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  1. RALPH ADAMO — congratulations. You managed to sneak in a bit of truth
    without suffering a single attack from all the wingers here that parade their
    liberal beliefs.

    To them, the JFK coup must be ancient history, of which they are blissfully
    ignorant. Had you mentioned 9/11, Boston, Sandy Hook etc., i’ll bet the lines would have lit up.

  2. When you finally develop true blue/red color blindness you see that all politicians are truly only tinted in varying shades of green.

  3. I figured it out quickly but no matter, the spirals still look blue and green. Love optical illusions. When training teachers in Afghanistan, my colleague and I would share with them some examples during breaks and it was always a hoot to hear and see their reactions!

  4. George S
    1, October 26, 2013 at 10:30 am

    Well, Nye, the same color laced with orange, makes it look green, and when laced with purple looks blue.

    Appearances can be deceiving. But you knew that!

    Just like our Politicians…
    … Some are laced in blue, some in red, yet, they’re all the same!!!

  5. Yes, and a digital photograph is actually just a large amount of pixels arranged in a pattern to make to look like what it appears to be, but isn’t. A similar process is involved in conventional photography. In fact, you and I are actually composed of very minute particles, very carefully arranged to make us appear to be who we look like. But it is all an illusion.

    Then, there are made-made illusions, like this one. Or the illusion created by the US Government 50 years ago that JFK was killed by a lone motiveless gunman positioned on the sixth floor of a book depository building from the rear of JFK’s limo.

    But the US government is far more effective at creating illusions than anyone. Although most of you will accept in the above visual illusion that what appeared to be green and blue swirls are, in fact, the same color on closer inspection, when the US Government creates its illusions for you, many of you will still cling to those illusions no matter how much the facts conflict. Such is the power of “authority” that should never have been. The US Government should live more in fear of the people, than the people live in fear of the government. But that’s not the way it’s working today.

  6. Simultaneous contrast – a bit of a misnomer, but known by visual scientists/psychologists for many decades. A famous example – the sword of Stalingrad, presented by Churchill to Stalin. Due to the contrasting color specified for the grip, the gold wire with which it was wrapped looked like cheap pink anodized aluminum. Churchill’s reaction has evidently not been handed down to posterity, but it was probably entertaining.

  7. It’s not so much one’s “lying eyes” as one’s lying mind — it’s just how are brain functions. I’m a great fan of optical illusions and stereograms. Of greater concern to me is “lying memories — instea of misidentifying colors, misidentifying “culprits”

  8. Well, Nye, the same color laced with orange, makes it look green, and when laced with purple looks blue.

    Appearances can be deceiving. But you knew that!

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