OMG, I Am So Busted

1RsdkLcA reader on Reddit captured this image of a motorcycle cop not only texting while driving but texting with both hands. It is not clear whether he is reporting himself to his colleagues for ticketing.

With more people being busted for texting or speaking on telephone, it takes considerable hubris to text double handed on a motorcycle on a highway. It also takes a reaffirmed sense of total immunity.

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  1. It’s like an insurance card that the court orders
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  2. GZ He is a dangerous man. Full of anger and hate. These are the kinds of people we are told are “responsible gun owners”.

    As for the motor cycle cop, a law unto himself. Why should he care, only civilians break laws and have accidents.

  3. Regarding George Zimmerman; what a complete idiot. A normal person should have thought, “After all I went through with that murder trial, I don’t want any part of this situation with my ex. I’m outta here.” before even an argument ensured, not wanting to risk another incident.

    GZ’s attorney is probably handing him the arse chewing of his lifetime, after all the work the attorney did to help GZ retain his freedom

    Well, I guess if there was a DV assault, for those who wanted to see GZ go to prison but were frustrated that he wasn’t, it’s like I used to tell rookie officers who are upset that their arrestee got off, “It’s only a matter of time before they screw up and you can arrest them again.” Looks like GZ made a good effort to do this as soon as possible.

  4. Completely OT, but speaking of busted . . .

    “Lake Mary police chief, Steve Bracknell told The Huffington Post Shellie Zimmerman, called Lake Mary Police around 2:10 p.m. to report that her estranged husband had threatened her and her family with a gun and battered her father. Bracknell said George Zimmerman was detained at the scene and the investigation is ongoing.”

    He is in custody.

    Read the rest here,

  5. Okay … here’s another personal experience that I witnessed and was involved in 2 weeks ago.

    I was in the 3rd vehicle back in a line stopped for a red light. In front of me was a motorcycle and in front of him was a car. I was also in a car. While making a left hand turn from the right and through the intersection on slightly wet pavement (there had been a small rain shower 20 minutes earlier), a young driver’s rear tires lost traction sending the car into a skid and a spin. As his rear end moved into the spin the front of his car came around and caught my driver’s side front bumper, then the motorcycle, then the rear driver’s side bumper of the first car in line before coming to a stop. Damage to my car and the first car in line was minor but both required body work repairs. The motorcycle rider has a crushed left knee cap and snapped left ankle.

  6. This might not be illegal where this happened, since the driver is operating an emergency vehicle and some states make exceptions to text messaging for those situations:

    However it is foolish in my book to do this. I can certianly see a hard shoulder the officer could have pulled his bike onto and took care of the messaging.

    Much of this is generational with these officers. Those in their mid to early 20’s communicate with txt messages almost as freely as they do with their mouths or the radio. Countless times when I worked the road and got called to some in-progress emergency these younger officers would send text messages to me while I was driving 120+ mph and ask me a question, expecting that I would respond back via text. I kept thinking, “haven’t these guys heard of using the “Car to Car” channel on the radio?” But even when I would do a friendly request to use the radio instead of txt messages it was only a matter of time before they went back to the latter.

    They guy on the motorcycle? crazy.

  7. Wow! How did this become a motorcycles are dangerous post?

    We had 6 kids near me get into a car accident and die, if they had been riding bikes at least 5 would have lived.
    I have had friends die in car accidents in fact last year thousands of other people died in a cars, because they are not safe.
    Lets make wearing helmets mandatory while riding in cars with a seat belt on, because head injuries are the most common form of death in car accidents.

    We could also not text while doing other things, like we did 20 years ago.

  8. I lost a good friend in a motorcycle accident. She was riding a big bike, skidded in some gravel while traveling at a low speed, bike flipped and came down on her head. A helmet is no protection when a 900lb bike falls on your head.

  9. Gene,

    I still have two crotch rockets and two minis…. I will not ride them on public streets…. I also will not ride a bicycle either …. I am probably the only driver where I live that will actually move over half a lane to give them a safe ride….

  10. I would hope that this officer has found a new profession. I used to ride on the back of my Brother’s Honda S-90 years ago, and after he dumped me a couple of times, I lost my enthusiasm for cycles.

  11. My daughter’s Captain had a bike accident recently. Heck of a nice guy, and everyone loves him. He lost his lower leg and left foot. When we went to see him in the hospital, he put on a brave face and smiled, but you could see the sadness and pain in his eyes. The pain was not all physical. I hope it is not a career ender for him.

    Oldest son was out on a Sunday cruise with some of his friends a little more than a year ago. Group of doctors, lawyers and Federal agents ride together. He was only going about 45 when a woman pulled out in front of him. The photo my DiL took of him in the local ER looked as if he had an all over body massage with a belt sander. The woman tried to file an insurance claim against him, but he had quite an array of eyewitnesses, including one guy who makes his living investigating fraudulent claims.

    I have a sign on my office wall that says:

    Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect.

    I think we can add motorcycles to that list.

  12. What a Talented Motorcycle rider….! I hope he doesn’t hit a wall….. 😉

  13. AY,

    When I was a kid, one of my best friend’s Dad was a motorcycle cop. At the time, they rode in pairs. After his patrol partner got pasted by semi, his wife gave him a choice. Married or motorcycle. He not only got off bike patrol, he eventually left the force because of it. Don’t get me wrong. I love motorcycles. I’ve been ridding them since I was 14. But early on I had a couple of buddies get seriously hurt on them. One guy ended up with pins in both his legs, another spent nine months in the hospital after breaking both legs, his back and neck (he was a semi-pro dirt bike racer and has a bad crash at a race in full protective gear), and other one got stripped off his bike when a 75 year old pulled out on to the highway in front him, breaking both his legs, fracturing his skull (and he was wearing a helmet), broke one wrist and got severe road rash from using friction to slow from 65 to a stop several yards down the road (he still has to walk with two canes). They are dangerous and even if you’re doing everything right, you can still get really hurt. When I see people do stupid crap like this guy? I have no sympathy at all when they get injured. F=ma. Be safe and cautious or be dead. Not to mention the risk this clown is posing to other drivers.

  14. That looks like the highway too. I wonder how fast Officer Organ Donor is driving with no hands?

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