Pia Zadora Sentenced To Alcohol and Anger Treatment For Bizarre Encounter Over Teenage Son

b51ab7f7ea584b1e3d0f6a706700d2b2-1Pia Zadora, 61, is back in the news but not exactly as the actress and singer would want after a long career hiatus. Zadora was arrested in Las Vegas last June after her teenaged son called police. The abuse included her spraying her teenage son with a hose and scratching him in an attempt to get him to go to bed. For that she ordered to undergo alcohol and impulse control counseling. She was originally domestic abuse and coercion in dealing with her autistic son, Jordon. The case raises some troubling questions over the treatment of her husband, a Metro police officer.

The incident went from a disobedient teen and culminated with a SWAT team siege. According to reports, Zadora told her son to go to bed but he insisted that he wanted to stay outside talking to friends at 11 p.m. She then grabbed the hose and turned it on the boy and his friends. That so far does not seem so bad. However, she then scratched her husband’s face and was “punching and scratching” her 32-year-old stepson. The scene apparently continued since at 4:30 a.m., she was wrestling over her son’s cellphone and scratched her son’s ear.

Police were aware that Zadora’s husband is a metro police officer and they knocked on the door and said “Metro Police. Come out with your hand up.” They say that a female voice was heard to say “We are back here, be out in a minute.” However, a male then yelled “What are you doing in my house?” When the officers said that he knew why they were there, they head the man say “Why don’t you f–king come back here and get me!”

That is when the police withdrew and called in the SWAT team.

The son says that he heard metro officer Michael Jeffries, 54, say that “if the police force their way in, we will get rich.” He also said that the family offered him money to lie about what happened.

Amazingly Zadora then went to sleep with the SWAT team surrounding the house. She insisted that she thought her detective husband would handle it. When she woke, she said that she found the electricity cut off and called 911 and was told to come outside.

What is astonishing is that, while the interview with Zadora was released, no information on the statement of her police officer husband was released or any word of a charge. Reports confirmed that the police decided not to arrest Jeffries or even interview him after Zadora came out of the house. His son, Michael Jeffries Jr., is to stand trial for the murder of a friend in November.

This leaves a rather odd case and questions over how this police officer was treated. It seems unlikely that, for a family without a police officer, there would be no arrest after a long SWAT siege. They would not simply leave without speaking with everyone inside or bringing charges. Yet, this was back in June, but while Zadora was sentenced this week, there is no word on any action against the husband.

Yet, not only did the judge sentence Zadora to the treatment, she was told that she will face 30 days in jail if she fails to seek help. The husband, if he did say that they were going to be rich, will be disappointed it seems with the haul from the confrontation. It would be astonishing if he was allowed to keep his job. Not exactly good press.

Of course, this is still better than her collection of Razzies and her selection as “worst new star of the decade” in 1990. Her former casino owner husband was accused of rigging her selection as the “rising star” performer by wining and dining committee members at his casino.

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  1. So, her name could be spelled Pee A Zadora. Who the heck was she in the past? No one seems to say. Ugly.

  2. I was the singing coach who taught Pia to sing during the time she was just a tot until she matured. She was a very good student. She was always appreciative, as was her mother. Then she married money, possibly to please her devoted mother who frequently accompanied her. I found the marriage not a little upsetting. Her career then took a different turn and we lost touch. I guess she’s rich but I find this sad though not altogether unsurprising.These kinds of marriages seldom bode well–even without the age difference.

  3. Pia Zadora Gets Counseling, New Gig in Vegas



    A judge ordered singer-actress Pia Zadora to undergo alcohol and impulse control counseling on Thursday, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

    Zadora is facing domestic abuse and coercion charges for spraying her 16-year-old son with a garden hose and grabbing his neck after he allegedly tried to evade his bedtime in May, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

    Yet things are already looking up for Zadora.

    Not only did she post $4,000 bail, but Las Vegas restaurant Piero’s Italian Cuisine announced Friday that the performer would hold an indefinite residency, according to the Las Vegas paper. Starting Sept. 19, “Pia’s Palace” will feature Zadora singing standards alongside longtime Frank Sinatra pianist and musical director Vincent Falconet, according to Eater.

    Talk about a mixed bag.

  4. When I lived in Las Vegas, the police seemed pretty laid back and tolerant. It makes me wonder why they’ve become stormtroopers, of late.

  5. SWAT deployment for this? What a bunch of wimps. Barking dog complaint? CALL FOR BACKUP !

    These guys probably couldn’t hack working a shift alone.

  6. I am confused why a SWAT team was called in the first place. This family needs some serious help and Zadora may be the sane one!

  7. A SWAT team? Seriously? What a bunch of chickenshit cops. Bring in the goon squad with standing orders to shoot to kill. Pia Zadora is loose and armed with fingernails.

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