son as if that would make things all better. In these cultures, a raped girl is often ostracized and treated as ruined or impure.

To their credit, the family rejected the proposal. However, they appear to have entered “negotiations” with rapist. While those negotiations continued, he is accused of raping her again. It was only then that the police were notified.

Clearly, this type of unspeakable abuse will continue until panchayat members are held accountable for such acts. Much like the allegations against the Catholic church, their actions enabled and protected a rapist and pedophile. Girls will continue to be abuse in the name of religion and tradition until such “elders” are declared to be criminals in their own right.

Source: India Times

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  1. A montana judge officially went in that direction.

    He said the 14 year old student was older mentally than her physical age, and therefore was as much to blame as the teacher:

    A Montana judge under fire for his comments about a 14-year-old victim in a schoolhouse rape case has ordered a new sentencing hearing for the former teacher who received just 30 days in prison for the crime.

    In setting the hearing for Friday afternoon, District Judge G. Todd Baugh said Tuesday that state law appears to require a two-year mandatory minimum prison term for Stacey Rambold, 54, of Billings.

    Rambold last week was sentenced to 15 years with all but 31 days suspended and a one-day credit given for time-served. He began serving his monthlong term last week at the state prison in Deer Lodge.

    “In the Court’s opinion, imposing a sentence which suspends more than the mandatory minimum would be an illegal sentence,” Baugh wrote.

    But in a strange twist, Yellowstone County Attorney Scott Twito said Baugh may lack authority to impose a longer sentence at this point. That’s because state law says an illegal sentence must be handled through the appeal process.

    (HuffPo). These kinds of cases are crazy.

  2. Wait a minute! A Panchayat is not translated as a “Caste Council”? It is the Village Council and was recommended by Gandhi as THE form of local government after Independence and was implemented by the of so modern Rajiv Gandhi when he was Prime Minister. Use of the term “Caste Council” is maliciously misleading. But then I would expect nothing less from The Times of India, a colonial newspaper that embraced Indira Gandhi’s Emergency with gusto, unlike The Indian Express, a pro-independence newspaper which fought for freedom of the press and constitutional rule of law. See the Wikileaks cable here – https://www.wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/1976NEWDE12263_b.html

  3. Seems like women are only dirt in this part of India.

    The state should send people in prison: Kailash for the rapes, the panchayat and the victim’s family for complicity.

  4. Don’t start proof reading. This blog is great. Save the proof reading for court pleadings.

  5. really bella are you that idiotic ? a 8 yr old child is raped and your worried about spelling mistakes? well since you need such perfection why don’t you write your own blog.

    back to the story i totally agree Gene. the hatred for women on this side of the world was told in the da vinci code its why the catholic church went crazy over it and if you look real close at the mural of the last supper that is a woman sitting on the side of jesus yet away from him . s for the muslim community its a well know fact that muhammeds wife iesha is the one who interpreted his dreams and wrote the interpreted dreams in the qu’ran

  6. This isn’t religious so much as cultural. In these cultures, and even ours, not so long ago, a female who had been known to have sex outside of marriage (willingly or otherwise) was considered to be unfit for a proper marriage. That she was “ruined” wouldn’t be helped by the criminal justice system as we understand it-it simply didn’t exist, and it doesn’t restore her innocence. What would help is to find her a marriage partner and for the perpetrator to play blood money (whatever you call it, this is still done in our culture with compensatory and punitive damages accorded to victims of various civil torts). The world is changing though and there IS a criminal justice system. Unfortunately, the cultural attitude of a girl being “ruined” hasn’t gone away. How do we fix it? We don’t, but it is starting to change-here more so than there-but they are catching up in many ways. Hopefully, soon, a little girl who has been abused can just be comforted by her parents, know that the bad guy is put away (or dead) and that she won’t be marked as unsuitable as a wife forever because of it. There is a lot more to it than what I said, but now we can work for the progress that that little girl and all little girls and women need.

  7. You are right OS.
    Disgusting story about a continuing problem in India and elsewhere. These so-called elders have not learned anything in their lifetimes. As Gene stated, rape is a criminal matter and should be taken seriously.

  8. Again, a very badly edited article detracts from the seriousness of the subject. I implore you, Jonathan Turely, hire a competent proofreader! Even your own last bylined article had the word “Daughter’s” in the headline when the word was referring to multiple “Daughters” not something “Daughter’s” were possessing. Please — pay attention to details so we can pay attention to the serious details of your posts!

  9. Have you read yet, Professor, that some bought judge ordered the Abu Graib torture victims to pay the contractors’ legal fees?

    Just when I think it couldn’t get any worse, it gets worse.

  10. India is by no means a Pirate Territory like Afghanistan or all territories east of Corfu until you get to India and China. This can be addressed by a responsible central government and we hope soon. But, cut the guy’s weenie off.

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