LawDragon Selects Top 500 Lawyers

LawDragon has released the results of its increasingly popular survey of the top lawyers in America. I was fortunate to again make the list this year.

The Top 500 Lawyers again includes many familiar names such as U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder despite the fact that many now consider him the very antithesis of the rule of law in his support of the Obama kill list, the blocking of investigations of torture, and other policies. Also included are the current members of the United States Supreme Court but not former members like Sandra Day O’Connor or John Paul Stevens. This year also includes other academics such as Harvard Law Professor Vicki Jackson who was appointed to argue in the Windsor case on same-sex marriage. Also included is Washington University Law Professor Brian Tamanaha who wrote last year on the law school crisis as well as Richard Revesz of NYU Law School.

Thanks again to LawDragon and congratulations to everyone who made the list this year.

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  2. Dragon’s Fire Cont:

    October 22, 2013 by John DeMayo
    International Monetary Fund Recommends Stealing Americans’ Wealth Now!

    By now, most Americans realize what they have earned, built and own, no longer belongs to them. It will be taken unlawfully in the blink of any eye. Much like Washington, global parasites now want more of your income and wealth. The international elitists are coming for your stuff and many in our government—Democrat and Republican—are entertaining closed-door schemes designed to, once again, relieve Americans of their property.

    nushi20130605212801767On October 9, 2013, from its perch in Washington D.C., the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released a report outlining its recommendations for immediate global wealth confiscation—specifically American wealth—and new capital controls and exit regulations.

    The report titled “Taxing Times,” calls for the confiscation of household assets by a “capital levy” on citizens with a “positive net wealth” to reduce advanced economies debt to GDP ratios and stabilize global bond markets.

    In other words, Global redistributionist’s, at the IMF, recommend increasing taxes and instituting new capital controls and exit regulations for seizing Americans investment equity, IRA’s and 401K’s to pay down outstanding debt to pre-crisis 2007 levels. According to the IMF, this move will restore global debt sustainability, which is to say, our government will be free to run up more debt again and debt-ceiling fights in Washington will not cause future bed-wetting at the International Monetary Fund.

    To be brief, the IMF, founded in 1944, was established to rebuild post WWII International monetary systems, increase international/cross border trade and establish rules for a system of payments to and from countries utilizing different currencies. Today, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) works to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce global poverty; in other words, a new world order.

    Yeah right.

    If you care to read the very long IMF report, it is available here.


  3. McDonald’s Advice to Worker: Not Making Enough to Live On, Apply for Food Stamps

    By Paul Ausick October 23, 2013 8:20 pm EDT

    An employee of McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE: MCD) who has worked for the company for 10 years and called the company’s employee hotline for advice on how to make ends meet was told to seek help from food pantries, apply for food stamps, and check out Medicaid assistance. The Chicago woman’s call to the company’s McResources hotline was recorded and released Wednesday by a labor advocacy group called Low Pay is Not OK.

    The incident comes just over a week after researchers at the University of California at Berkeley issued a report on the cost to the public of low-wage jobs in the fast food industry. The Berkeley study found that 52% of families of front-line fast-food workers are enrolled in one or more public assistance programs, more than double the rate of entire U.S. workforce.


  4. Obama’s Curious Purge Of The Military Continues

    Posted 10/15/2013 06:43 PM ET

    Defense: The firing of two nuclear commanders in a week adds to a body count that suggests we have either the most corrupt and incompetent general staff in history or our military is being reshaped for other purposes.

    The Obama administration, which has fired no one over scandals such as its Fast and Furious Mexican gun-running operation, its criminal negligence in the terrorist attack on our Benghazi diplomatic mission, or the use of the IRS to target and intimidate political foes, seems to have a curious obsession lately about ethics and competence in the U.S. military.

    Last week the Air Force’s two-star general in charge of the units responsible for its 450 nuclear missiles was fired “due to a loss of trust and confidence in his leadership and judgment,” an Air Force statement said.

  5. By Nate Raymond

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Bank of America Corp was found liable for fraud on Wednesday over defective mortgages sold by its Countrywide unit, a major win for the U.S. government in one of the few trials stemming from the financial crisis.

    After a four-week trial, a federal jury in New York found the bank liable on one civil fraud charge. Countrywide originated shoddy home loans in a process called “Hustle” and sold them to government mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac , the government said.


  6. Dragon’s Fire Cont:

    Non-participants in Labor Force Hit All-Time High

    Wednesday, 23 Oct 2013 08:59 PM

    By Dan Weil

    The number of non-participants in the U.S. labor force rose to a record of 90.609 million in September, according to the jobs data released by the government Tuesday.

    That figure represents an increase from 90.473 million in August and 89.957 million in July, CNSNews reports.

    The non-participant total stood at 80.507 million when President Barack Obama took office in January 2009.


  7. Professor Turley,

    I’m glad to see your efforts reconginized in a positive light.

    I beleive in attempting deeds not rewards, but for nothing other then positive results for humanity.

    Since you’ve provided this venue for us I’ll attempt to use it for continued non-voilent efforts for postive change.

    Should I/we fail the violence will come without us, I pray we do not fail.

    Now for the Dragon’s Fire:

    U.S SOLDIERS Expose Martial Law Agenda Plans 2013

  8. patsylvania, Mr. Turley thinks Holder should be fired. And, there are MANY people here who question Obama’s moral and ethics. Apparently you’re a lemming. The ocean approaches.

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