8 thoughts on “How Country Scientists Relax”

  1. Do any of you know what a EKG or EEG is? It measures the body’s electrical system–synapses in the brain work on electrical stimulus. It is therefore easy to use high powered radio, set to your body’s unique frequencies to make you think you are going nuts hearing radio–recent mass shooters all claimed they heard radio and so you can ascertain for yourselves, what might be possible. I have posted papers from Harvard to MIT to Standford to the U.S Military and its contracts within those schools and private companies who develop torture and weird science aimed at inhumane treatments of people the CIA plays guinea pigs with–it’s real and the proof is out there if you can get away from your head burying hiding long enough to open your mind to the truth over conspiracy theories that may just be truthful. Remember, Watergate was once a conspiracy theory until it was proven accurate. So……………..the danger to national security, are actually you America and your ignorance of science and electro-magnetic and or mechanical principles combined with high powered radio, microwave and or sub atomic charged particles.

  2. Imagine what they can do to your AC electric if you live near or they dig under your home and use your electric earth ground as a DC pulse to your entire house’s wiring system? Grow up America and get educated–if you don’t know science or technology, don’t be so dismissive of those who do–Tin Foil Hats only make you a conductor and antennae to receive and send electric signals which a cell phone can read. Hint hint.

  3. How does one determine if a scientist is a country scientist or a city scientist (one red, one blue)?

    The video of the blue vs. the red is awesome.

    It must be Pat Robertson vs. Richard Dawkins … in a struggle to save their minds –one from the other.

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