Ornithologists Rejoice: Pedestrian Captures Rare Picture Of A ‘Dancing Blue Copper’ In New York City

250px-PeopleBirdingFor tourists, there are few more quintessential scenes that coming upon a police officer and a street vendor in a profane argument. The video below is for those who have missed the indigenous wildlife scene of the Big Apple.

The best way to capture such a picture is to hide among the morning garbage bags near a falafel pushcart.

For those going to New York in search of the rare “blue dancing copper,” you need to listen carefully for the signature call of “blow me” that can be heard over the car honking. The subject will normally dance before releasing its distinctive call. The profane call is known to attract mates and scare off vendors for the magnificent creatures.

12 thoughts on “Ornithologists Rejoice: Pedestrian Captures Rare Picture Of A ‘Dancing Blue Copper’ In New York City”

  1. omg this is what we were watching? i thought they were filming a commerical or a part for a movie.. smfh guess i should have known better. unblinking believable

  2. Pete, I feel your OCD pain 🙂 It’s not “Gravity” or “Captain Phillips” but it should make you a little bit happy:

  3. OCD Pete is stuck in one of his Sandra Bullock loops. It’s pretty good but Rain Man’s “Who’s on First” is better.

  4. Performance art seems to have come down a notch or two since I was last in the city – but still …. much more amusing than stop and frisk.

    Two thumbs up.

  5. Allow me to take this opportunity to suggest a very good HBO doc, Birders: The Central Park Effect. It follows an eclectic group of NYer’s who are birders in Central Park. One is a terminally ill cancer patient and her refusing to be a victim and lead a positive life is an inspiration. Some folks here can certainly use some positive energy.

  6. Very inappropriate behavior. Broken Oath of Office. Superior should be informed. Our employees need to be reigned in.

  7. She probably rehearsed for days but she still forgot to stick her tongue out at the guy! Poor woman lost her chance at the big time.

    Although she acted like a complete fool, she did not pull her gun on the guy. I give her credit for that.

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