Off-Duty Police Officers Found To Have Been Present During Biker Attack On New York Family

wife.jpgWe have been following the extraordinary case of the family terrorized by a gang of bikers in New York city. Alexian Lien, 33, was beaten and slashed in the attack which came after a long chase by the bikers. Previously, Christopher Cruz, 28. Cruz was charged with reckless endangerment, menacing, reckless driving and acting in a manner injurious to a child less than 17. A second suspect — Allen Edwards, 42, of Queens, was charged with reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and menacing. He is believed to be the man seen on video below striking the Range Rover windows with his fists in the video below. The man with the chrome-colored helmet is reported to be Reginald Chance, 38, of Brooklyn. Another man, Robert Sims, 35, of Brooklyn has also been arrested. As many as five men appear to have beaten Lien, though the criminality would seem to extend to other bikers who trapped and pursued the family. It now appears that at least two off-duty police officers may have been present at the chase and/or beating of the family and did not immediately intervene or come forward.

The video shows Lien and his wife and child being stopped by the group. The bikers reportedly started denting the SUV with their helmets and may have slashed its tires. Lien is shown trying to escape by running over motorcycles and hitting at least one person. That person Edwin Mieses may be left a paraplegic after surgery for injuries to his heart, lungs and ribs.

100113_ff_motopsycho_640The video shows the bikers pursuing the fleeing SUV and making an attempt to enter it when stopped in traffic. Ultimately, bikers catch the SUV a third time and shatter the windows and attack Lien in front of his wife and daughter. Lien was pulled out of his car and beaten by the bikers.

Notably, the officers are now accused of not simply being part of the bikers and doing nothing to protect the family, but then remaining silent for four days before coming forward. By the time they came forward, the police were already identifying and arresting individuals.

The officers may be members of a motorcycle group called the Front Line Soldiers. The investigation is looking into whether they participated in the fight. However, I would also be concerned that they were part of a huge group of bikers harassing other drivers and then failed to come forward, according to reports.

One person Edwin Mieses may be left a paraplegic after surgery for injuries to his heart, lungs and ribs. Mieses was recently arrested in Andover, Mass., for driving with a revoked license and appears to have been driving again without a license. His right to drive in the state was revoked until 2017. His family has hired a lawyer and insists that Mieses was telling other bikers to leave and was walking back to his bike when he was hit. The problem is a question of the scope of what is considered a reasonable effort of escape. In torts, Lien would not have been able to use the vehicle to hit Mieses or others to protect the vehicle from property damage. You are not allowed to use force calculated to cause serious bodily injury or death in defense of property. The family will argue that they had reason to fear the bikers since they, including Mieses, appear to have stopped the vehicle in the middle of the street and damaged the SUV.

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  1. Darren,
    When I was in law school, several Chicago Police officers were in some of my classes and they were wearing their guns. Kind of scary for me.

  2. laserhaas. I refer you to the previous blog on this site which does have the CNN link. As for facts not in evidence, you must not read very well since all the reports have stated the guy Lien ran over is in the HOSPITAL and paralyzed. I call that damn near killing a person. Now maybe YOU require that he be on life support for that to be nearly killing him, but I think most folks do not.

    As for what the bikers were trying to do, it is fairly obvious to me that they were trying to get an open car free highway to race on to see who had the fastest bike. With the highway clear of other vehicles for a short while, they could run their bikes up to 100mph or better on an open road. All Lien had to do was sit there in his air conditioned SUV, watch them try and kill themselves, and they would not be there long in any case, since they would be getting hot and need a beer transfusion in a short while.

  3. If he lived west of the Mississippi the driver of the van could have simply pulled his pistol and started shooting the punks– right through his side window when they started smashing it. But nooooo. In NYC one can not have a weapon to defend oneself from mobs.

  4. Bruce: – I concur, bigger vehicle, less likely.

    Otteray: – Again, I concur, no mens rea/scienter – possibly a “panic”

    Randyjet; – 1st off, need a link to CNN. Secondly, the verity of CNN’s remarks are always subject to interpretation. Finally, the “damn near killed the guy” along with the suppositions of “unprovoked” assumes facts we don’t have in evidence.

    If what you say is even partly true, it goes toward the mindset of the purported abject silent (purported “undercover”) policeman.

    Time may tell!

  5. “I refer all the persons on this blog to the CNN report which stated that there was NO attack prior to Lien driving over the biker. All that was done that the bikes simply stopped in traffic and I did not see any attacks at all. ” (randyjet)

    On the other hand:

    “Law enforcement sources told the New York Post Tuesday that the bikers were trying to slow Lien down so they could get in front of him and take over the West Side Highway. Some bikers had already blocked off a few of the highway’s entrances to prevent drivers from entering, the sources said.
    Lien’s first encounter with the bikers shows a group of them taking off their helmets and denting the side of Lien’s SUV, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told The Post. A few other riders slashed the tires. Lien apparently panicked and stepped on the gas. He was surrounded at the time and slammed into a few of the riders, the report said. …

    (when they finally caught up with the fleeing SUV on W. 178th St.)

