University Of Florida Professor Reportedly Admits To Filming Female Students To Confirm Whether They Are Wearing Undergarments

professorsamuelsonUniversity of Florida Professor Don Samuelson, 65, has been arrested for a rather bizarre obsession. Using a camera pen, Samuelson was accused of filming under the clothing of female students in his class. What is even more bizarre is his defense: he insists that he was doing research to determine whether any students were not “wearing undergarments.” What Samuelson insisted was harmless research is considered by the police to be voyeurism.

Arrested on two felonies, the best thing to do is to stay quiet, listen to Miranda, and invoke. Police say that Samuelson opted to admit to filming under the skirts of students but insisted it was in the name of research. Of course, that is a non-starter like claiming flashing bystanders is research. It could well be but it is also a crime. The claim however did not exactly fit the record. Samuelson is quoted as saying that he was “attempting to gather proof” that one of the women “was not wearing undergarments” in class. However some videos were taken of a student’s breasts. When confronted on the anomaly in his “research,” Samuelson “acknowledged that this activity was ‘inappropriate.’” Which leads me again to the question of why he did not remain silent.

The statute covers such videotaping “for his or her own amusement, entertainment, sexual arousal, gratification, or profit, or for the purpose of degrading or abusing another person.” That does not include “research” but then again his “research” did not include breast shots. I foresee a plea in the future.

A professor of Veterinary Medicine, Samuelson would use a camera pen for students working in this laboratory. One victim realized that he was filming her and a search of his office uncovered the camera pen with an integrated USB thumb drive.

If convicted, he faces a maximum of five years in prison on each felony count though, as a first offender, he could expect less.

The University has taken down Samuelson’s name on its website, but another website states his interests as:

My principal interests involve comparative anatomy and physiology of most organ systems of the body with special emphasis on those structures associated with marine mammals. We are currently working with sensory, reproductive, immune and integumentary systems. There are also ongoing eye-related studies associated with age-related diseases, including glaucoma and macular degeneration.

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  1. Thanks – Again – Mike Spindell

    You did do better. You and Otteray both set a higher standard of tone for my efforts (as rules of engagement).

    Everyone is starting to BELIEVE – even the WSJ has a Tom Petters Ponzi piece today. WOW…

    What everyone doesn’t realize, even my most ardent of fans; is that Marc Dreier, Tom Petters, Okun 1031 Tax Group, Stanford, Rothstein/Discala, Palm Beach Links Capital, Bader Company, Frank Vennes/MetroGem (and possibly even Madoff) – along with Stage Stores, Kay Bee and eToys

    Are all 1 GIANT scheme of combined little schemes;
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    Paul Traub

    Who IS

    Romney’s Frank Nitti

    N’est-ce pas!

    Thanks – again – I’m learning to do better

  2. Mike Spindell;

    In your honor….

    See the comment

    By all means, you and Julia should continue to comment here. Not only does your bad form/poor conduct, obtuseness to facts undeniable and cognitive dissonance serve to make our cases for U.S & Taibbi.;

    additionally – your extensive hubris belief that your banter actually formulates intellectual debate serves up as great satire to U.S. all.

    1. Laser Haas,

      I couldn’t have done better. 🙂

      Taibbi is dead on though the article does sound like an Onion piece. The fortunate scions of the Forbes family continue to glorify an entrepreneurial capitalism that they themselves never had to master. The wisdom one gets when one inherits everything and believe it was due them.

  3. A plea deal will occur. Could you picture the defense putting the issue on the stand, time and time again – “Why were you NOT wearing any underwear”.

    Though I’m in the concur column on the issue that “lists” are abused, one needs take issue with it being “unless an actual rape occurs”.

    Having videos of documented under age. Touching, stalking under age. Manhandle of one’s self in front of a crowd.

    There’s so many other worthy of “lists”

    and I believe the List should be A, B, C levels – with public educated.

    Unfortunately, we live in times where good people get to review any bad things people may do – and good people are appalled at what was before = hard to see.

    It’s not an easy issue.

  4. I too think the potential punishment is over the top. But if things go the way they usually do and no criminal record. I expect he will get 30 days incarceration plus 5 years probation. I’m not sure if this falls under the requirment for registry on the sex offender list, but in my opinion he would be required to register. I am against those list unless an actual rape occurs…..

    In Michigan whizing outside 3 time will get you on the list. I think it’s a way to control the homeless…. I disagree with tat too….

  5. since one one else asked i’ll do the honors…..

    What the hell business is it of the profs if one of the female students was or wasnt wearing underwear?

    and exactly how did he find out there was a female student not wearing underwear anyway?

    and his research would have proven what to whom?

    at mike hey those private prisons have to fill up one way or another. and since they are trying to but failing to lock up the entire black community they have figured out there going to have to be some non minorites used so they can get paid….

    at the rest thanks for the laughs you most of all this time Barkindog you made me fall out my chair im gonna tell my dr on you if anything swells up on me lmao

  6. Well, if he’d been instructed by nuns as a child he could have simply required that all female students wear patent-leather shoes.

    (Many years ago raff informed me that nuns would not allow girls to wear patent-leather shoes because they were shinny like mirrors and boys would be able to look up their skirts … If I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’.)

  7. When I started using pen, keychain, cameras I knew that they would be used by perverts like this coward. Doing stuff like this is cowardly. Not a good week for professors here in Turleyville.

  8. Gene’s got it right. The professor could have done what most statistical “researchers” do-hand out questionnaires. But I also agree with Mike S. that 5 years is extreme for a voyeuristic invasion of privacy.

  9. It probably is just for research. Who would want to look under a college girl’s skirt anyway. Now, if he was doing titty research that would be different. But looking at underwear and raw footage of the vagina does not do much for any person, whether perp or not.

  10. Perve. He can steal an appreciative glance now and again if no underwear was being worn and that was apparent (I’m a live-and-let-live kind of gal that rejected underwear as a quasi-feminist statement in the 70’s) but he was just way too interested. PrevyProf and his camera crossed the line.

  11. I guess he found those secret x-ray glasses you can buy from 1970’s comic books no longer do the trick.

  12. I agree that this Professor should be looking for a new job and I do think that it does rise to a criminal matter.

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