Former Texas Judge Orders Teen Back Into Home With Sex Offender . . . Sex Offender Kills Step-Grandmother and Rapes Girl

article-2452251-18A80D6D00000578-804_306x423There is a tragic story in Texas where a 15-year-old girl was raped and her step grandmother murdered after a judge ordered her to be sent back to a home with a sex offender. The offender, Edward Clinton Lee, was once married to the guardian, the girl’s step-grandmother, Jean Slovacek, at a house in Caldwell, Texas. Retired state District Judge Terrill L. Flenniken is under fire for an order to send the girl back to the home. A lawsuit filed by The Texas Center for Defense of Life against Flenniken as well as three teachers — Bliss Bednar, Vance Skidmore and Bradley Vestal — and the Caldwell Independent School District for allegedly failing to report threats from the sex offender who professed in a plea bargain for a life sentence.

article-2452251-18A81E5700000578-882_634x391The victim’s mother, Angela Belcher, had tried to get her daughter out of the living arrangement months earlier when S.R.L. became pregnant at age 15 with her 15-year-old boyfriend. Flenniken refused after speaking with the girl in his chambers. According to an affidavit, the juvenile told the judge of the threats from Lee and how he had “asked S.R.L. to take off her clothes, even offering her $20 to strip down in front of him.” Also, “S.R.L. would move the dresser against the door, rearranging her room to keep Lee out and going so far as to sleep in her day clothes and not in pajamas so that Lee would not be able to see her change.” The affidavit also says that she complained that he would come into the bathroom to take pictures of her while showering. Nevertheless, he returned her to the home.

Lee later shot Slovacek-Storm and then assaulted and tied up the girl. She would escape during a standoff with the police. He was a registered sex offender so I am unsure of why the judge would continue the living arrangements for the girl. Even if she did not reveal the allegations against Lee, his status alone would seem to dictate a change, particularly since this was her step grandmother and not her biological mother or father.

There also are questions as to why the teachers did not report the abuse, which critics say were revealed to them, including in an essay about “the best or worst things that has ever happened in their life.”

The Assistant Principal Vance Skidmore and Principal Bradley Vestal did contact the adults about the paper. The lawsuit says that Lee and Slovacek-Storm “strongly admonished S.R.L. for ‘lying in her paper to get Eddie in trouble . . . S.R.L. was immediately driven to the school and forced to apologize to Bednar, Skidmore, and Vestal for ‘lying’ in her paper.”

The group bringing the lawsuit says that the girl she didn’t want to have an abortion but was being pressured to by her grandmother and Lee. The group originally represented the minor before Flenniken in the 21st District Court of Burleson County in opposing the abortion. They say that her biological grandfather was also pushing for the abortion.

We have not heard from the judge who deserves to be heard on such shocking allegations. If the girl did describe the sexual overtures and filming by Lee, there is no cognizable reason to send her back to the home. The lawsuit may reveal more answers as to the judge’s reasons for not ordering a change in domicile. We will continue to follow the case.

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  1. Raf,

    It’s an easy story for me to change the subject to boarder issues of the same type.

    From a one off sicko case to the much larger rouge treasonous parts of govt that’s out of control.

  2. This is a disgusting story. If the alleged perp was indeed a sex offender, I cannot think of any reason why any judge would allow this child to stay in a home with him. This judge needs to do some explaining.

  3. And race is thrown into a tragedy w/o any merit or reason!! Way to go! Keep baitin’ those hooks.

  4. Anyone have a current head count of how many US nuke commanders have been fired this year?

    What’s up?

  5. Let me guess the murdering Perv worked for DHS/TSA?

    Typical TAS agent:” Yes maam, the govt believes Al Qaeda terrorist are hiding in your & your 12 year daughter’s panties.”

    Sick USA commie/nazi Gestapo azzholes!

    “TSA loudspeakers threaten travelers with arrest for making jokes about”

  6. ModernMiner,
    I agree on the awfulness of stories in the news lately. Check in tomorrow. I may have something for you then.

    As for cases like this, I am aware of sovereign immunity, but there must be a way to pierce that veil when the matter is this egregious. One of my pet peeves is judges who think talking to a kid is the same as talking with a grownup. I am ready to write a story and name some names.

  7. Given that the offender is White I wonder if he will be given the famous Texas death penalty? I have my doubts. Probably a life sentence pleas bargain in lieu of a trial.

  8. Many states require all school teachers to be “mandated reporters” who are required by law to report any suspicion of abuse or neglect. It seems to be an intrusive law…except when something like this happens.

  9. Don’t they have any social workers or community health workers that visit the homes in these small Texas towns? I guess they don’t want the state to interfere….

  10. Professor Turley – it’s time for a posting involving dog or cat pictures! The blog is bordering on depressing of late with all of the illustrations of idiocy, corruption, and stupidity on display in America and the world.

  11. I can’t imagine what defense this judge would have. The gy was a sex offender. That was all he needed to know.

  12. Wow! For trained professionals to not be able to pick up on a forced confession is disturbing. There were w/o a doubt, red flags in this poor kid’s body language. But, the entire system is @ fault.

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