    “They went up on the sidewalk. It was just so many of them that they took up the whole street,” one witness told The Daily News.”

  6. FBI agents are considered to be on duty 24/7 w/ their weapons handy. The reality is, and I know a lot of them, many are not. Most are actually prudent in that when they know they’ll be drinking, they make sure the DON’T have their weapon handy.

  7. Bruce:

    It happens occasionally where an off duty officer takes police action. I’ve arrested two guys for DUI while off duty and action against a disorderly passenger on an Amtrak train while I was on vacation. A few departments may still require wearing a handgun off duty but most do not (I don’t agree it should be manadatory but should be optional).

    A police commission is almost always (depending on department) not limited to being on the clock.

    The officers mentioned in this article ar going to have a lot of ‘splaining to do back at the office.

    1. Bloise, I refer you to the previous posts on the first time this was the subject. That has the CNN link there. The FACT is that if you look at that which DOES have the first encounter, there is NO taking off of their helmets and hitting the SUV. It was only about one or two seconds, then Lien either got pissed off, or was “afraid” in his mind because they were BIKERS that he decided that therefore they were thugs out to do him harm even though they had NOT made ANY aggressive move against him.

      All they were doing was a stupid prank that was illegal for sure, but hardly required him to run over and nearly kill the guy. Then he compounded the crime by running. Lien definitely committed the first felony which led to the chase. The bikers are guilty of a misdemeanor in the first contact.

      I have been the victim of an attempted “accident” in which a guy in a junker car came to a complete stop on a freeway by slamming on his brakes. Fortunately, I was quicker and had better brakes than he did since I was boxed in, and I avoided the “accident”. I did not think that I had the “right” to slam into him, even though he was in the wrong. Nor did I try and run him off the road after that even though I was plenty pissed off.

  8. I refer all the persons on this blog to the CNN report which stated that there was NO attack prior to Lien driving over the biker. All that was done that the bikes simply stopped in traffic and I did not see any attacks at all.

    Since I have been on strike and walked a picket line, we DO try and impede people entering and leaving. We did not try and assault them, just slow or stop them. THAT is the whole point of the picket line. So most folks here take the old George Wallace position that if you get in the way or FEEL threatened, you have the RIGHT to run over and kill people. That is as bad as the stand your ground law that was used by Zimmerman and others.

    The assault happened AFTER Lien drove over and damn near killed the guy. Let’s deal with the FACTS, not prejudice because you don’t like the bikers and think that they are a threat by their mere existence as some on this blog have explicitly stated.

  9. I hear that the officers are assigned to desk duty pending an IA investigation….. Lets see where it takes them….

    If they were truely undercover….I am thinking they should have informed and then become Confidential Informants sealed until the cover was no longer needed….

  10. There isn’t any reason why police should be allowed to carry weapons off duty if they aren’t going to enforce the law while off duty. If an off duty officer was the one driving the SUV what would have happened?

  11. I doubt the vehicle would have meant that much. This is nanny Bloomberg’s City. He has most folks afraid to acknowledge their fundamental 2nd amendment rights. Just like Chicago, the murder capitol! Teeny tiny mayors.

  12. I think the operant word here is “calculated.” There was no apparent mens rea on the part of Mr. Lien. He was trying to get away as fast as he could. This is one of those times when one might wish to be driving a very large truck instead of an ordinary SUV.

    I have an idea that if Mr. Lien had been driving a Hummer or a dump truck, the gang would not have been so brave.

  13. “You are not allowed to use force calculated to cause serious bodily injury or death in defense of property.”

    I doubt Mr. Lien’s concern was for his vehicle. Like any parent, he was protecting his child and like any husband, he was protecting his wife from a crazy mob of thugs by trying to escape. Any juror will identify with him and would probably do the same thing.

  14. 1. If the allegations relating to the officers are true, they deserve to be fired, have their pensions stripped and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What are earth are police officers doing being involved in harassing drivers and threatening them on the Westside Highway.
    2. As to the biker who was injured while no one wants to see someone one hurt, how was the driver supposed to discern that someone who was clearly a part of the gang that was pursuing and threatening him and his family was all of a sudden becoming a “peace maker” as it has been claimed by his high profile attorney. There is no question in my mind that any reasonable person in that circumstance would assume that physical injury was a likely result of being stopped by this gang and as it played out that assumption was correct.
    3. The driver was running for his life from thugs on bikes whose purpose was to harass and threaten drivers and whose behavior was physically threatening. Was he really supposed to wait until the bikers pulled him out of the car as them subsequently did and allow them to beat him and perhaps harm his wife and child. The law suit is an outrage. I feel sorry for the driver who is now injured and for his wife and family who have been traumatized.
    4. I have sympathy for the injured bikers family but his behavior was voluntary and his behavior carried with it that he would be injured.

  15. I read this the other day and got sick. I happen to have had a similar scenario, just not as drastic. It was a NO BRAINER to break cover.

  16. Fire them – pure and simple.

    We have enough problems with the proverbial “blue wall of silence” protecting bad faith within Departments.

    Can never permit that nefarious logic to expand its scope & breadth

    to the outside!

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