14 thoughts on “The Comma Rhapsody”

  1. What a great idea I couldn’t understand all she said, and I wondered how the kids were responding since they didn’t seem involved thru much of it – but loved that they really got involved towards the end.

  2. Test, won’t let me comment – and had no clicks or profanity, if this goes thru can you selete it. thanks

  3. Sorry, i meant only to post the comments following the video, didn’t mean to post a repeat perfromance

  4. As best I can tell, this is the public school teacher that created Comma Rhapsody.


    It was apparently made into a power point presentation and distributed widely.

    The teacher in the video changed some of the lyrics and added a couple of verses to match the length of the music.


    Took longer to write this message than to find the information.

  5. I wish I could have seen the board, and understood her words, better, because in my late flowering (weeding?) efforts at word stringing together I find a lack of, knowledge at times, as to where to, put commas,,,,,,,,,,,
    ,,,,,:o),,,,,,, and what the heck is this : and this ; anyways!!!!

  6. What a great way to try and connect to the kids! If my teachers had done that I would have done better in grammar and probably spelling too!

    Lovely singing voice also. I wonder if she sings the national anthem? I’ll bet she doesn’t mess around with it if she does.

  7. That was a lot of work, writing that song.

    At least nobody is sleeping in class.
    Congrats to the English teacher.

  8. A+ for effort and heart A good example for teachers

    And a live performance she gave. Those young whippersnappers have it easy. Back in the 70’s we had to get up early Saturday morning to get school house rock and we had to wait until the TV set warmed up.

  9. If you choose to do that in your class you really owe it to your blawg-readers to record it and post the video here. 🙂

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