L.A. Traffic Cop Sets Record For Complaints

deputyeltonsimmonsWe often cover abusive arrests and conduct by police officers. The fact is that the good work of officers goes without notice because it is neither news or the subject of a case. Yet, most officers conduct themselves in a professional and civil manner despite the dangers and stresses of their jobs. So we can finally take note of a story where an officer set a record of complaints in a good way. L.A. Sheriff’s Deputy Elton Simmons has written over 20,000 tickets as a traffic cop over 20 years and he has never been the subject of a complaint. Not one.

Capt. Pat Maxwell said he was shocked in the review of Simmons to find no complaint ever lodged against him. While this story first aired last year, I was just sent the video below and thought it worth posting with a belated congratulations to Deputy Sheriff Simmons.

Kudos: Joseph Piazza

17 thoughts on “L.A. Traffic Cop Sets Record For Complaints”

  1. Well done deputy Simmons no complaints over an entire career certainly deserves notice and praise for it as all on this page have done. I think we all hope you will find yourself at the Sheriffs academy training new deputies in how to deal with the general public on a good and decent basics…God bless you sir…

  2. Deputy Elton Simmons may GOD bless you and your family always with love, joy,peace and happiness always. and i for one pray you will be put in charge of training new recruits

  3. Congratulations and good for you Deputy Elton Simmons! I hope he received some kind of commendation for his sterling record.

  4. Thanks L.A. Sheriff’s Deputy Elton Simmons for not forgetting your a human and so are those that you work for. Very Cool at a tough job.

  5. I like this story, I seen it elsewhere.

    I hope people pay attention to it.

    As I recall the secret to his success is that “He Treats People Like They’re Human Beings”.

    Isn’t that amazing, just treat everyone decent & they treat you decent.

    This guy looks like the kind of Sheriff Andy Taylor for America I’m looking for!

  6. Police Officers such as this deserve all the praise they get since they set a positive example of good policing for their fellow officers.

  7. This is an outrage! He shouldn’t be on the streets!…He should be placed in charge of training new recruits immediately. That is the absolute best explanation of how cops should speak: “I hate being spoken down to, so I’m not going to speak down to you.” Wonderful human being and not a bad officer either.

  8. Maybe this officer could be put in charge of training police across the country. Congratulations Dep. Simmons. You are one of a kind!

  9. No lecture. No attitude. “I’m here (waving his arm at eye level) with you.” Elton is just a decent guy. Funny how far that will take you.

  10. Good for him. It is exceptionally rare to not have even one complaint, including the unfounded ones. I had only known personally one LEO who went more than 20+ years without one and he was a WSP trooper who retired a few years ago. This deputy from LA county is only the second one I have ever heard of.

    A lot can be said for being a reasonble guy when doing traffic enforcement, it does go a long way.

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