Alabama Legislator Reintroduces Castration Bill

hurst_sAlabama Rep. Steve Hurst (R-Munford) is hellbent on castration it seems. Despite the fact that his colleagues blocked his bill to legalize castration of convicted child molesters if their victims were under the age of 12 (and make them pay for the procedure), Hurst has reintroduced the legislation.

The bill would cover convicted sex offenders over the age of 21 who would have to be castrated prior to their release from prison if their victims were under the age of 12 years old. Hurst’s requirement that the offender pay for his own castration reminds me of the Chinese government forcing families to pay for the bullet used to kill their relatives in capital cases.

Nine states including California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa Louisiana, Montana, Oregon, Texas and Wisconsin already have “chemical castration” options in their laws. These laws often offer chemical castration to reduce incarceration or as a voluntary measure for sex offenders. What is interesting is that Hurst does not specify the manner of castration in his legislation but does refer to it as “surgical” in his press releases.

Castration has been denounced as cruel and unusual punishment by civil libertarians much like cutting off hands and feet in some Sharia based systems.

Hurst has a high school education and has served in the legislature since 1998. He is a former Talladega County Commissioner. In 2010, he switched from the Democratic to Republican party. He has adopted a castration-focused campaign for reelection it seems from his website. He states:

In case you missed it, I’ve taken up legislation that would give Alabama the strongest laws in the country to protect children against sexual predators. I’ve already heard from many across the state who have expressed ardent support for this bill, and I wanted you to know more about it as well.

Too many children have been affected by unforgivable acts of sexual violence. Such crimes are indefensible, and often repeated by the offender.

As a state representative, my heart breaks from the countless stories I hear of innocent children being victimized by sexual predators. That’s why I’m sponsoring legislation that will require surgical castration for those who would aim to sexually assault a child under the age of twelve.

Not only does this bill aim to stop the cycle of abuse, it will also send a strong message to any would-be offenders that Alabamians will vigorously fight to ensure that no harm will come to our children.

If even one child can be spared a lifetime of pain, this bill will have been worth the fight. If you agree, share this message with your friends and stand with me as we fight to protect our children.

Voters like Julia Fletcher are thrilled with the idea in comments on his Facebook cite: “Julia Fletcher Thank you Representative Hurst for caring about our children and for caring about our future. Short of a massive and immediate re-education of our entire population to undo the harm “The Kinsey Syndrome” has done, your solution appears to now be the only prevention and the only cure.”

Notably, Hurst offers himself as an alternative to “foolish” legislation. This is his mission statement:

I am a social and fiscal conservative and condemn the foolish manner in which both parties in Washington, past and present, have endangered our economy.

I believe in the second amendment of our constitution, and strongly oppose any effort to infringe on our right to bear arms. I have sponsored and co-sponsored legislation to maintain this right.

I believe life begins at conception and I consistently work to protect our unborn children.

I believe that marriage is ordained by God and should only take place by a man and woman.

My actions as a legislator are based on these fundamental values that I believe are shared by the people in my district.

Source: CBS

39 thoughts on “Alabama Legislator Reintroduces Castration Bill”

  1. HumpinDog, I would have thought you and your pack-mates would have seen the potential cruelty of such a law.

  2. Maybe that is what we should do with Pedophile Priests worldwide. Send them to Alabama. Especially if they pass this law in Alabama.

    Butt, then there is the doctrine of an eye for an eye. So a child rapist should get raped in the rear. By a Pedophile Priest on loan from the Vatican.
    Gosh, this is getting better.

  3. BarkinDog
    1, October 16, 2013 at 2:15 pm
    I actually think that castration is a must for child abusers. Start with Pedophile Priests.

    ain’t none of them dam papists in alabama

    and tootie’s right, rightwingers know crime

  4. Dennis: “I wonder how many of you bleeding heart Liberals who have so far commented with astonishing outrage have had your child sexually molested by a pervert.”

    Have YOU, Dennis?

  5. Dan, Dig deep into the taxpayer’s pockets to pay the civil case verdict. A little humanity goes a way toward putting the breaks on bad legislation but it depends on the politician, Rick Perry says he sleeps just fine when prisoners are being put to death. Surgical castration in lieu of chemical castration seems to make it way too personal on Mr. Hurst’s part.

  6. If Hurst “thinks” it’s such a great idea, he can be the first.

    I’m not insinuating that he’s a pedophile or anything, just that he should experience it himself if he thinks it will solve anything.

  7. More lunacy from administrative employees that can not abide by their Oath of Office. How many imprisoned people have been proven innocent after years of penalty?

  8. Stats on child molesters seem to indicate a low recidivism rate. Wikipedia claims 3.3% in a 15 state study. Scientific American has a paper that indicates a much higher rate than that but still lower than generally perceived. Therapy/treatment does help and seems to lower the rate. I’m on the fence. So many of my first reactions to questions like the one posed is ‘just shoot them’ over a whole range of crimes these days. I think I’m just becoming burnt out on news in general.

    I tend though to lean in the direction Mike A. espouses: “A reasonably successful society is one which manages to stay a half step ahead of the lynch mob”. Surely we can manage that, surely.

  9. It is my understanding a eunuch is still very much capable of sexual assault.
    This man is another Teabillie fool.

  10. I actually think that castration is a must for child abusers. Start with Pedophile Priests.

  11. Dan: Castration involves ball removal not the penis.
    But folks, this is a case of castration without representation.

  12. Who would perform this procedure under this guy’s proposal? Don’t physicians and surgeons in Alabama still have to abide by the Hippocratic Oath? Specifically, that part about “first of all do no harm”?

    I suppose there are experienced cattle and sheep ranchers out there with the expertise to do it (without anesthesia, of course), but I strongly suspect that the courts would take a dim view of a “surgical” procedure performed by someone other than licensed surgeon.

    I think mutilation as a form of punishment has been banned for at least a century or more.

  13. rafflaw: ‘I am amazed that someone with these crazy beliefs can actually get elected and reelected in any state.”

    It IS Alabama, after all, rafflaw! 🙂

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